What you should know before buying a mini pig !

Sunday, July 24, 2022
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Which breed of mini pig will suit you best?

If you are looking for a pet pig to live with you in the house, it would be wise to choose a breed smaller than the Vietnamese pig (60 kg). The breed and feeding habits will determine the size of your pig. I personally have two miniature pigs of the same breed at home now aged 8 and 10, they are a cross between (gottingen, Juliana, kune kune, vietnamese but mainly Juliana). Being carefree I gave more surprise as well as the occasion of the McDonald to the first one what to them for effect to increase its size once adult, it is healthy but it weighs now (34 kg). The second one followed a normal diet without abuse and is around (20 kg). Before choosing a particular breed of mini pig it is wise to take references on the breeder, to go and check the facilities and if possible and to talk with other customers of the breeder in question because the breeds are multiple and there are several types of crossing, which has the effect of changing the attitude and the final size of the micro pig.

Here is a list of mini pigs that might suit you.

American Mini Pig

The modern American Mini Pig is a product of selective breeding. Its size has been reduced through a combination of different breeds. These programs have been in existence since the 1940s in laboratories and continue today across the US. The focus of the breeding program is to create pigs that exhibit specific personality traits and characteristics as well as color, conformation, and size. Its process is similar to that used to create distinct dog breeds. The American Mini Pig Association has a list of approved breeders that you can contact for your pig. It also offers educational materials and lists of reputable breeders. You can also find an unwanted pig at a rescue. Most of these pigs outgrow their homes and need to be rehomed. Rescue organizations are an excellent way to find a good pet for your family. But be careful, though. Mini pigs will be less docile when they are kept away from the house, if you get them used to living with you they will be very friendly.

The Peccary miniature pig is a popular pet for many people. Peccaries are native to the American southwest and can be found from Texas to the island of Trinidad. These animals are found in all kinds of habitats and are highly adaptable, making them great pets for beginners and more experienced pet owners alike. These small, furry animals are incredibly intelligent and love people. In fact, they are so affectionate and adorable that they have even been used as pets for children. In the wild, they are susceptible to predators, but in captivity, they have a longer life expectancy. Unlike other pets, peccaries are rarely in danger of predators. They live in herds of up to 15 members. Peccaries can live up to 24 years, so they are great pets for families looking for a unique pet.

Juliana Miniature Pig

if you're thinking of getting a mini pig, you might want to get a mini pig breeds Juliana. Mini pigs Juliana are very intelligent, their intelligence is almost on par with that of a human child. Therefore, you can expect your mini pig to exhibit erratic behavior from time to time. Juliana mini pigs also require moderate amounts of care and attention. Julianas are excellent pets with an average lifespan of 15 years. They are very good companions and they like to entertain themselves. The mini pig Juliana is generally spotted. Its base color is pink, silver, or black, and its spots are black or white. You can expect the spotting to fade over time if the Juliana has a long, thick hair coat. It would be wise to check with the breeder (characteristics may change), Julianas will be 15 to 17 inches and can weigh between 20 kg and 35 kg (mini pig julianas) are often crossed. They have a short, straight snout and tiny ears. This cute pig will be a great pet for your child to play with, and you'll have lots of fun while doing it. This breed is highly sensitive to temperature and is extremely sensitive to harsh weather conditions.

Göttingen Mini pig

The Göttingen mini pig is a breed of small swine. At 35 kilograms, it is the smallest domestic pig breed in the world but be warned: they can be quite pricey around 1000$ to 1500$ each. Fortunately, this pig is still quite a bargain compared to real size pig! In addition to its adorable face, the Göttingen mini pig has a rich history, spanning more than 200 years. Unlike some other kinds of mini pigs, Gottingen mini pigs are prohibited from eating meat. Meat is the easiest way for them to contract a disease that can harm humans. They can be stubborn and destructive, and their behavior may be indicative of depression or stress. However, when they are young, these pigs are extremely playful and do not like being treated harshly. As a result, they may exhibit negative behavior towards people. Gottingen mini pigs are known for their unique personalities and traits. Because of their small size, they can be trusted around children. Their small size prevents them from developing dominant or territorial behavior, making them the ideal pet for young children. Gottingen mini pigs are gentle, loving creatures that easily win the hearts of their owners. And because of their cute face, they are great pets for pig lovers. You may even have a hard time choosing the right one if you aren't sure. The Gottingen mini pig is a useful genetic model for biomedical research. It is used in a variety of fields, including drug discovery and development. For example, it has been used to evaluate the safety of food additives and agrochemicals in pigs.

How to choose your mini pig breeder?

Before you get a new pig, there are a few things you should consider before choosing a breeder. While breeders can't guarantee the exact size of a mini pig, they can give you an educated guess. If the breeder says that their pigs weigh three pounds at eight months, they are likely lying. Before you buy a pig, find out about the breeding parents of the mini pigs and ask questions. Breeders are also able to provide you with a wealth of information and support. If you have questions, they're more than willing to answer them. In addition, responsible breeders will require contracts, which protect you and your pig. If you're not happy with your new pig, they'll take them back if you don't like them. If you can, visit the facility and meet all the pigs. This way, you'll know what to expect from the final miniature pig size. It's important to find a breeder with proven breeding techniques. Look for a breeder with many years of experience. Be careful not to get a pig from a backyard breeder. You should always consider your mini pig health care and happiness before committing to a new pet. Check with the breeder to see if he can house your pig in his facilities when you go on vacation.

American Mini Pig Association

If you're interested in buying a Mini Pig as a pet in USA, you will find it best to go with an American Mini Pig Association approved breeder. These breeders have high standards for health and security. Not only will you receive a healthy, socialized mini pig from an AMPA approved breeder, but you will also enjoy their lifetime support. AMPA also offers a vet list that accepts mini pigs. Take the time to contact the vets in your area before buying a mini pig, they are not accepted everywhere. The American Mini Pig Association is working on DNA testing and lineage verification to bring you quality mini pigs.

Cochons Miniatures

If you are in Canada, there is a mini pig breeder with several years of experience who is on everyone's lips, her name is Marie-Claude Bouchard: Cochons Miniatures, she is located in Quebec, more precisely in Shipshaw. She raises mini pigs on the Saint-léonard domain. My mini pigs come from this breeder. In addition to providing you with quality mini pigs, she offers a certificate of purchase, specialized food, pharmaceutical products for skin problems, housing if necessary, you can even visit her home. An exemplary service that helped me enjoy my adventure with my two little pigs. She can send mini pigs anywhere in Canada. Her facebook group accumulates more than 100 000 people from Canada and France, she talks about her experiences and offers trainings to clients who wish to go further with their animals. In the field of mini pig breeding, she embodies perfection in this field.

What food should you give your mini pig?

As a new pet, you may be wondering what food should you give your mini pig? If so, you will find that there are several options available. The best food to feed your mini pig is a commercially-produced pellet that contains essential vitamins and minerals. These pellets are also more easily digested than raw foods. The mini pig breeder often has access to products not available directly to the customer, he will be able to offer you the best option at the best price. There are several qualities of mini pig food sold by Mazurie. If you can afford it, go with the high quality.

When you bring your pig home, it is essential to provide them with the best possible diet for their growing bodies. A piglet should begin eating solid food at about 10 days of age, which is roughly one-quarter cup per 25 pounds. It may take a few days before it decides to eat the food, but as long as you keep your ration fresh, it will be a treat. An adult miniature pig should eat food twice a day at set times, about 3/4 cup per serving.

A daily salad of mixed greens and vegetables is also important. You can give your pig small portions of cooked vegetables or raw fruits on a daily basis. If you decide to feed your tiny pig pellets, it is best to deduct half a pound from its daily diet and substitute that with vegetables. This is about 2% of your mini pig's body weight. And don't forget to include some healthy treats for your pet.
Overfeeding your mini pig is dangerous too. Mini pigs don't have a thalamus to alert them when they are full, so they continue eating even when they aren't hungry. If you overfeed your pig, you'll end up causing it great pain and suffering and damaging its organs and even shortening its life span. A mini pig needs at least two cups of pellets per day and a small portion of vegetables daily. For snacks, you can offer your pig a small piece of apple or a banana. They can also enjoy a mid-day snack of some cooked vegetables, such as carrots. But keep in mind that you shouldn't give your mini pig any items that contain salt. Pigs do not tolerate high amounts of salt, so it's best to keep it to a minimum. If you do give your mini pig a piece of apple or banana, make sure to use a small amount. Do not give your mini pig chocolate in solid or liquid form, as there is a risk that it will vomit immediately after ingestion.

Some pets are given dog or cat food, but this is not recommended for micro pigs. The high protein content in dog food may be helpful in an emergency, but this should only be done for a short time. Your mini pig will not like it if you give it dog food. In the future, you should only feed your pig food that contains only natural ingredients. Aside from the nutrients in dog food, it also has a high fat content.

The ideal environment for mini pigs at home?

When your little piggy arrives at home, limit his access to a room, for example a bathroom, install his litter box within reach and a small corner to sleep with a cousin and several blankets, tiny pigs love warm places to rest. If possible, use a baby gate between you and him instead of a door to keep an eye on his behavior and facilitate human contact. You will be able to educate him without allowing control. Do not leave any food, thread or object easily accessible, these could eat everything he finds and become very sick, do not forget that they have no hypothalamus. With time you will be able to let him out and have fun with you. The more contact you make and the more you hold your mini pig, the more docile it will become. At night, you can leave it in the open air in this room, safe from any danger. A limited room will allow you to use it as a dog crate at bedtime, which is really not advisable.

After a few days or weeks you can extend his living area from the bathroom to the living room, leave the litter box in the same place if possible and move his bed to the desired location. Don't worry about your furniture, mini pigs are not the type to damage furniture but make sure that your plants, garbage cans and food are not accessible, don't forget that mini pigs can jump. We advise you to cover your couch with a blanket, they will appreciate to have fun and sleep with you. If your house is on two floors with stairs you need to educate your mini pig to go up and down them, this is not an innate behavior. Depending on the complexity of the stairs you may need a ramp to make it easier to move them.

Where do the mini pigs do their bathroom?

The picture shown above is a litter box that was custom made for two adult mini pigs, the bottom is made of plexiglass and the outline is made of wood. In order to facilitate their accommodation in your house I advise you to create a small bedding with wood pellets. The solid wood pellets will degrade in the litter box when in contact with their urine and will scatter less in the house. If you don't have pellets you can always use wood shavings. They can be found at any good hardware store. Some tiny pig owners use pee pads to start with but it seems less instinctive for them, the smell of the wood pellets seems to remind them of the farm and it seems to make learning easier. If you are at home during their young age the difficulty in getting the mini pig clean is between the cat and the dog. Miniature pigs are very clean animals which means that if you don't clean their litter box punctually they may decide to relieve themselves next to it.

They don't automatically go in the litter box like cats do, but they will learn to use their litter box faster than a dog. When they grow up, you have the choice of enlarging their litter box or sending them outside in the yard. Mini pigs are very intelligent, don't infantilize them or raise your voice for nothing during their education, every time they want to do their business bring them to the litter box, they will understand the concept quickly enough. If you send them outside, they may dig in your lawn to do their business.

The life of a mini pig outside the house?

Have you ever tried to catch a mini pig in crisis? Good luck to you.

To make sure you don't end up in this situation here are some recommendations. From a young age, start training your mini pig inside the house. A few times a week install and remove a safety harness from your pig, give him a fruit or a vegetable as a reward. The first few times it will be a challenge but with time he will get used to it. Once the process is tamed, put a leash on your harness and walk it around the house. If you are the proud owner of a high balcony, you can leave him in the open air. Your mini pig may have the bright idea to jump the stairs and run off. It would be very smart to block the access to it. Mini pigs like to lie in the sun, in the wild they may roll in the mud to protect their skin. I conclude that your balcony should not be covered with mud, it is better to cream your pigs with sun cream but it is not a simple stain. The easiest way is to spray them with an octinoxate & oxybenzone free anti-uv baby spray. Buying a small pool for babies to hydrate and wet their skin may be a good option. When they are adults with practice in your company the pigs are able to swim in a real pool. If you leave your mini piggies in the sun too long they can get sunburned and even skin cancer. Interestingly enough, from personal experience, when you leave your mini pig in the sun too long it will smell like bacon😁. At ground level always leave tiny pigs tied up and watch them. Miniature pigs at a young age are not able to defend themselves against other pets around you. Considering a moderate sized pen may be a good option. You can take short walks with your mini pig in the neighborhood, mini pigs attract interest. Be careful, the neighbor's children with their dog will come to see you and this can scare your pig. It is also possible that your mini pig will mistake the children's hand for a carrot, give them advice on how to approach it before it ends up with a missing finger.

Looking for toys or games for your mini pig?

There doesn't seem to be a line of toys invented specifically for mini pigs. Pigs are not interested in fixed toys or stuffed animals. Toys that make sounds can attract their attention but nothing more. The most for a mini pig are toys that are equipped with a food compartment. Find a toy that releases a mini portion of pellet or treat when set in motion. Look for a toy that is large and sturdy enough to make sure he won't swallow it. There are a variety of toys for cats and dogs that allow you to change the size of the food outlets, this is important, it allows the mini pig to play for long hours without getting too much of a reward. I advise you the brand pipolino which offers a range of product answering all this is criterion. The pipolino-s model is for newborns and the pipolino-m model for adult mini pigs. There are several sizes available that will meet the needs of your mini pig depending on its age and size. You can also add a stick to the harness of your pig and hang a carrot a few centimeters from his face, be careful with this technique the pig will totally ignore the walls of your house, can you imagine what happens next? Another simple alternative is to attach food to the end of a rope and move with it, from hours of fun to turn in round. 😅 For the most motivated, you can create an obstacle course with steps to climb, hoops, use your imagination to train them.

Quick question/answer on mini pigs

Are mini pigs real?

At birth the miniature pigs can get into a cup of coffee, but this situation only lasts for a short time. An ethically correct breeder cannot separate the miniature pig from its mother before X months. When it will be time for you to go and pick him up from the breeder, I can guarantee you that he will not be able to get into a coffee cup.

How much is a mini pig?

A real miniature pig under six months of age from a certified breeder costs between $1000 and $1500. Adult mini pigs that are not in their first family cost about $500. Beware of the low price, in general they are medium size pigs (Vietnamese), these are not bad pigs in themselves but they become much bigger once they are adults and they are much more difficult to raise, this type of pig is not adapted to live with you in your home.

How much does a mini pig cost each year?

A budget of 900$ per year is a realistic estimate. Since some products and services are directly linked to the breeder, prices can vary. I have increased the final price per year to be sure to leave you a margin.

You must count that a bag of food costs about 50$, this one lasts on average 4-6 months depending on the age of your pig. Add 50$ twice a year for deworming, these are drugs that are necessary to reduce skin diseases. For the hooves you have three options, you can do them yourself, I wish you good luck. The most expensive option is to go directly to the vet, this alternative is dangerous because they have to put your mini pig to sleep, done repeatedly each year on an animal it may never wake up. The most recommended option is to ask the breeder to go directly to your home twice a year. Add 300$ per visit.

How long do mini pigs live?

The average lifespan varies according to the breed between 15 and 20 years for a healthy mini pig. Don't forget that an inadequate diet can limit its life expectancy. Adopting a mini pig will give you years of pleasure.

How big do mini pigs get fully grown?

The final size of the mini pigs when adult can vary between 20kg and 35kg with a real quality mini pigs. To be sure of the final size the best person to inform you is the breeder. It is difficult to determine the final weight by breed because mini pigs are often a mix of several breeds. Don't forget that whatever the mini pig is, if you overfeed it will have a real impact on its final size.

How to take care of a mini pig?

You must feed him twice a day, give him affection every day, provide him with a cozy, warm and quiet environment to sleep in, go outside with him, deworm him when necessary, make him do this hoof, educate him to live at home, give him treats to reward his good behavior, bathe him or wash him with a washcloth at least every three months, bring him to the vet's when necessary.

Do you need a license to get a mini pig?

You do not need a license to have a miniature pig as a pet, but the city may require you to register it as a dog or cat. Some cities completely prohibit having a miniature pig at home, so ask your local municipality. Take the time to find out because in general this law applies to traditional pigs and not to miniature pigs.