Bella Hadid donned an unusual, pants-free outfit in New York City

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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In the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, Bella Hadid is living in a luxurious penthouse with a private roof terrace, built-in closets, and a back-lit wine room. This apartment was bought quietly in November, just a few months after she ended her relationship with Starboy singer Yeezy. The two sisters are frequently seen wowing crowds at various events. Here, we take a look at how she sported the contrasting colors on her head. The building in which Hadid's lavish apartment is located has a history dating back to 1877. Before becoming a fashion designer, the building was a silk showroom. The boutique building has six floors and fourteen residential units. Gigi Hadid, the supermodel's older sister, also lives in the building, as is pop star Zayn Malik. The building's architecture is stunning, with high ceilings and cast iron and wood columns. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malick recently purchased separate apartments in a building in NoHo. Their plans are to combine them into a five-bedroom home. Gigi and Bella Hadid are also planning to marry in the near future. In the meantime, Bella Hadid has become a fashion designer. She has a daughter with her sister, Gigi. This is her first home in the city, and she's definitely ready for the spotlight.

  • Bella Hadid shared a collection of photographs of herself walking down a New York City street Thursday.
  • Hadid donned a bold look with a neon top over a black vest and no pants.
  • The irreverent outfit was completed by fuzzy-blue earmuffs.

Bella Hadid's latest winter look sure shows she has legs. Hadid is 25 years old and struts down the runways for her day job as a model. However, her streetwear has made her famous, with many photos taken of her wearing it. She posted nine photographs of herself in Tribeca on Thursday. It is a fashionable neighborhood in New York City. The model is wearing a long-sleeve, oversized sweatshirt which reaches her mid-thigh in the photographs. The neon green top was layered with a bright tie dye pattern underneath a black vest.

Hadid (59) didn't wear pants underneath the sweatshirt. This made the casual ensemble daring and showed her legs. The bold look was paired with glasses and blue, fuzzy earmuffs. The look was completed with black-and-green shoes and black socks. Treasure of NYC is a high-end vintage store that sells a black bag. On Thursday, Hadid, who was recently appointed ambassador for the company's abandonment of Angels use, stepped out wearing a different ensemble to provide more coverage.

Bella Hadid wore a different streetwear style on Thursday. Gotham / Contributor/ Getty Images Hadid was dressed in a yellow top and loose, black cargo pants. He also wore black sneakers. Hadid added color with a knit scarf and a striped hat. For warmth, she wore black gloves. Hadid showed her also. love of funky sunglassesYou are wearing a pair sporty yellow-lensed sunglasses. In December, Hadid told Marie Claire After a year of negotiation, she was able to feel empowered when she returned to Victoria's Secret. Also, she said that she was astonished at how the company is run. She said that I am empowered to wear lingerie rather than feeling like my body makes money.