Caitriona Balfe claims outlander fandom crazies might have hired private investigators in order to prove that she and costar sam heughan were actually dating -- even though she was married to someone else in 2019

Friday, January 7, 2022
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Irish actress and producer Caitrona Mary Balfe is best known for her role as Claire Fraser in Starz's historical drama series Outlander. Despite her modeling background‚ she is now an award-winning actress. She is also a mother and a producer. Here are some interesting facts about the actress. We'll begin by revealing her true identity: She's Irish! In real life‚ Caitrona is a former fashion model. Born in Dublin‚ Ireland‚ Caitrona Balfe studied drama at Dublin Institute of Technology. After graduating‚ she was offered fashion modeling work in Paris. She worked on campaigns and runways for Chanel‚ Givenchy‚ Marc Jacobs‚ and Bottega Veneta. After she graduated‚ she focused on acting. She appeared in leading roles on web series The Beauty Inside (2012)‚ H+ Digital Series (2012-2013)‚ and Ford v. Ferrari. Despite her busy schedule‚ Balfe is not complaining about being a mother. The show's first season‚ which premiered in 2011‚ had already built a cult following. Despite the high ratings‚ it's not enough for Balfe to be a mom. She is fiercely protective of her first child‚ which she gave birth to in August. Though she is a mother‚ she won't let fans see the photo of her baby. She is also refusing to reveal the baby's name. She says that the adoration of fans is too great. Balfe has not ruled out becoming a mother in the future. She's been very protective of her first child‚ which she welcomed in August. Although fans will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby‚ she's already planning to keep the name and photos of her child's first year under wraps. Until then‚ the actress is not revealing anything about her son to the public.

caitrona balfe outlander caitriona claims outlander fandom crazies might have hired private investigators in order to prove that she and costar sam heughan were actually dating even though was married someone else 2019
Image source : goldderby
  • Caitriona Balfe‚ Outlander's star‚ says that the show's crazies don’t believe her true-life relationship.
  • Balfe played Claire Fraser in this period drama and was married to Anthony McGill‚ a music manager.
  • According to her‚ some of the fans might have hired investigators in order for them to show that she was with Sam Heughan.

The Outlander star Caitríona Balfe Some diehard fans of The Show said so. didnt believe in her real-life marriage they even had private investigators hired to verify that she was with Sam Heughan‚ her co-accused. In interview with balfe in vanity fairs new interview she said that a tiny but dedicated section of Outlander fan were convinced she and Heughan were actually in a relationship. Jamie Fraser is Jamie Fraser's love interest on Outlander. Balfe told vanity fair she was more cautious about these fanatics after the birth of her son. You become very protective when you have kids. She said that I don't want to hear about those crazy people -- they know what they are. The reveals that some of her fans believe she had a child with another woman. husband‚ Anthony McGill‚ Heughans as the bedsheets that were in the background of Heughans' baby pictures looked similar to those in Heughans. Former model claimed that fans called McGill's church to verify her marriage and suggested that private investigators may be hired to confirm that Balfe was actually with Heughan. Balfe stated that Outlander fans are sad because they meet some of the most lovely people‚ who support the show‚ and do wonderful things. Outlander is based on Diana Gabaldon's novels. It follows Claire Fraser (Balfe)‚ an outlander character from Scotland in the 1940s who has been magically transported to the 18th Century. Claire is adjusting to the life of 1700s Scotland when she falls for Jamie (Heughan)‚ an independent clansman from Scotland's Highlands.