One woman became viral after she used a serial number on tampons to determine if her boyfriend had cheated. This split opinion was shared by millions

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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A 23-year-old woman made a viral TikTok video explaining how she found out if her boyfriend was cheating on her. She was surprised to find a tampon serial number underneath her boyfriend's closet‚ and she immediately sent a message to the producer to get the serial number. The video went viral and was commented on by many‚ including the couple‚ who said that the video was a joke. Lois Saunders‚ a social media influencer‚ posted a TikTok video in which she discovered her boyfriend hiding a tampon in his closet. She called the manufacturer to get the serial number of the tampon‚ and she was shocked to discover that her boyfriend was indeed cheating. The video prompted debate among fans‚ and Saunders and her partner both deny cheating and say the tampon was a joke. After sharing the TikTok video with her boyfriend‚ she was surprised when he denied cheating on her by responding with the same message. She said that her boyfriend had been unfaithful for several months before she found the tampon in his closet. She called the manufacturer to learn the serial number. The video went viral‚ sparking debate and questions. Her boyfriend and girlfriend say the tampon incident was a joke‚ but she's convinced otherwise.

viral tiktok tampon serial number boyfriend cheating one woman became after she used a on tampons to determine if her had cheated this split opinion was shared by millions
Image source : syimgcom
  • Lois Saunders shared a TikTok video in which she explained how she attempted to find out if her boyfriend had cheated.
  • She found a tampon in his closet and contacted the manufacturer for the serial number.
  • Although the video became viral‚ it sparked controversy. However‚ the couple claim that the entire thing was a joke.

Internet relationship research reached new heights after Lois Saunders‚ a TikTok user aged 23‚ uploaded an image.

on Monday‚ she explained how she found a serial number for tampons to see if her boyfriend had cheat on her. This video has been viewed more than 4.4 million times‚ and it has over 450‚000 likes. It shows Saunders crawling under a closet. On-screen text reads: "When you discover a tampon or mascara underneath your bf wardrobe‚ and they deny all of it‚ then you need to look for yourself." Saunders who lives in Essex‚ England‚ showed also screenshots of emails between her and Procter's representative. The customer support team member gave her a long response‚ in which she informed Saunders the tampon had been manufactured December 11‚ 2019. Procter representatives Screenshot from Saunders' email exchange with Procter According to Insider‚ she believed that if the tampon had been manufactured soon after the couple began dating‚ it might have made for a fun way to discover he wasn't faithful. The virality of Saunders' sleuthing abilities quickly spread‚ and Tampaxs official account refers to her as an international superspy in a comment below the video. Others most popular comments called it amazing‚ and expressed excitement about what would happen next. Saunders later uploaded the photos.
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TikToks explained the situation by saying that TikToks believed several girls lived in this house previously and that that is why she had tampons and mascara.
viral tiktok tampon serial number boyfriend cheating one woman became after she used a on tampons to determine if her had cheated this split opinion was shared by millions
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Insider was also told by her that Fin and her boyfriend were on a short break during college. Some viewers left comments suggesting that shed went too far. Fin said that the reaction was mixed. Insider reported that viewers had tracked Fin's social media accounts and warned him about Saunders. They also told him to get his stuff and leave. Some believed that he was cheating and demanded his cancellation. Fin said that he doesn't regret the video or the responses. Fin said that some of the responses were hilarious. Complete strangers will be fighting me in the comments and telling wild stories about my life that are far from reality. Insider was told by Saunders that she had contacted Tampax as a joke‚ and had complete trust in Fin. He said that he created the video after seeing Saunders on her fours under his huge clothing. TikTok is a popular platform for sharing cheating videos with boyfriends. The #caughtcheating hashtag has 1.3 billion hits on TikTok‚ while #cheatingboyfriend is 968.4 millions. A September video showing a woman surprise her boyfriend went viral. Viewers debated the possibility that he had been cheating‚ using clues found in the clip. The clip has been viewed over 65‚000‚000 times and even made it to The View. Saunders stated that she did not expect it to become viral. She told Insider‚ "It started receiving way more attention immediately than any other TikToks" I'd posted before. It was then that I realized its enormity when friends began to tell me they'd seen it. Insider was told by Fin that he found the video while looking through Snapchat Stories from last year. He said that he had no plans to do this for TikTok. It could not have happened.