Alec baldwin used instagram for a repudiation of claims that he was not following the cellphone search warrants in rust-shooting probe

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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In a new post on Instagram‚ actor Alec Baldwin denies he is blocking a search warrant. The New Mexico authorities say they issued a warrant for the phone of the film director and cinematographer who were shot during a rust shooting rehearsal. While the actor has denied that he is blocking the investigation‚ he is refusing to turn over the phone. According to the affidavit attached to the search warrant‚ Alec Baldwin has denied blocking the investigation and the arrest. This is the second time that the actor has reacted to the news of his phone being seized. He has denied the allegations made by the Santa Fe Sheriff's Office. A similar case happened in New Mexico in 2013‚ when the director of photography was killed while filming a scene. In January‚ Newsweek reported that Alec Baldwin had denied blocking the search warrant‚ citing an affidavit from Detective Alexandria Hancock. The gun was left unattended two hours prior to the shooting‚ which is consistent with news reports. The affidavit also says that Baldwin was playing Russian roulette in the days before the accident. However‚ the actor has maintained his innocence and is denying any guilt in the incident.

instagram alec baldwin denies blocking rust shooting search warrant alec used for a repudiation of claims that he was not following the cellphone warrants in rust shooting probe
Image source : imagesind
  • Alec Baldwin denied that he was not following a probe into the fatal shooting at a New Mexico movie set.
  • Although police have executed a warrant to search his mobile phone‚ they are still trying to locate the device.
  • Halyna Hutchins‚ a crew member was shot by Baldwin on set for Rust.

Alec Baldwin denied that he was not following an investigation into last year's fatal shooting of a woman while filming Rust. This led to Halyna Hutchins' death as director of photography and left Joel Souza with injuries. Baldwin stated in an extended video that any suggestion that I'm not responding to requests‚ orders‚ demands‚ or searches warrants regarding my phone is nonsense.

On Saturday. Police issued a warrant to search Baldwin's cell phone in December. They claimed it could have key communications relating Hutchins' death. The new york post reported. The device is still not available to officials. In the Instagram video‚ the actor stated that New Mexico authorities‚ where the filming took place‚ will have to pass through New York state‚ where he lives to get his cell phone. According to reports‚ New Mexico law enforcement officers requested New York assistance Friday in their search to recover the phone. A bbc report This is an involved process and takes some time. Baldwin stated that they must specify exactly what they are looking for. They can't simply go through your phone to take photos of your loved ones or write love letters to you wife. We are going to be one-hundred percent compliant with everything. Actor 63 years old has stated that he didn't know that the prop gun had a live round and apologized for the incident. Baldwin stated in an Instagram video that the best and only way to honor Halyna's death is to discover the truth. I am working towards that goal‚ insisting upon‚ demanding that all organizations involved in the investigation do their best to uncover what actually happened.