After a viral clip of an officer holding a fan's neck, Jack Harlow was praised by black women for standing up to him

Saturday, January 8, 2022
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Rapper Jack Harlow has a knack for drawing women in with his charisma and good looks. Whether in music videos‚ promotional posters‚ or album covers‚ his Black female fans are enamored with the easy-going‚ 'class clown' boy next door. One Twitter user even compared him to their hometown crush‚ and a viral tweet summed up the response to his popularity. While his appeal may be limited to Black women‚ his rise to mainstream success shows that he is more than a good looking rap star. The verdict of the police officer in the murder of Black women in Georgia shows how little law enforcement and public awareness is dedicated to fighting violence against women of color. Experts say that more needs to be done to protect Black women‚ and Harlow should use his celebrity to promote awareness. We shouldn't be letting the actions of one man make us complicit in the racial and sexual violence against women of color. It's not fair to hold the innocent victim of a violent crime as a criminal‚ but he should stand by his word. While many white men rap about Black women‚ Jack Harlow is the exception. The hip-hop artist has a distinctive style that no other white man can pull off. He's so sexy and dashing that black women call him Massa. The fact that he's an average white man and loves black women demonstrates that he has common decency. The rapper also appreciates black ladies in any form‚ including natural-haired women.

jack harlow black women after a viral clip of an officer holding fan s neck was praised by black for standing up to him
Image source : miromediu
  • Jack Harlow demanded the dismissal of an officer for putting his arm around a Black woman's neck.
  • Many have expressed praise for the rapper and said that the music industry ignores violence against Black women.
  • Experts say that the video highlights how more must be done to safeguard Black women against violent police.

Jack Harlow has been praised for his call for the firing of the Georgia officer who wrapped his arm around the neck of a Black woman outside of a concert. Experts say though that his gestures of support are well-received‚ there is more to do. A 13-second clip circulating on social media shows Harlow performing in a video that the officer places around Harlow's neck. The woman is heard saying to him: All I want to do is go to a Jack Harlow concert.

Harlow posted on Instagram that he would like to find the woman to offer tickets to her‚ but he also acknowledged that it was not an option to solve a systemic problem that those who don't look like him have to deal with. Harlow said that the next steps are to identify this officer and get him out of work as quickly as possible. You should be safe and this man must lose his job fast. Insider received an email from the Cobb County Police Department confirming that they were conducting an investigation. The representative confirmed that they are aware of the Instagram video clip that featured our officer and the young lady outside the Coca-Cola Roxy. An internal investigation is underway to fully understand the incident and take any possible action. Kyra D. Gaunt‚ an ethnomusicologist at University at Albany‚ stated to Insider that Harlow's response was not enough. Jack Harlow makes a fool of himself by trying to address structural oppression‚ which has to do power‚ class and race. Gaunt stated that Harlow gave away tickets to a girl to allow her to go to whatever concert she chooses. However‚ firing one person isn't going to end the structural oppression faced by Black and Brown women. Harlow didn't respond to an Insiders request.

Experts believe Harlow's surprise response may be due to a history of neglecting violence against Black women and girls.

Online‚ Harlows was celebrated by people who used his platform to support Black women. As a child‚ I grew up listening to hip-hop music in the 80s‚ 90s‚ and seeing women beat and assaulted. Everyone just sort of glosses over it and doesn't care about it. To see a performer actually going out and supporting Black women in this way‚ when their own don't speaks volumes. A TikTok user stated in an a.

that has been liked almost 80‚000 times. Treva Lindsey‚ author of America‚ Goddam‚ Violence‚ Black Women and the Struggle for Justice‚ stated that conversations regarding police violence often exclude black girls and women. Although Say Her Name has been around for seven years to draw attention to the different effects of police violence against Black girls and women‚ Lindsey stated that she still believes we need more information‚ less exploration‚ and better contextualization of this type of violence. It is shocking to see the extent of violence perpetrated by the police against Black women and girls. The Washington Posts however‚ database of police fatal shootings this is a hint at the scale of violence it can cause: indicates from 2015 to 2021 police officers murdered more than 300 women. 53 of these were Black. Experts believe that if there had been video footage of fans interfacing with police officers‚ people wouldn't have believed that the officer wrapped his arm around the necks. Gaunt explained that this was because Black women are more likely to be ignored and treated as victims than their pain. Many will argue that the woman seen in the video appears drunk. But‚ even if this were true‚ is it enough to make someone want her? Gaunt said. A cop is supposed to protect you.

Harlow's answer resonated as he is an industry that historically marginalized Black women and girls

People said Harlow's reaction was notable‚ as Harlow is part of an industry that historically has not considered violence against Black women and girls. The R Kelly supporters have claimed that Kelly wouldn't have been charged even if he was subject to abuse or anger from his followers. Experts stated that the verdict was long awaited and highlighted the failure to enforce law to protect Black women and girls. It also exemplifies why Harlow and other rap artists must make use of their platform to raise awareness on how Black people are affected by physical and sexual violence. Lindsey said that it took the criminal justice system 30 years to convict R. Kelly after multiple accusations. This is a telling indicator of our current state. When an artist says‚ "Look‚ this is wrong‚" the audience is often taken aback. This is quite surprising. Experts also stated that artists must use their platform and not look the other direction‚ but the entire responsibility should be shared by all rappers. Not only are police officers responsible‚ but also celebrated artists need to make significant‚ sustained changes to stop violence against Black women. Gaunt stated that he needs him to use his platform and change the structure of this industry. Who are other men in this space that aren't women-friendly?.