What exactly is "kidcore"? Here's all you need to know regarding the latest web aesthetics

Friday, January 14, 2022
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Kidcore is a style that has been around since the early 90s. It's characterized by people who are obsessed with the 90s and '00s. The style consists of wearing clothing that looks like a small child‚ riding a tricycle‚ and acting extremely young when you're older. The fashion is not restricted to kids. In fact‚ adult fashion lovers who like to dress like children are also considered kidcore. This era is known as '90s-inspired'. Its aesthetic is characterized by bright colors. These colours are used to create a playful‚ cheerful mood. It's common to see neon lights‚ rainbow-colored clothes‚ and other accessories that are meant to evoke childhood memories. Many fashion designers use kidcore as a springboard for future trends. You'll also see a lot of children's books with colorful pictures. The term kidcore has grown in popularity as more people want to express themselves visually. In addition to using colorful images‚ kidcore tends to be more playful than mainstream media. For example‚ if a child plays with a ball‚ they'll probably see it as a game. This style is also favored by a younger crowd‚ but it also attracts people who are more mature. This trend can be dangerous if it is combined with a more adult audience. The aesthetic of kidcore is based on nostalgic patterns and graphic designs. The colours of '90s and '80s kids' clothing are reminiscent of candy canes and gummy candies. The clothing is often made from neon and pastel colours. It's possible to find many pieces of kidcore fashion adorned with colourful stickers or motifs. You'll also find lots of accessories‚ including butterfly hair clips and friendship bracelets.

what is kidcore what exactly kidcore here s all you need to know regarding the latest web aesthetics
Image source : bridalshow

Up to date‚ there are 589 Internet aesthetics. aesthetics wiki After dark academia softboys and egirls screen Shot believes it is time for another addition to the list.

What is kidcore?

Kidcore this aesthetic is aimed at 90s nostalgia. This includes the use high-saturated primary colours such as red‚ yellow and blue along with cartoon themes like Hello Kitty and Rugrats. Kidcorists often use glitter‚ stickers‚ rainbows‚ and stuffed toys to channel this aesthetic. Kidcore is a heavy use of nostalgia patterns and graphics‚ including retro flowers‚ checkerboards‚ smiley faces‚ and brand logos like Mattel‚ Hasbro‚ and Skittles. Lisa frank this aesthetic is a favorite of many brands. Kidcore is available in pastels as well as rainbow colors. For kidcore fashion‚ the preferred clothes include graphic t-shirts and denim overalls with puffy sleeves. These can be paired with friendship bracelets and chunky Crocs charms as well as butterfly hair clips‚ stuffed toys‚ and other kid-friendly accessories.

Google searches the popularity of 'kidcore" has reached an all-time high. Nylon notes a 2393% increase in search terms on Etsy for this term in the three months to September 2020. You can find more information at: pinterest the aesthetic has now thousands of products and sellers‚ with a 9-fold increase in searches year-on-year for "smiley faces nails" and a 6-fold increase for "butterfly eyes makeup". Depop Kidcore‚ also known as the "extreme extension" of normcore‚ is an interesting cultural shift that stems from age-regression. Report by trend hunter the shift is a result of hypersexualisation in the fashion industry and older generations' embrace of youth culture‚ causing millennials deeper into comfort‚ functionality‚ and simple design. However‚ the aesthetic isn't just about style or clothing. The clothing is meant to be comfortable and evoke simpler times. However‚ it also reflects our eight-year old carefree outlooks. Kidore emphasizes ease both psychologically and physically.

Sub-genres of the aesthetic

Of course‚ Kidcore can be confused with other aesthetics such as. indie babycorecartooncore and nostalgiacore Although these aesthetics share many elements‚ they have distinct motifs and values. For example‚ Indie uses bright saturated colours and filters that are similar to kidcore‚ but it is distinguished by its focus on individualism and music. Let's now look at sub-genres of kidcore.

Spooky kidcore

Spooky Kidcore is Halloween's take on kidcore. This aesthetic combines bright‚ pastel‚ and rainbow colors with cartoon character kidcore with witches and skeletons.


Loudcore is a sub-genre that revolves around noisy toys and other objects that trigger childhood nostalgia. This sub-genre is dominated by bells‚ fireworks and treasure boxes. Kazoos


Did you ever try one of the Snapchat and Instagram filters that included face stickers? Stickercore is a popular collection that includes artworks by Lisa Frank‚ Sanrio‚ CareBears and My Little Pony. This sub-genre consists of placing stickers on objects and faces.