The internet's first art movement, weirdcore is triggering nostalgia for the unknown

Friday, January 14, 2022
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For those who are unfamiliar with this style of music‚ weirdcore is a form of visual art that uses facial mapping to turn crowds of people into local celebrities. The video artists paste their faces over stock images of people‚ often in their least flattering positions‚ and then project the results on crowds of thousands. This technique is similar to the cutout photo boards that are ubiquitous in British seaside towns. Weirdcore is particularly effective because it can trigger feelings of nostalgia that the listener is unlikely to remember. While the precise beginnings of the Weirdcore movement are still debated‚ most of the images produced by the subculture date back to the early 2010s. Although the majority of the community claims that the movement started in 2017‚ the exact date is not yet known. The artist Gib first came across a Weirdcore-related Twitter thread in March 2020‚ and discovered a YouTube image compilation of his own. Since then‚ the Weirdcore movement has gained worldwide recognition. The images in Weirdcore have become very popular online. The aesthetic is based on the internet and often includes distorted and low-resolution photos and text. The aim is to create a surreal atmosphere for the viewer‚ and this is usually achieved through the use of dissociative images and quotes. Most Weirdcore videos are found on the TikTok app‚ which is a simplified video format. It has also made its way into music. Wackycore songs are known for their childlike distortions‚ which are incredibly popular with fans and artists alike.

weirdcore explained the internet s first art movement is triggering nostalgia for the unknown
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You stumble upon an intriguing artwork on Tumblr‚ it's Sunday afternoon. You feel a surge of "vague nostalgia" as you see the poor editing and quality of the image. You think loudly‚ "I've been there before..." Both the image and the text seem eerily familiar‚ yet they are far away. This leaves you disoriented‚ confused and reminded all at once. Weirdcore is an online-based art movement that invokes debatable emotions through the use of elements from the internet. Synthetic underworld we now call the internet.

What is Weirdcore?

According to. aesthetics wiki weirdcore‚ also known as "online aesthetics and art movement"‚ uses digitally created or edited images to communicate feelings of disorientation‚ alienation‚ and nostalgia. Also called oddcore strangecore‚ Creepycore and Weirdcore are all influenced by images that have been shared over older internets. You can think of amateur editing‚ primitive graphics and image compression. These are all ways to invoke nostalgia in those who grew up between the mid 1990s and now.

weirdcore explained the internet s first art movement is triggering nostalgia for the unknown
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"What is wonderful about Weirdcore? It triggers nostalgia in a manner where the viewer doesn’t know why‚" said. gib one of the moderators of r/weirdcore and co-administrator of the discord server dedicated to the art movement. Gib described these feelings as "nostalgia coming from an unknown location." hippocampus yet‚ recognition and recall are still miles away. Explained: "Lacking context" sanfor gib‚ co-administrator of Discord and subreddit servers alongside Gib. Images often aim to place the viewer in an unfamiliar environment--one that sparks an idea in the viewer’s mind--but it also doesn't provide enough information to actually form a story." Weirdcore images are open to interpretation and can be confusing in an uncomprehensible way. This autonomy‚ on the other hand‚ can bring out two different emotions in its audience depending entirely on their nostalgia perception. Gib stated that weirdcore may bring comfort to some people because they are reminded of happier times in their lives. It can trigger bad memories or fear‚ which could leave them scared and confused. Sanfor linked this to the idea of "introspection". He explained that "Weirdcore" can trigger because it's about exploring emotions and experiencing them. Sanfor stated that the aesthetic of images can sometimes be disturbing because they contain contradictory elements. Comforting visuals are paired with more upsetting‚ or real and fake‚ ones. These juxtapositions are why Weirdcore photos can be difficult to understand‚ since one cannot fully comprehend what the piece is trying communicate either in information or emotion.

It is fear of the unknown.

weirdcore explained the internet s first art movement is triggering nostalgia for the unknown
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The controversial mix up

Weirdcore is associated with light-headed comfort as well as heavy phobias. This makes it easy to include the art movement in the same group. Dreamcore and traumacore This "mix-up" is more evident on tiktok creators who use all three hashtags within their captions. We're here for you fellow TikTokers. Gib began‚ "Dreamcore is grey and Traumacore is black." While Weirdcore shares similar themes to Traumacore's‚ it addresses trauma events using darker‚ more direct captions. Traumacore is a way to glorify trauma‚ and minimize it. Educating about it he added that. Gib said that Dreamcore is harder to distinguish than Dreamcore. According to. a recent survey‚ Dreamcore attempts to imitate dreams. However‚ they are more linear and have more story potential than Weirdcore. Article nYLON even called Dreamcore the "sister of Weirdcore" Sanfor was the moderator in my conversation with Sanfor. He highlighted one crucial factor that Dreamcore and Traumacore lack: a centralised‚ dedicated community to its preservation. This is what happened in Weirdcore past. The aesthetic didn't have people who were dedicated to preservation and moderation‚ which led to the label 'Weirdcore’ being void of any meaning. It was then used interchangeably by Traumacore‚ Dreamcore‚ and other artists. Sanfor responded by describing how Weirdcore has tried hard to reach out to the original creators of some of the iconic images. Sanfor calls them "the ones who brought us together" in his description. These have allowed members to learn from one another and also created a community with the right credentials. To give the Wiki article about Weirdcore a correct definition‚ it is updated regularly by the community. Sanfor said that Weirdcore should be distinct. Sanfor said‚ "Not that There can't be overlap between Weirdcore aesthetics and things inspired by them‚ but I think it is important that it doesn't become meaningless because there are certain ideas and concepts that make Weirdcore unique." Let's now look at all the people who are equivalent liminal spaces and bastardcore to Weirdcore. One aesthetic which features an area that is in transition between two places or states is called the former. You can think of abandoned school corridors or parking lots during peak summer. Bastardcore is a variation of the meme 'cursed pictures'. This meme aims to provoke your fight/flight response. It pairs friendly images with shocking humor to create pieces that are difficult to view. Gib explained that Liminal Spaces is a lot about the "you've been there before" feeling. Gib explained that Liminal Spaces can be relied upon for Weirdcore background‚ but Gib indicated how they don't have the same impact on the movement as it used to. Sanfor said that Weirdcore is a vital part of minimality. It is optional to use Liminal Spaces in Weirdcore. "There are many great examples of the aesthetic which do not depend on them at any." Bastardcore has some overlaps with Weirdcore‚ but the latter is much more subtle about its 'cursed" aspect--designed to seem incoherent than it is unpleasant. There is also the whole debate over eyes being a central motif in Weirdcore. Gib says that the element is essential for Weirdcore. Scopophobia humans are naturally afraid of being observed. It's ironic that gen Zers seem obsessed with this topic. Meta selfies --least worried about BigTech using personal data. Gib said that it's an old joke within the community that red text and eyes don't equal Weirdcore‚ and that there is more to BigTech's use of personal information. They are not negative aspects. I do use them in some of my creations. But‚ I believe a lot of that comes from when there was no moderated movement.

They all have one thing in common: they are mediums for expressing abstract emotions. It is a way to combine complex emotions into an art piece.

Initiated‚ educated and voidfolk

While the origins of Weirdcore remain a mystery‚ Wiki has previously indicated that the group could have originated in the 2010s. The community recently confirmed that 2017 was the date it was created. However‚ it is possible to find earlier examples. Gib found a Weirdcore thread on Twitter in March 2020. However‚ this was only a few months later. Youtube image compilation he did fall down the rabbit hole‚ but he was able to recover. Gib pointed out that Weirdcore was a tiny community until recently. It only recently began to flood into mainstream culture and escape. Tumblr to places like reddit and twitter " Sanfor recalls‚ "I began to make images and it got better--even though there was no clear definition of what makes images 'Weirdcore.'" He also believes that his images didn't fit until the beginning of 2021 when activities started to pick up with moderating the Wiki Page. "In fact‚ both the Discord and subreddit existed at the time we joined. Although it's impossible to say what the original intent of their creators were‚ Gib and I worked together on making the aesthetic more consistent. Eventually‚ they became owners and moderators.

weirdcore explained the internet s first art movement is triggering nostalgia for the unknown
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It's easy to see that Weirdcore is a close-knit Discord community. Sanfor said‚ "The people that I have met are very passionate and creative. They do a lot volunteer work to maintain the Wiki page and the subreddit. There are also "resources" that offer suggestions for editing tools‚ fonts and GIF creators. This handy toolkit contains everything you need to create Weirdcore art. Spotify playlists editing can be done while you bop. Gib describes this amazing corner of Discord as a "collaborative effort". He summarized‚ "It's an enormous group of people exploring the boundaries and trying out different Weirdcores. They also come up with innovative ideas to improve it. Any art that does not evolve ceases being alive." Sanfor also noted that Weirdcore has been approached in a heavy moderator. He said‚ "While I can understand their motivations‚ we have the responsibility to maintain an aesthetic that is consistent with themes and overall look." We won't ban people from using the term "Weirdcore" to describe things we don't agree with‚ or from exchanging their feelings in any other way. But we must keep the aesthetic consistent. devolving "into something meaningful again." This work has resulted in a substantial improvement in Weirdcore’s consistency. It has also exposed the admins and made them best friends.

Forward‚ the (r)evolutionary path

My experience has shown that many internet-born aesthetics and those already online can evolve into an a. Full-blown subculture to thrive‚ with its own music and movies as well as its own fashion style. Gib used these words to describe Weirdcore's current status when he looked at it in terms of art movement instead of aesthetic. Gib stated that "I believe Weirdcore could definitely transcend the boundaries of art‚" adding that "weirdcore" already existed (alongside other music like). Otacore )--essentially triggering an uncomfortably-nostalgic feeling in its audience. He said‚ "It depends on who listens to it and what causes nostalgia in others." My friend was also listening to the Trance Mix I used to create weirdcore music. "It has a nostalgic feel to it‚ but it doesn't trigger that feeling in me‚" she said. me. So there is no one genre. This is not "just that". Gib believes Weirdcore could have its own style‚ so it is possible for Weirdcore to be a bit nostalgic‚ or even 2000-inspired. Hello‚ y2k Sanfor feels‚ however‚ that art is too abstracted and immaterial to be translated into clothes or accessories that emit a similar feeling. He said‚ "At the very least‚ I have not yet seen clothing that truly captures these feelings." Gib is positive that Weirdcore has the potential to grow‚ but he believes it will become an "art movement entirely started on the internet" in the future‚ if it continues its growth. Gib said‚ "I would like to see more Weirdcore than the Weirdcore I know." That's the direction I believe we are heading in‚ and I am excited to see what others come up with.

weirdcore explained the internet s first art movement is triggering nostalgia for the unknown
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Interested? Want to get started? Here are the suggestions of co-owners. Gib advised that if you are completely new to the world of Wikis‚ you should Google "Weirdcore" first. Look at these examples. Then‚ get creative and make your own stuff. Don't follow the example of others. Sanfor agreed with this sentiment‚ stating that you should be willing to accept criticism and learn from others. It is something that none of us can master the first time. So it may be frustrating for some. But don't worry‚ we are more than happy to give advice‚ provide tips‚ and offer resources to assist you. Have fun‚ and feel the comfort you seek. It's easier to learn weirdcore by watching others do it. Sanfor said that you should look at the work of other artists and add your own personal touches. We are trying to displace realism and yearn for a better past at a time when subcultures such as. kidcore weirdcore‚ a rising group of musicians and artists‚ echoes the cry for a safe place that allows people to express themselves freely while also allowing them to take a journey down into the past.