Gordon Ramsay's daughter Tilly made fun of her father by ranking his vacation behavior in a viral video tiktok

Friday, January 7, 2022
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If you love to watch a celebrity chef‚ you probably already know Gordon Ramsay‚ but many younger viewers are only familiar with him through his TikTok account. The chef has over 25 million followers and his videos have millions of views. He has even responded to a TikTok video impersonator by offering to take the man to his restaurant. The young man accepted‚ and he quickly reacted with an equally funny video. The video‚ posted by Tilly Chalmers‚ has over eight million views on TikTok and more than 40 million views across the social media platforms. When Chalmers posted the video to his Instagram account‚ Ramsay quickly replied‚ sharing a message on his own page and congratulating him on his viral success. In the post‚ Ramsay offered to cook a meal for Chalmers and his friends‚ and the video has been viewed over 70 million times in less than two days. In response‚ Tilly Gordon created a video mocking Ramsay‚ which went viral. The video was viewed by millions of people‚ and the chef's daughter re-posted it on her Instagram and TikTok account. Despite the success of the prank‚ many still took issue with the way her father interacted with her. While some were embarrassed that their parents would snub their father‚ the prank quickly gained widespread attention.

gordon ramsay daughter tilly ramsay s made fun of her father by ranking his vacation behavior in a viral video tiktok
Image source : staticone
  • Gordon Ramsay celebrated New Year's Eve in Maldives‚ along with his family.
  • Tilly‚ Tilly's daughter participated in TikTok trends: rating her dad while on vacation
  • He was snorkeling by himself‚ so she gave him a score of -2‚000/10. She also called Oscar Ramsay her favorite child.

TikTok trend experts Matilda Tilly Ramsay and her daughter Matilda Tilly Ramsay have been around for a while. Tilly is the chef‚ but Tilly has posted videos of her father since before the COVID-19 pandemic. She went viral recently.

@tillyramsay rating my dad on holiday @gordonramsayofficial #fyp ♬ mario sound - mandycap
While some TikTokers are rating their behavior towards family members tilly shared a video compilation of Gordon while she was on vacation or in other situations. The caption read‚ "Rating my father on holiday." The following is the current state of the had 2.8 million views.  Tilly shared some of the ways the Ramsay family spent New Years Eve in Maldives with her followers. Her dad was sleeping on a daybed while she captured it and gave her father a rating of two out 10 Tilly (20 years old)‚ is the second-youngest of Gordon and Tanas five children. She then gave her father a two out of 10 rating when she called Oscar (2 years).
She wrote that the Strictly Come Dancing contestant displayed the enthusiasm of celebrity chefs about 2022. He also showed his excitement at riding in a golf cart and how serious he looked at his meal as though he was working. He also claimed to have become bored with his family and decided to go snorkeling alone. Tilly is not the only one who has made fun of her father on the app. She revealed this in April over her fathers. In an interview with Insider‚ Tilly was credited with Tilly's help during MasterChef. Insiders asked for comments from representatives of the Ramsay family‚ but they did not immediately reply.