Ben Affleck claims he did not mind the sad affleck meme. But it was hard knowing that his children would see it

Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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Ben Affleck‚ the popular actor‚ said that he did not mind the Sad Affleck meme that has been going around for the past few years. He admitted that he found it funny but was worried about what the sad meme would do to his children. He said he had no idea how the image would affect his kids and that it was difficult to know how he was portrayed to them. It's hard to believe that a famous actor can be turned into a meme. The Sad Affleck meme features pictures of Ben Affleck in a sad mood. The actor didn't mind the meme and said it wasn't a problem. But it was tough knowing that the video would make his kids feel sad. Affleck said that he didn't mind the sad meme but it was tough knowing his kids would see it. The sad Affleck meme is a viral phenomenon that began in 2016 when a fan filmed him looking sad during an interview. The fan then put the video onto YouTube and sped it up to an incomprehensible speed. Affleck wasn't bothered but it was tough knowing that kids would see it. The actor's reaction to the Sad Affleck meme is a classic case of public image and online fame.

affleck didnt mind sad meme but tough knowing kids would see ben affleck claims he did not the meme but it was hard that his children
Image source : syimgcom
  • The Sad Affleck Meme is funny to Ben Affleck‚ but it's not what his children may think.
  • Recently‚ the actor from Tender Bar spoke out to The la times he wonders if his children will be able to see it.
  • Is it possible for them to believe their father is deeply sad? Affleck stated.

Although he was not averse to the Sad Affleck meme being popular‚ he recently spoke out about his concerns that it might affect his children. The following was written during. a new interview with the Los Angeles Times Actor‚ spoke out about how it was difficult to accept the way he is perceived. He said that I reached a point where the public perception was completely different to who I really am. He said: The hard part comes when my children get older and start to see the internet for themselves. I found the Sad Affleck meme hilarious. It's not unusual to feel that way during a junket. My kids then see the picture and think: Oh my God‚ is their father going to be fundamentally sad? Or should they worry about me. It's very difficult. With Jennifer Gardner‚ Affleck has three children -- Violet (16 years old)‚ Seraphina (13 year-old)‚ and Samuel (9 years). A video showing Affleck staring at the camera in a somber interview during a media junket was what inspired the Sad Affleck meme. Batman v superman: dawn of justice In a parody video‚ youtuber sabconth zoomed in to see Affleck's moment of concentration while Henry Cavill answered questions regarding mixed reactions. The YouTuber also included clips of negative headlines and Simon and Garfunkels' song The Sound of Silence.

When asked by the. la times affleck spoke about how it felt to know that the public wanted his redemption and he sung poetically about how common this is in all stories. He said that the whole structure of the three-act story is to start a conversation with someone‚ then throw rocks at them for 2 acts‚ until they seem incapable‚ and finally have them succeed. He said: There have been times when my life looked at least externally like this. It's something about people that makes it seem like they are going through so much suffering. They are my friend. However‚ I don't want to be like you. Affleck has decided to put his happiness first and spend more quality time with his children. Affleck‚ like many others‚ has made it clear that he values his time with his family‚ even when promoting or filming a movie. Now‚ The Tender Bar can be seen in cinemas.