Grown-ish actress chloe Bailey explains why she was hurt the most by hateful remarks that accused her of selling sex in order to gain attention

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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After receiving harsh criticism from fans for performing a risque song, Chloe Bailey took to social media to defend her image. The singer, who recently toured with a male band, has been accused of selling sex, but Bailey has denied the accusations. She appeared on Jimmy Fallon, and responded to critics by saying she does it better than anybody else. Here's what she said in a live broadcast: Chloe Bailey, a daughter of Halle Berry and sister to Beyonce, has been in the news lately for her sexy pictures. Her silhouette challenge is a huge hit and has given the public a glimpse of her sexy side. But on Monday, she issued an IG Live statement, crying. She also said that she wasn't on IG for attention. She encouraged women not to change for social norms, but to love themselves. While her sister Chloe X Halle has embraced her body, Bailey has also spread a message of body positivity. She shared a video of herself dancing in her bedroom, and she was shamed by some. People accused her of attention-seeking. In response to the criticism, she said she wasn't here for the hate. She urged women not to change because of the media, but to embrace who they are.

  • Chloe Bailey stated that comments accusing Bailey of flaunting her body to attract attention most hurt her.
  • She said that she was just learning to appreciate and love herself on Taraji Pe. Hensons Facebook Watch Talk Show.
  • Bailey previously said She wrote Have Mercy, a song that advocates body positivity.

Recently, Chloe Bailey reflected upon her experience with bullying on social media and revealed that the worst comments were those accusing her to have tried to sell her body for attention. In an exclusive new clip From Monday's season finale of Taraji. Hensons Facebook Watch chat show, Peace of Mind With Taraji Bailey and Henson talked about Bailey's latest Instagram Live. Bailey said that it took her some time for self-confidence. Henson asked Henson about what comments get to the singer at 23 years old the most. The thing that hurt me most was seeing posts saying that I do this to attract male attention, or trying to sell sex, Bailey said to Henson. Bailey, however, didn't let the negative comments get her down. She reframed Bailey's story. It was making me feel really sad, and then I thought, "Why would that let my thoughts and emotions control when it is a lie?" She said. She said that I had to stop giving it too much power. I'm not crazy. It's all about appreciating my body and being happy with it. Henson said that Bailey encourages younger women by sharing videos on Instagram of her dancing. Bailey was told by Henson that this is your power. Bailey spoke recently about accepting herself and her body. She spoke out about her body in a November interview. R29Unbothered Her hit song "Have Mercy" is a powerful anthem for body positivity. The full Henson-Bailey conversation will be aired on Season 2 of Peace of Mind With Taraji. This series also includes conversations about bullying and beauty influencers Okaysophi Ayanna Abrams, therapist. This episode will debut Monday, December 20, at 9 AM PT/12 PM PT. ET on Facebook Watch. You can also find episodes on Hensons Facebook page.