What's a long furby? Four etsy sellers describe the obsession of the internet with this quirky trend

Saturday, January 15, 2022
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The long Furby trend has hit the internet with a bang! Curious‚ eerie‚ and out of this world‚ these figurines have become extremely popular. In fact‚ the craze has even sparked a resurgence in the sale of 'cursed' content‚ a relic of an age-old human impulse. In an increasingly commercialised‚ monopolised‚ and sanitised culture‚ a little bit of 'cursed' can go a long way! The long Furby trend is now a booming Internet community. People all over the world have started their own long versions of the original‚ and many of them have even started selling their creations online. The LongFurby trend has already inspired a new breed of long and skinny Furbies: the FattyFurby! A few people have even gone as far as to sell their customised versions of the original to a global audience. The Long Furby trend started with an Instagram account called Long Furby. The 'Long' versions of the Furby toy have become a hugely popular trend. This 'longfied' version has a lot of fan following‚ which makes it an interesting trend to watch. It's a fun‚ quirky‚ and unique toy that can be a great gift for any occasion.

long furby trend what s a furby four etsy sellers describe the obsession of internet with this quirky
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You may have been active on Tumblr in 2018 and remember browsing through the parallel world of "confession Tumblr" where users shared their deepest wishes for other people to relate to. Most confessions were helpful in normalizing the conversation. The clown is a sexually attractive person it and eating tide pods for breakfast a niche group was growing that became obsessed with "oddbody furbies": a collection of Furbies customized to have different bodies.

The long Furby was one of Tumblr's most sought-after oddbody Furbies back in those days. Three years later‚ there were hundreds upon hundreds of long Furbies. Fan accounts on instagram it has more than 742 pages official wiki fandom the love of long furbies is evident. What is it that makes long Furbies so attractive? Can you reduce the demand for handmade products so the web can see their value? Perhaps all the innovators and marketers can learn something from this article to create their own cultural trends. Screen Shot interviewed four top sellers of long Furby on Etsy in an effort to find this niche. From chaotically-wholesome commissions to a diverse range of uses‚ here's all the love and insights they had to share for the handmade creations.

What is a long Furby?

A long Furby‚ also known as the 'Long Boi"‚ is distinguished by its long body. The popular oddbody species can vary in length‚ typically between 3 and 5 feet. They are divided into the traditional long Furby with 2 small feet at its bottom and the long Furby that has full-fledged arms. A long Furby is possible in many ways. You can purchase original Furby models from sites such as eBay and then gut them and partially replace them with a longer‚ flexible‚ plushy body. Or‚ you could skin models to lengthen the fur and still keep the toy functional. Customers can also order custom-made orders based on their preferences. It was a start: "The toys I desired often did not exist.". sara tobias owner of plushiecouture etsy. You can find them on Etsy. Tobias said‚ "When I shared them with my family‚ friends‚ and loved them all‚ plushieCouture was created." Alison Lord's Etsy shop and Alison Lord alisonmakes the creator attempted to make a Furby long years ago‚ after seeing it in her social media feed. However‚ she failed at her first attempt. Then‚ I kind of forgot all about it until I was locked down and created Furby versions of the Furby. this was a cultural landmark at that time and helped to set up the Anthropologies. Instagram account lord created baby Joes later on. Lord then launched AlisonMakes. Lord currently regards her first draft as a "long Furby sacrilege." On the other hand‚ evelyn surman and melody ding (masterminds behind longfurbyshop and dinnerisserved respectively) came across long Furbies via YouTuber strangeaeons who did a deep dive on the dedicated? tumblr community Inspired by a certain video where the YouTuber makes her own long Furby son named 'Thursday Plurbonym-Boyporridge'‚ Ding--a 14-year-old creator--was inspired to make her own. It was chaos. My friend and I knew very little about Furbies and we even purchased the wrong materials. Ding stated that there are currently 90 Etsy sales. Surman thought the Furby idea was hilarious‚ even if it seemed a bit cursed. As I was certain I needed to create my Furby‚ I created my first Furby last June. It was a birthday gift to me. He serves as my template and is now my main design.

long furby trend what s a furby four etsy sellers describe the obsession of internet with this quirky
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Bestsellers from a socially distant world

Let's first examine the current demand on Etsy for Furbies long. Her bestselling Furbies‚ according to Lord‚ are:.

Lord stated that the mini-baby long bois are sold out as soon as they're listed. Furby creator Lord has created the longest Furby to-date: a.

With a feathery‚ sculpted face. He measured approximately five-and-a-half feet in length and had several claws that ran the length of his body. It was truly a work of art. Lord made the owl after a sudden urge. He stayed in Lord's house for a while‚ scaring her family members until finally being purchased by a customer. Lord said‚ "He's now in New York so it has become a worldwide thing." Surman's best-sellers‚ as for Surman the creator are the.

And this Furby is a bit like YouTuber StrangeAeons' Furby‚ 'Thursday. The longest Furby that I made was five feet in length‚ which was nearly as long as me. This Furby was so much fun because the customer asked me to create one for him as an inside joke in his friends group. "It's so satisfying to create pieces that mean a lot for people." Without analysing how the pandemic affected the business‚ no one can afford to be caught in this whirlwind. My friend‚ in the world long furbies the rollercoaster is only going up! Lord stated that the demand for long Furbies is on the rise over these past twelve months. I believe people are looking for things to make them happy‚ and that long furbies can be a great way to do this. Lord and Surman opened their Etsy shops during the pandemic. However‚ demand has been steady. Tobias stated‚ "We have witnessed more Furby-specific social networks and shops go online in the past year." We love to see Furbies discovered by more people and we hope that they have been comforting us in our crazy year.

long furby trend what s a furby four etsy sellers describe the obsession of internet with this quirky
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Purchases: The A-Z Drive

Now it's time to answer the long-awaited question‚ "What makes Furbies so attractive to Furby fans?" We will begin by looking at the motivation behind Furbie creations. Lord stated that the best part about long Furbies was their ability to be used for whatever purpose you choose. Lord said that Furby owners can keep them company in their rooms or take them out to photograph them engaged in daily activities. Melody works with customers who buy oddbodies for gifts‚ but long furbies are more often purchased by them. The creator stated that many people want long Furby friends but aren't able to create one for themselves. Surman adds to Furbies' long-standing status as a "companion" and describes them as "a partner with which to rule over the world." Surman‚ however‚ also attributes their appeal to the "simply ridiculousness" behind the whole concept. Ding added that "the fact they don't serve a purpose is part of what makes them so appealing." Tobias says that the reason behind the high demand for Furbies long is the search for "fun cuddly friends" or "fun creepy gifts." Some offices even have them as their mascot. They are so much fun to show people. These are not something you can ignore. Their reactions speak for themselves. Lord and Tobias also touched on the internet Furby fandom. The Furby long community is one the most friendly online. Lord summarized‚ "The people are so varied‚ of all ages‚ creative abilities and I have never felt as welcome in any other online community before."

long furby trend what s a furby four etsy sellers describe the obsession of internet with this quirky
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Understanding the psychology of Furbies long furbies

A quick scroll through ‘. furblr "" (a Tumblr parallel to long Furby fans) can leave you scratching your heads as dedicated names start popping up alongside the images. Furby owners often name long Furbies. We talked earlier about their 'companion" status. Furby fans refuse to be called 'collectors' because of this. It doesn't collect family now‚ do you? Lord said‚ "I love when customers name their Furbys and get them necklaces with their names." Lord also mentioned how the community treats Furbies like children. "For many people who have had long furbies‚ it is a reconnection to their childhoods and a safe space for them to feel who they truly are‚" Lord said. While explaining the 'familial' status of long Furbies‚ all four Etsy sellers admit to being dedicated Furby lovers themselves--sometimes creating a long Furby they find hard to let go of. Surman exclaimed‚ "My Furby 'Rabies" is very much part my family. My siblings have basically accepted him as an adopt brother!" Tobias acknowledged that he gave all Furbies made by PlushieCouture personalities and stories in the hopes they would be adopted into loving homes. Ding‚ 14‚ said that Furbies initially seemed very creepy. She then went on to describe how Furbies had influenced her. Although I'm not old enough to experience any nostalgia‚ they seem to have a cursed charm about them." Ding also admitted that she was attached to Richard and her long Furbies Orange Juice. They spend most of their time on the sofa with Furby weirdbodies looking at them. Ding‚ a creator of long Furbies‚ admitted that she is lucky to have friends with the same interests as her when asked about demand. While I'm sure that most people see long Furbies in a negative light‚ the people with whom I have contact love them. All four sellers shared that they have received positive feedback on their Etsy and Instagram posts. Surman said‚ "Most people have been so kind and excited about the pieces that I've made. That feedback is definitely the most rewarding part of creating." Ding and Tobias also confirmed the incredible support from their community. Lord said‚ "I have made artsy stuff ever since I was a kid (I am 47 now)‚ and I am surprised that this hobby has taken off so quickly for me‚" adding that she's gotten 5 star reviews on Etsy. Now‚ Lord is aiming to make the Furbies everyone dreams of. But what about all the other internet sites? Sometimes I receive comments from confused people‚ who have no idea why they came across these cursed Furbies. Surman stated that these comments were more due to confusion than negatives. Surman effectively drops the microphone on the topic by replacing the word "negativity" with merely "confusion".

long furby trend what s a furby four etsy sellers describe the obsession of internet with this quirky
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Experimentation is the cornerstone of design.

As I know most of you have fallen down the rabbit hole along with me‚ let's see if we can all try our hand at creating a Furby. Are there any materials that we could take to Hobby Lobby on our next visit? Surman said that the process is different from one piece to another depending on how long‚ what style or extra accessories the customer prefers. Surman did outline the design process behind creating the amazing species. The first step is the commissioning. This involves sellers receiving a customized design order via written descriptions or photos from customers. The creators sketch the design‚ including any customisations and materials. The pattern is then rearranged based on size and type. Fabric and spine orders are made. To make the Furby long‚ the design is cut and sewn. Surman stated that the entire process takes approximately 12 hours from start to finish. This timeframe is affected by the complexity of design. I love challenges. It's even more enjoyable when it comes with added challenges! Tobias finds inspiration in nature‚ as does her creator. Tobias uses an analogy as a way to explain her design process‚ highlighting the lack of planning. You've probably seen the film. apollo 13 The engineers place a container of materials on a table‚ and they then try to find ways to make these seemingly unrelated items work together. Tobias also admitted that the creation of the fabrics is not always possible. It's exciting to watch what the process becomes. Lord admitted that she started her projects by having vague ideas and experimentation. "I made some recently based on water and fire because I was looking for a different material to explore. Two have been made. this is due to my ceramics background. Films and TV inspire me to make custom orders according to my specifications. Lord has been balancing quality and length with the latest order of a black and white stripe long Furby. He is currently off to Australia for his family.

long furby trend what s a furby four etsy sellers describe the obsession of internet with this quirky
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The tidal wave forward

The majority of Etsy sellers are focused on growing their businesses over the next five years. This is a clear motive due to the rising demand for the highly sought-after creations. Looking back at my creations‚ it is easy to see the evolution of my ideas and abilities. Tobias said that he hopes to keep growing as an artist from Furbies to Instagram‚ and his photography skills beyond. Surman will begin her university studies next year. She stated‚ "I absolutely want to keep creating pieces alongside schoolwork‚" and added that her customers could expect new designs this summer. Lord admitted to having a lot of fun and feels that she's "riding the tidal waves of a cultural phenomenon." Ding is a different approach. The creator stated that she plans to continue selling Furbies for as long as they are in demand and as much as I enjoy the hobby. Ding views her business "something casual" and as an extension of a hobby. However‚ she admits that she enjoys the current scene. I just wanted people to have Furbies. For all the people who have difficulty understanding long Furbies and are merely confused on the Internet‚ this is what to do. we I have to share this with you. We are convinced that the culture of the crow is over and Lord will be there to help you.