What exactly is frazzledrip Everything you need to know regarding the false conspiracy theory

Saturday, January 15, 2022
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What is frazzledrip, you ask? This video, which has hundreds of thousands of views, is a popular conspiracy theory that started on social media. Since then, it has found a permanent home among YouTube's many conspiracy theorists. Innocent-sounding searches for 9/11 truth and Clinton murders trigger a rash of Frazzledrip videos. The Frazzledrip video is an unfalsifiable gross-out story, created by online trolls. Some people even began believing the story. While the claims were initially wide-ranging, the video is supposedly of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin sex-abusing a young girl, and her ex-wife Huma Abedin peeling off the girl's face. Although the video has spread worldwide, the YouTube system is not flawed. This is just another conspiracy theory, albeit a highly entertaining one. The frazzledrip videos were so popular that they dominated YouTube for months. While the system behind YouTube is not flawed, it does show how the internet is run. Those who are skeptical about the claims should check out some of the other theories surrounding the Trump administration and the current state of the world. The Frazzledrip video was created by online trolls as a political commentary. However, some people started believing it, and it has since become an internet sensation. Though the claims were initially vague, some people have even begun to believe it. Initially, the Frazzledrip video claimed to show Hillary Clinton and her ex-wife, Huma Abedin, filling a teenage girl's face with a knife and drinking the girl's blood. The Frazzledrip video has now taken over YouTube, and many are trying to figure out how to take down the Democratic Party.

YouTube provides access to nearly any type of video content. YouTube has a wide range of video content. You can find everything from old DIY documentaries that speculate on Michael Jackson's death to compilations showing otters holding hands. YouTube's rise has made life much easier for everyone. Rapid spread of conspiracy theories. Frazzledrip is one of the most well-known conspiracy theories. It was so popular that it got Sundar Pichai (Google's CEO) in serious trouble. How did the Frazzledrip conspiracy theory come about? Take over YouTube ?

What is Frazzledrip?

Frazzledrip conspiracy theorists believe Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, a former Clinton aide, were caught on camera ripping off the faces of children and using them as masks before they drank the blood of the child in a Satanic ritual sacrifice. According to the conspiracy theorists behind Frazzledrip, Hillary Clinton's video was found later on Anthony Weiner's hard drive under the codename 'Frazzledrip. Frazzledrip adds to the two popular conspiracies: Pizzagate and QAnon. QAnon supporters believe that a small group of Satan-worshiping Democrats, Hollywood stars and billionaires control the world, while engaged in human trafficking, paedophilia and harvesting a supposedly-life-extending chemical from the blood abused children. This satanic group includes Hillary Clinton. QAnon actually bases all of its beliefs on existing conspiracy theories. Some are new, others are millennia old. Pizzagate is one such conspiracy theory. It was circulated during the 2016 US Presidential Campaign. Rightwing media outlets and influentials propagated the belief that the references to pizza and a Washington DC restaurant in stolen Clinton campaign emails were a code for a child trafficking ring.

Although many politicians may have had a questionable past, particularly when it came to paedophilia and other issues, the conspiracy theories mentioned are totally unfounded. Because there is no video of Hillary Clinton drinking or ripping off children's faces, it's unlikely that such a thing has ever been seen. Many conspiracy theories surrounding the Trump era believe Hillary Clinton to be a secret murderer and paedophile. YouTube was completely taken over by Frazzledrip videos up to the last year. What happened then?

The House Judiciary Committee questioned Google's CEO about Pizzagate and Frazzledrip

YouTube hosts more than 1 billion hours of video content every day. According to YouTube, 70% of these views are attributed to YouTube recommendations. Algotransparency A website called. It tracks "what YouTube recommends most frequently." You would find thousands of YouTube videos about Hillary Clinton's murder and child trafficking if you typed in "Frazzledrip", at the start of 2018. Previous users Gab.ai, 4chan and 8chan According to Data and Society research, as well as the Network Contagion Research Institute's analysis of hate speech, people also flock to YouTube to express their opinions with other users. It's still possible to find videos on this conspiracy theory on YouTube, but it is now more difficult. This is because Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who was testifying in Washington on various matters, was asked by a lawmaker about YouTube's algorithm use to promote conspiracy theories. He stressed the need to regulate this issue. Jamie Raskin, Congressman said that "the point when it becomes a matter in serious public interest to you is when your communication vessel is being used for propaganda leading to violent events." Raskin said, "Is it your fundamental position that Frazzledrip is something that you want to attempt to fix, but there is an avalanche and really nothing you can do, so buyer beware and consumer beware whenever you visit YouTube?" Raskin also revealed that YouTube was a victim of conspiracy theories, having been purchased by Google for 1.65 Billion in 2006. Still does today Frazzledrip is a better example. It seemed like YouTube and Congress were not even close to solving the problem.

YouTube had extremeism problems in its algorithm

YouTube's algorithm determines which videos will appear in search results. These videos can be found in suggested videos streams, the homepage and in the trending stream. You also have the option to subscribe. The platform's algorithms determine which videos you will see when you visit its homepage. The same applies to searching for something. YouTube algorithms were not as extreme as it sounds today. YouTube would recommend more extreme videos to users, regardless of whether they were watching right-leaning, left or non-political videos. This was to maintain their attention and encourage them to view as many as possible. Zeynep Tfekci is an associate professor in the School of Information and Library Science of the University of North Carolina The New York Times In March 2018, YouTube's advertising model was based on your watching as many videos and as many ads as you can see (as well as the videos that are shown before and after those videos). This algorithm allowed people to watch videos of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and was able to recommend videos that contained "arguments regarding the existence secret government agencies" and claims that the United States Government was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks.

The problem was still present in 2020. A platform that promotes freedom of speech and social responsibility is not easy. Believe in conspiracy theories, believe that Michael Jackson died (he did), or think Hillary Clinton is a child-eating, pedophilic cannibal. YouTube stated previously that false information was not always violative unless it crosses into hate speech or harassment and incites violence. YouTube has developed strong Community Guidelines and have enforced these policies effectively. YouTube algorithms may be slightly modified, but it would not harm the business to change their overall operation. Pichai explained that YouTube reviews problematic videos individually. He said, "Freedom to speak is the basis of YouTube." We have a strong bias towards allowing content to be uploaded on YouTube, even if people hold controversial or offensive views. YouTube is a platform where you can upload anything. Today, however, Frazzledrip on YouTube and Pizzagate have been completely replaced by QAnon. YouTube deletes thousands of videos each month on an average, but it's slow to find troubling content. It also allows too many people to stay. The likes of Voat, 8chan and 8kun have all made it to the top, only for them to crash and burn. YouTube: What next? Do we need to be concerned? We should be concerned about something other than this question until we have an accurate answer. According to reports, the Pizzagate gunman had viewed a You Tube video on the conspiracy He told a friend, days before he left North Carolina to travel to Washington that he had been "raiding an pedo ring...The world is too afraid of acting and I'm stubborn not to." US citizens have guns They aren't afraid to use them, whether for the right reasons or not.