Betty White refused to show tap dancer Arthur Duncan on her 1954 program because he was Black

Sunday, January 2, 2022
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In the 1950s‚ Black dancer Arthur Duncan was featured on the Betty White Show. After being asked to leave the show because of his skin color‚ Betty White refused. While the public was appalled at this‚ Duncan politely declined. Ultimately‚ the black dancer won the competition‚ and the BettyWhite show was a hit for decades. However‚ the popularity of the show decreased‚ and Arthur was forced to leave the show. Although the Southern states threatened to boycott the Betty White Show until the show's black singer was removed‚ White decided to stay with Arthur. The show eventually aired for eighty seasons‚ and the Southern states reportedly threatened a boycott if Duncan was not dropped. The controversy led to a long and successful career for Arthur. After losing his job on the show‚ he reunited with Betty for the second time‚ appearing on the NBC variety series Little Big Shots. He also contributed to the film Betty White: First Lady of Television. The Betty White Show was a big hit and the first Black tap dancer to appear on the show. He appeared in over two hundred episodes and became the only Black performer on the show. A decade later‚ he was still working on the famous TV show. He was also a popular guest star on Jimmy Rodgers' show. In addition to his appearance on the Betty White Show‚ Arthur Duncan was a frequent visitor to NBC's offices.

betty white rejected arthur duncan refused to show tap dancer on her 1954 program because he was black
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  • Betty White turned down attempts by Arthur Duncan‚ a Black dancer to be kept off her 1950s show.
  • She said that she would not stop featuring him if it was forced upon her.
  • This was Duncan's first major break in business‚ and it helped him launch his career.

Betty White refused to allow a Black tap-dancer on her 1954 show. The washington post published the following report White was in her 30s when she was asked to remove Arthur Duncan from the air. It was also something she told her critics: "Live with it."

betty white rejected arthur duncan refused to show tap dancer on her 1954 program because he was black
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Betty White at The Betty White Show‚ 1954. NBC/Getty 1954 saw also the Supreme Court issue the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling‚ which prohibited segregated schools. Duncan recalls that I was allowed to remain on the show because they received letters from Mississippi‚ and other states. Steve harvey's little big shots: forever young Betty replied and stated that Arthur Duncan was used whenever possible. White and Duncan were reunited on Little Big Shots. Duncan rekindled the trademark banter that they had on White's show. Duncan said to White that he hoped they would have the opportunity to meet after all this was over. White replied‚ "Oh‚ I do hope so." It's not like you call. You never ask me out‚ per people 

betty white rejected arthur duncan refused to show tap dancer on her 1954 program because he was black
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Arthur Duncan‚ July 31‚ 2018 in Beverly Hills (California)‚ Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Betty White's Show was short-lived. It was repeatedly rescheduled‚ and finally taken off the air. Per the post Duncan was in his 20s at the time and this show was his first major break. Betty white is the first lady of television Betty White was the first television show that I appeared on. He said‚ "This is my TV debut." His decades-long career was as one of America's most famous Black tap dancers.