Everything you need to know concerning the shock site Theync

Friday, January 14, 2022
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To view content on The YNC, you will have to subscribe to the site. While there are many free accounts, the site is not worth your time. There are lots of ads and you can't access the underground. If you really want to check out what's inside, you will have to pay $2 for a one-time payment, or $9.99 per month. But you won't be disappointed, as the site is filled with awesome content and is definitely worth the subscription. You can browse the website for hours without ever being bored or annoyed by the ync's ads or navigation. There are a lot of full-length videos available, and premium users have access to exclusive clips. While YNC isn't the best place to watch voyeur sex, you can always find something that interests you. In addition, you can use categories and search filters to locate the exact content you're looking for. You can watch a variety of different types of porn scenes on The YNC. The site is incredibly easy to navigate. There are lots of full-length videos and clips, and you can also find clips exclusive to premium users. There are also plenty of forums and community features for you to interact with other users. Even if you're not a member, you can still find the content you're looking for.

You may not have heard of these sites if you've never explored the shock website world. TheYNC.com or BestGore.com Let me start by giving you an introduction to the site. A platform called TheYNC hosts many disturbing videos that can be viewed for those who want to scare their minds for the rest of their lives. There are many types of content on the website, including 'live sex and female suicides, 'UFO and ’gore'. The YNC is a great place to find disturbing, real-life events.

What can you find on TheYNC?

We’ve previously looked at Best Gore And discovered the true story of the crime that made it an institution for gore and shock sites, which was later turned into a Netflix documentary called Don’t F**k With Cats. TheYNC also hosts similar content. The YNC as well as Best Gore both offer video and photos. However, the former is more in demand than shared videos. It allows users to post videos that can be classified into many different categories. Have you ever wanted to see a beheading in action? There are tons of these videos on TheYNC! Imagine watching a teenage boy set himself ablaze! You don't have to look any further; it all happens on TheYNC. TheYNC's popularity is also due to graphic porn and abusive videos. You can find them on their website's top porn category. While browsing the website, I came across shocking videos that included random stabbings and gang rapes as well as impalements and hangings. But I continued scrolling, half scared, half curious. Although I felt like I'd done something truly terrifying for good while browsing the site for a few minutes, it still seems impossible for me to imagine someone visiting TheYNC regularly for entertainment. I was left wondering how TheYNC managed to create such a engaged user base.

Users on TheYNC

TheYNC offers a points system that rewards people based on different "honours". Users can create their profile and earn points, badges and YNC ranks to keep them engaged.

YNC rank, YNC points, and badges

Similar to the points system that is commonly found on forums like Reddit or Voat TheYNC makes use of one to determine its users'engagement levels. Users can access the website's "YNC Zone" to find their YNC rank. This is a measure of their engagement and is based on two factors: how many YNC points they have received, as well as which Badges they have won. Users can earn badges by commenting and rating videos. These are then converted into points. To create rank numbers, points are added to the total. This allows TheYNC rank its users and to reward them with a 'Leaderboard. The website, while grotesque, functions with a clearly defined user engagement strategy that seems to be paying off.

Why is shock and gore so addicting?

These inclinations have been explored in studies. Many believe that humans want to prepare for the worst. This is why the impossibility of horror films pushes people to think about abstract places from which they might escape. Some people are obsessed with pain and death, seeing them as something both terrifying and inevitable. According to a 2015 research The University of Central Florida conducted a study on 120 people. While gore videos can cause disgust among most viewers, it also makes us want to return for more. They are more captivating than other entertainment and make us feel more alive. The question of whether or not someone should be able to access this type of footage, and the role that sites like TheYNC/Best Gore play in it are territory for many arguments regarding freedom of speech -- a topic I won't touch on for now. Experts agree screen violence can have an impact on real violence. TheYNC raises the question about how much freedom of speech is allowed on the internet. It also presents a danger for those who are already fascinated by death and might be encouraged and validated to participate in such activities. According to gore aficionados, shock websites allow users to have an unfiltered view of the world. It is also important to keep in mind that the owners of these websites, such as Mark Marek, who founded Best Gore 2008, call Holocaust survivors "pathological lies" and many other things. These platforms are as innocent as they pretend to be. TheYNC's Terms and Conditions page states that users are responsible for their User Submissions as well as the consequences of publishing or posting them. Understandably shock sites have tried to minimize any responsibility in relation to the promotion of violent content. The site also states that you will not use it to submit content depicting child pornography or rape. This is clearly contrary to what's on the website. However, Best Gore and TheYNC are still available. You might want to stop yourself from watching ISIS's decapitation videos or a Mexican drug cartel murdering someone. You are not only doing it for moral reasons but also for your own benefit.