What exactly is Fetlife? Everything you need to know concerning the social network

Saturday, January 15, 2022
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The Fetlife community is a bastion of free speech on the internet‚ and they've made their site even safer with new policies. However‚ not everything is perfect. Toxic behaviours‚ censorship‚ and sexual violence are not uncommon‚ and the community is working to make this space as safe as possible. Administrators of the site are responsible for maintaining a safe environment‚ and they enforce rules. Users can create a blog and community on the Fetlife website. This way‚ they can share information with others. There are also different groups based on kinks and fantasies‚ so they can share and support one another. They can also communicate with other Fetlife members in real life through email‚ chatting‚ and messaging. The only downside to this is that you cannot connect with Facebook or Google‚ which would make it difficult for other members to find you. The Fetlife community has a colorful history. The site was founded by John Kopanas after he was frustrated by not being able to find women with similar interests. The company now has more than eight million members worldwide‚ and is owned by BitLove Inc. and BitLove Ltd.‚ a company that has an ethically questionable track record. When we use it to make love to others‚ we can only benefit.

the fetlife bdsm what exactly is fetlife everything you need to know concerning social network
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In the last couple of years‚ the BDSM and kinky and fetish communities have grown in size‚ online as well as offline. Our society can be skeptical about kink‚ fetish‚ and BDSM practice because they often include consensual violence that includes both psychological and bodily submission‚ domination‚ and masochism. While BDSM may not be for everybody‚ it does offer a wide range of options that can help people explore different aspects of sexuality as well as their limits. These practices are being discovered online by more and more people thanks to the recent presence of BDSM groups. Facebook may not be the right place for these subcultures to meet new friends. Fetlife was able to find its niche in this market.

What is Fetlife?

Fetlifecom the "The Social Network For the BDSM and Fetish" app is also available. To enter Fetlife‚ new users must create a profile‚ choose a gender and pick a sexual orientation from a list of 11 options. Then‚ they can select the role that defines them on the platform‚ which ranges from dominant and kinkster‚ to swinger‚ to brat. The users are allowed to upload images and videos as well as write stories. Some of these fantasies might not be permitted in the "outside" world. The premise of the BDSM community is consent. You must express your boundaries before you are allowed to participate in any session. This makes it a secure place where you can experiment and play. These rules are well-known on Fetlife. However‚ these rules are not consensual as on any social media site. Abuse violence and gruesome stories These links have been made to the Kink website.

Yingying Zhang’s murder

After it was linked to the murder and abduction of a child‚ the website became a major news story in 2017. Yingying zhang brendt Christensen brutally killed a Chinese scholar who had been visiting Illinois. The authorities claim that Christensen visited a Fetlife forum titled "Abduction 101" before he abducted Zhang. This was not the link that linked the crime to the site‚ but it was what started Fetlife’s reputation as a bad company.

Liam Gordon Murphy‚ The Wolf

Other accusations have been made about Liam Gordon Murphy (a Fetlifer known as 'The Wolf') who was accused of publishing erotica stories on the platform. An article entitled. after a long online search he developed a dedicated bdsm then he was raped Published in HuffPost this year‚ Adrienne (only known as Adrienne) shared her admiration for The Wolf as well as the influence that Fetlife had on him: "On FetLife people share fantasies which are often subversive. The Wolf claimed that his stories were real.

the fetlife bdsm what exactly is fetlife everything you need to know concerning social network
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Adrienne was only 23 years old at the time‚ and was new to this platform. He reached out to him‚ and offered to meet with Adrienne. Adrienne didn't speak up‚ but he told The Wolf it sounded scary. To which he replied: "That's how I do things." They had consensual sexual sex the first night they met. Adrienne asked Murphy for a break‚ but he refused. Adrienne didn't speak out about the events until 2017. The Wolf was arrested in October 2016 for raping another girl. In June 2017‚ he was accused of raping Adrienne. However‚ his charges were dropped in June 2018‚ due to the absence of supporting evidence.

How did Fetlife respond?

Fetlife began deleting content that promoted non-consensual actions like abductions or rape‚ and any other material that could leave permanent marks such as killing or deep cutting. It also took out consensual non consent from its website. However‚ administrators of the website were also blocking several calls-out pages asking users to submit accounts about abuses inflicted on them by Fetlife users.


Although the BDSM community may not be perfect‚ despite its complicated structures and unclear boundaries‚ it is determined to make a space that fosters transparency and communicates with its members. Fetlife‚ like many social media sites‚ is not free from toxic behaviors‚ such as online abuses that have turned into physical violence‚ bullying‚ censorship‚ and sexual violence. Apart from the obvious personal responsibilities‚ the administrators of any platform have the responsibility to ensure that the site is safe and follows the rules. This should apply to all social media platforms we use.