Britney spears posted 2 nude selfies in celebration of her woman power

Saturday, January 8, 2022
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The pop star‚ who has never shied away from exposing her body‚ has posted a series of nude photos on Instagram and social media. The pictures are the latest trend on social media‚ especially after her 13-year conservatorship was ended. The photos show a relaxed and carefree Britney posing in a bathtub‚ sipping on wine and water. Despite the controversy surrounding the pictures‚ fans and commentators are glad to see some of Spears' naked moments. In the first photo‚ the singer poses in her dressing room. In the second picture‚ she is seen sitting on the bed with her legs extended‚ giving the camera an intense stare. In both photos‚ Britney Spears is sending a clear message that she is back‚ and that no one can tell her what to do. Then‚ she posted some NSFW photos on her Instagram account. The photos have gone viral‚ with some saying that the star has never looked better. The singer has also posted nude photos on social media to celebrate the end of her controversial conservatorship. She censored her private parts with hearts and flowers. The pictures were shared on her Instagram account. Spears wrote free woman energy‚ which is a funny way to describe her bare body. In another nude photo‚ Spears posed while on vacation in a tropical island. While it was not a total nude photo‚ there are a number of images of the singer posing while in a bikini.

britney spears nude spears posted 2 selfies in celebration of her woman power
Image source : staticind
  • Britney shared two nude selfies with Britney on Thursday‚ while she was posing in the bathroom mirror.
  • The singer was dressed in white socks over the knees and a white choker with lace.
  • She captioned her Instagram photo‚ "Free woman energy never felt better."

Britney Spears paid tribute to her energy as a free woman on Thursday‚ sharing two selfies where she's nearly completely naked. She wore white socks over her knees and a white choker made of lace. With flower and heart Emojis‚ she concealed her nipples. She has found that she feels more free and energetic than ever before. Captioned the instagram post adding a pink bow emoji. 

Spears isn't the only celebrity to post naked photos on social media. Stars like and shared nude selfies to express body positivity. Others like and did so in honor of milestones like having children or getting married. Spears shared a set of similar photos last September‚ while she was on vacation with Sam Asghari‚ her fiancé. She wrote the caption‚ "A beautiful day in paradise celebrating‚" Jamie Spears' father was appointed to the post.
britney spears nude spears posted 2 selfies in celebration of her woman power
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Jamie was instrumental in implementing the 2008 legal framework‚ which gave him control over his daughter's financial and personal decisions. After she revealed to a Los Angeles judge about her 13-year conservatorship with pop stars‚ Spears shared her feelings on social media‚ along with criticisms from her family for continuing her conservatorship. Fans noticed Spears's Monday appearance. Unfollowed her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears‚ on Instagram.