Kat von d will close her tattoo shop, which she has owned for 14 years. This is part of her transition to Indiana

Tuesday, January 11, 2022
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Tattoo artist Kat Von D has closed her tattoo shop in Los Angeles‚ California. She has been a tattoo artist for 14 years‚ and her work has been featured in TLC's LA Ink. While she has a large following and is well-known among Hollywood's A-list‚ she has decided to leave the state for a better life in Indiana. The reason for closing the shop is unclear‚ but she said she is moving to a new state that is less government‚ less taxes‚ and more freedom. The closure of Kat Von D's California tattoo shop comes as a shock to those who are fans of the artist's work. The star of the reality TV show LA Ink was a former actress who moved to Los Angeles to start a new career. After the show ended‚ she said she would open a new shop in Indiana and move to a new state where she would be free from government‚ politics‚ and taxes. She announced the news on her Instagram page‚ and posted a goodbye photo to her beloved California home. In January‚ Kat Von D announced the permanent closure of her Los Angeles tattoo shop‚ High Voltage Tattoo. This decision came about after she purchased the historic Schenck Mansion in southern Indiana. While the closure of the California shop is a setback‚ it's not a surprise for the tattoo world. While it is difficult to say goodbye to the people who have worked with Kat in Los Angeles‚ her tattoo shop in Switzerland County will remain open and active for the foreseeable future.

kat von d closes california shop kat will close her tattoo which she has owned for 14 years this is part of transition to indiana
Image source : cdncnnco
  • Kat Von D posted on Instagram‚ that she would be closing down her High Voltage Tattoo Shop.
  • She stated that shed would reopen California's shop in Indiana‚ where it has been operating for fourteen years.
  • Von D stated previously that she wanted to avoid California's policies and taxes.

She is moving to Indiana and will be taking her famed tattoo shop along. In an Instagram posting on Monday‚ shared.

Also included were photos taken at High Voltage Tattoo Shop -- featured on her TLC program LA Ink. Von D stated in the caption that her move would involve closing her Los Angeles parlor to reopen it in Indiana after her house is renovated. We recently bought a lovely home and a piece of land in rural Indiana. As many of you already know‚ it was a wonderful purchase. Von D explained to her why she and her family moved to Indiana‚ after having previously said that they had split their time between California and Indiana. We have made the decision to permanently move to Indiana after much consideration‚ she shared on Instagram. After we finish the renovations to our house‚ we plan to sell it. I'll be opening @highvoltagetat again in Indiana.

She said: "This means that I will close my beloved tattoo shop @highvoltagetat in West Hollywood‚ California on December 1. It didn't make sense for me to leave it open‚ so I decided to close it. We don't plan to return to LA often‚ except to continue working on our music. Von D said that the High Voltage team will continue to tattoo at the shop for the next few weeks. According to Von D‚ appointments are filling up fast. She thanked her tattoo family‚ and all the wonderful people who visited her shop throughout the years. I love you so much for coming by my shop to have your tattoos done‚ purchase a T-shirt or simply take a picture and say hello! She wrote. We are grateful for the 14-years of love tattooing.

kat von d closes california shop kat will close her tattoo which she has owned for 14 years this is part of transition to indiana
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View of Von Ds Tattoo High Voltage. Matthew Simmons/Getty Images High Voltage Tattoo was founded in 2007‚ when Von D‚ who had starred in Miami Ink's show‚ received her own television series. Although she was the first to tattoo there‚ Von D ran it and later became its owner. she eventually stepped back To focus on other ventures like her books and. At the end 2020‚ she made even more significant changes. She stated that shed would never sell her LA home. She said that shed bought a house in Indiana. To escape the problems she faced with California. We felt that California has had a lot of corruption and terrible policies. My son is free to roam the streets‚ but we also needed to establish roots. Insiders reached out to Von D representatives but they did not respond immediately.