Reality star claims she earned 200k selling her farts to mason jars. Now, she is turning towards selling the farts as nfts

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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reality star made reality claims she earned 200k selling her farts to mason jars now is turning towards the as nfts
Image source : previewre
  • Stephanie Matto claimed that she earned 200‚000.000 selling her farts to Mason jars.
  • Doctors told her after a visit that excessive wind-breaking had been causing damage to her body.
  • Since then‚ she has switched to NFTs for the fart containers. These jars are available for purchase at 0.05 Ethereum.

Stephanie Matto‚ 31‚ made. headlines around the world She announced she would be retiring from the sale of her farts to jars. After being hospitalized‚ she said she had to do so because she couldn't keep up with demand. TLC's 90 Day Fiance star claimed she earned around 00‚000. However‚ doctors told her her wind-breaking had been causing her physical problems. Matto stated to Insider that instead of giving up on the venture‚ she chose to restructure and sell her farts in non-fungible tokens. Matto hopes to make a niche in NFT with her original fart art. She said that there is space for everyone during an interview with Insider.

As an experiment‚ she started to sell her farts.

Matto said that she ran an errand while Matto was at it. Platform for 18 and over fans similar to OnlyFans she was frequently asked for her farts. She said that she thought it was hilarious. She said that she sold her farts last year as an experiment to find out if anyone would buy them. She said that her first batch of 97 sold out quickly‚ with each one selling at 00. She also said that the second shipment of 1‚000 sold out. Matto stated that she earned approximately 00‚000. Insider was contacted by John‚ a customer who requested to remain anonymous. According to the 43-year old financier‚ he had spent 1000 on two fart containers. He explained that it made him feel closer to Matto. He said that he has many fetishes‚ and one is the desire to smell like a woman. All smells are good to me.

reality star made reality claims she earned 200k selling her farts to mason jars now is turning towards the as nfts
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Stephanie Matto holding a fart bowl. Stephanie Matto Matto stated that customers like John flooded Matto's office with orders during the holidays. She said that although I was aware I wouldn't be able to fulfil them‚ I still tried. She had 3 large protein shakes with several cups of black bean soup and a few bowls of chicken broth to meet her needs. She began to feel sick‚ feeling a sharp shooting pain in the chest and her heart and she decided to visit the ER. Matto said that she was suffering from severe gas pain and suggested that doctors had diagnosed her. She also learned that wind-breaking could be a problem for her health. She said that I needed to reconsider my business model as I realized that this method of selling my farts was not sustainable.

Pivoting toward NFTs
reality star made reality claims she earned 200k selling her farts to mason jars now is turning towards the as nfts
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She was approached by a digital artist who suggested that they create a unique collection of artwork based on her bottled beverages to be sold as NFTs. An. nft non-fungible token is an identifier which can be cryptographically assigned and proven to own digital goods. Matto stated that she was excited about the opportunity because of her creative approach to money making. Fart jars nft they were launched Wednesday‚ and now sell for 0.05 Ethereum (186). She said that we collaborated and created jars with cute animations. We made the jars personal and customized‚ some with unlockable traits. Signed lingerie or rare physical fart jars are some of the redeemable gifts that NFTs can offer. Matto stated that the more time I spent on the project‚ the more I realized just how amazing it was to learn more about cryptography and the entire NFT concept. This was what I felt I should do. Matto stated that she believes this venture will succeed. I'm very skilled at making shit gold.