Trisha Paytas, a controversial YouTuber, married moses Hacmon wearing a black dress, and walked down the aisle for my chemical romance according to their social media posts

Friday, December 31, 2021
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On December 12, YouTube sensation Trisha Paytas announced her engagement to YouTuber Moses Hacmon, tying the knot in an all-black dress. The couple exchanged vows in front of friends and family and were wed in the chapel. According to two separate YouTube videos, the ceremony was short and sweet and Hacmon was seen apologizing to his bride-to-be before leaving the wedding venue. After the wedding, the newlyweds posed for pictures holding hands at the altar. Although neither the couple has publicly confirmed the marriage, Trisha has mentioned wearing sparkly sneakers in the wedding photos. However, the news has not gone down well with social media users. Many Instagrammers expressed disapproval of the marriage and called for the two to keep their love-making private. After reading the rumours, Trisha and Hacmon made it clear that the marriage was not a priority. The two met in January 2020 after meeting on a dating website. After confirming that they were quarantining together, Trisha posted a podcast episode titled Explosing the dms. She also posted several vlogs and TikToks with Moses and said that he was catfished. It wasn't until December 2020 that they officially tied the knot.

  • Trisha Paytas uploaded two YouTube videos of their wedding to Moses Hacmon.
  • This controversial influencer was dressed in a black dress and marched down the aisle to My Chemical Romance.
  • The couple met while filming the YouTube version of The Bachelorette.

According to Paytas social media posts, Moses Hacmon and his wife got married on the weekend, almost a year after they were engaged. After witnesses posted footage to Instagram stories, purported videos of the reception and ceremony were circulated online on December 11. Paytas uploaded two YouTube videos on December 12: A vlog of the wedding ceremony and a post-wedding mukbang. This type of video shows the creator eating while speaking to their audience. Non-binary, who uses the they/them pronouns and has been posting videos on YouTube since 2007. They are well known for creating emotional vlogs and storytimes. Their combined YouTube and TikTok following is over 11,000,000. They have also been in feuds and controversies with other online celebrities like Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna. Paytas and Hacmon met during filming H3H3 Productions The Bach3lorette, a YouTube-based version of reality dating series The Bachelorette that Paytas starred in. Later, the pair stayed together for several months before they got engaged in December. Paytas was able to host the highly successful Frenemies podcast together with Ethan Klein (H3H3 Productions founder), whose sister Hila Hacmons is. After a dispute over finances, Paytas was forced to quit in June. Insider can't see Hila or Ethan in any video of Paytas/Hacmons'wedding. Paytas was dressed in a floor-length, glittery black gown with a veil.

@trishlikefish88 I walked down the aisle to β€˜the black parade’ because i knew it’d be my happiest moment I want to remember when I die πŸ–€ #emowedding #mcr #weddingmarch ♬ original sound - trishapaytas
They walked down the aisle to the My Chemical Romance song Welcome to the Black Parade.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by what seems to be one of the attendees Instagram stories. Paytas states that he is a fluid individual so it makes sense that they bonded and discovered each other. Knowing that we will never be separated and become one water body at the end, it is something I look forward to sharing with you. Another purportedly circulated footage on social media is Paytas sharing a dance with their father, The couple sings This is What Dreams Are Made Of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Paytas, Hacmon and Hacmon dance to I Love You Moses Paytas'parody of their viral hit I Love You Jesus was released by the group earlier in the year. Paytas is also seen in various social media photos wearing a second dress during the wedding reception, a white gown with a train and a bouffant. This was also worn during their post-wedding video mukbang. During a vlog titled

Hacmon posted a video to Paytas channel December 12 stating that he attempted to leave the venue in order to buy a new shirt as his was too small. Hacmon claims that the valets advised him to leave and not to get a car. Paytas'YouTube channel shows that they are

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