Little Mix reveals they faced jesy Nelson over accusations of blackfishing before she quit the group

Tuesday, January 11, 2022
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Little Mix has responded to accusations that its former member Jesy Nelson has black-shamed Black men‚ saying that they are not a part of their culture. In fact‚ the group has defended Nelson‚ saying that she never did anything wrong. The members also said that they talked about blackfishing before Jesy left the group. In a recent interview‚ three members of the band spoke about the situation with Jesy Nelson. Earlier this week‚ the members of Little Mix addressed the controversy surrounding Jesy Nelson. Several complaints were made against the singer following the release of her music video for the song Boyz. The complaints revolved around Nelson's tanned skin and over-lined lips. The band also defended Jesy Nelson in an interview with The Telegraph. The girls were also asked if they were black or not. Jade Thirlwall said that she would not comment on the controversy if she felt it was negative. In December‚ Jesy Nelson left Little Mix and has been accused of blackfishing after the release of the video for Boyz. The video showed a darker complexion than the singer's own‚ which led to numerous rumors about her blackfishing past. In response to these accusations‚ Nelson said that she discussed the situation with the group's other members before she quit the group. The band also explained that the blackfishing scandal had impacted her mental health.

little mix jesy nelson discussed blackfishing before she left group little mix reveals they faced nelson over accusations of quit the
Image source : perezhilto
  • Little Mix expressed concern about Jesy Nelson‚ a former member of the group‚ and Blackfishing allegations.
  • Stella Magazine was told by Little Mix that they had approached Nelson regarding Blackfishing just before she quit the group.
  • Nelson refuted claims that she was Blackfishing during the music video of Boyz‚ her first single.

Little Mix members addressed Jesy Nelson‚ a former member of the band‚ and their recent Blackfishing allegations. Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock spoke to Perrie Edwards. Stella magazine for an interview where they talked about Nelson. In the video of Boyz's debut solo album‚ she discussed how a non-Black person can alter their appearance to make them appear Black. Wanna Thompson was a freelance writer who coined the term.

About the issue in 2018. Leigh-Anne (30)‚ said that focusing on blackness and not having to deal with the everyday realities of being black is harmful for people of color. It is not okay to create harmful stereotypes. It's difficult to summarize the vast amount of information available on this topic in one sentence. Thirlwall (28 years old) continued by saying that it felt as a girl group coming from a show such as The X Factor there had always been a point to prove. Little Mix was hesitant to talk about the feud that Stella Magazine called between Nelson and them.

little mix jesy nelson discussed blackfishing before she left group little mix reveals they faced nelson over accusations of quit the
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In December 2020‚ Jesy Nelson made it clear that she would be leaving Little Mix after nine-years. Neil Mockford/Getty Images Thirlwall stated that we don't want to dwell because there is so much to be celebrated. The Confetti singers however confirmed they had spoken with Nelson before departing about Blackfishing It was a difficult situation that required us to work together and we have done our best. While we don't want to discuss the video or criticize Jesy‚ one thing that we can clarify about the Blackfishing incident is that Jesy received a friendly and educational approach from the group. Nelson retorted following the allegations. vulture  that she meant no offense.  Little Mix never gave me any. Nelson stated that after I left the band‚ people started saying it. Because I had just left‚ I was not on social media at that point. I decided to let my team deal with it. However‚ Black culture is something I love. I love Black music. This is all I know‚ it's what I was raised on. Boyz this month features Nicki Minaj as a featured artist

little mix jesy nelson discussed blackfishing before she left group little mix reveals they faced nelson over accusations of quit the
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After competing in The X Factor‚ Little Mix was formed. Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer/Getty Images Minaj stated that as long as you don't hurt anyone or speak negatively about any race or culture you can enjoy your body and your make-up however you like. Nelson provided a detailed explanation of Nelson's appearance in the video. She said that she was influenced by Black music growing up. Nelson explained that her hair was natural and she'd been on vacation in Antigua prior to the shoot. Nelson stated that I had not even applied fake tan to my skin while I was on the video. I'd only been living in Antigua for three weeks before I went there. As a white girl‚ it's just a blessing that I can tan so well in the sun. Reps from Jesy Nelson and Little Mix did not respond immediately to an Insiders' request for comment.