Hamster against lana del Rey: It's time for tiktok to choose a side in its latest cult warfare

Saturday, January 15, 2022
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The Hamster versus Lana Del Rey TikTok cult began in May 2020‚ with several other star users joining it as well. In the comments section of their videos‚ the members of the cult pound each other's content. The cult leader then rallies the followers and floods certain comment sections with memes and slogans. While it's difficult to see the real reason behind the cult war‚ the strategy has been proven successful in terms of increasing the following of its members. The Step Chickens are the most well-known TikTok cult‚ with their members' profiles displaying a blue version of their profile picture‚ which includes a zoomed-in version of Melissa Ong. The cult has a very catchy name‚ 'Step Chickens'‚ which the followers have taken to heart. Once the cult leader declares the upcoming raids‚ the Step-Chicks' members spam their designated profile‚ making their followers wonder how they ever got so lucky. The TikTok cult war has caused cyberbullying and other dangerous behaviour among the followers. While these cult wars have nothing to do with the safety of people‚ they have become a platform for trolls to make money‚ sell merch‚ and recruit members. The popularity of these cults has led to a rise in cyberbullying. The rise of these cults has led to the creation of many influential TikTok influencers‚ who are now using the emergence of TikTok as a platform to sell their merch.

tiktok cult war hamster against lana del rey it s time for to choose a side in its latest warfare
Image source : stayhippc

Are you aware of the Rise of Step Chickens on TikTok in 2013? This powerful cult was led by the'mother chicken'. melissa ong they changed their profiles to Ong's iconic selfie and began daily raids of comments to get more members into the cult. Ong gained millions of followers and began writing and recording music. Step chickens song later‚ she started her own company in the field of merchandise you can find everything from face masks to t-shirts. TikTok is a powerful tool that allows users to join new cults every day. It was not surprising that Lana Del Rey and her gang started a TikTok group. However‚ the rise of the parallel Hamster cult and having a go against the Lana cult on every platform seems to create a digital dilemma that forces other users to choose sides.

Is there a Lana Del Rey cult to explain it?

In the wake of TikTok‚ the Lana Del Rey cult was created. Debut in anticipation of her album studio‚ Chemtrails Over the Country ClubThe album will drop on March 19‚ 2009. Many people claim that they joined the cult in order to support the star in the face of various criticisms and controversies. #lanacult the platform has received over 97‚000‚000 views. Members are required to update their profile pictures to include a picture of the star smiling before a burning car. Users must post pro-Lana comments during the initiation process‚ such as "Join Lana Del Rey's cult or get cooked into soup!" and "Repent before it's too much" under random videos. Members of the cult may also share messages expressing their support and love for the leader‚ but this is not required.

What is the Hamster cult?

Lana Del Rey was the original cult creator of Hamster. The Hamster cult‚ which is a TikTok cult for hamsters is the meme "staring hamster". We hate Lana Del Rey‚ and it's a TikTok War. Join the Hamster Cult Today!. wrote a member introduces Twitter to the cult. Hamster cult demands that users change their profile pictures to one of a viral Hamster staring directly at them. This allows for anti-Lana comments such as "Join The Hamster Cult." This is not a mocking of god. These remarks stem from the rumour that the star disrespects religions and burns bibles in her songs. Although the intention was to cancel Del Rey's contract‚ some of the members have taken it a step further and shown their affection for their pet mascot.

What does TikTok's cult War have to do with TikTok Users?

Lana Del Rey versus Hamster isn't a TikTok battle. Both cults have members who are motivated to grow their fandoms and slap each other in comments of non-related TikToks. Other users can't ignore the war. It is easy to join a cult and pick a side. This will result in mutual followers from other users. The war is a great way to increase your account. It is a problem when these cult wars go beyond TikTok. Although leaders of these cults encourage members to join rival cults in peace‚ there are often personal attacks against each other. Check in and see if these so-called "cults" your children might be joining are asking them to do anything harmful or foolish.". diana graber co-founder of cyberwise warns in an interview with parentology She adds‚ "Talk with your children about the wisdom or lack thereof of blindly following strangers on the internet‚ or just doing something because everyone else is doing it‚" These cults may not yet manifest‚ but it's always safe to join them with their purpose--harmless digital fights to keep you engaged in the most unpredictable times. https://twitter.com/Camellia_Alexan/status/1363378822842773510.