Here's how it feels to be an intimate coordinator

Sunday, January 2, 2022
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An intimate coordinator is an independent professional who is accredited by the association of intimate directors and coordinators. The organization claims to be the pioneer of nudity and intimacy best practices. Since its inception in 2006‚ Tonia Sina has been working as an intimate coordinator in the film industry. She first learned about the role while working on her master's thesis. The job involves talking to the crew and directors about the sensitivity of scenes involving sexual intercourse. The intimacy coordinator's job is to monitor the actors before intimate scenes. She will work with the director and crew to ensure that the actors are comfortable and not compromising during a scene. She will also help ensure that they look their best. Ultimately‚ the intimacy coordinator's job is to help the actors look good and feel comfortable. Despite its importance‚ however‚ the intimate coordinator has a hard time getting the attention of creators. A good intimacy coordinator will ensure the safety of the actors while on-set. Intimacy coordinators should be armed with knowledge about the nudity policies of all the stars. They should be able to understand the actor's nudity policy so that they can handle it appropriately. Once the actor or actress is on-board‚ the intimacy coordinator will help make the scene as safe and comfortable as possible. This will ensure the actors and crew feel confident and safe throughout the production.

intimate coordinator here s how it feels to be an
Image source : hollywoodr
  • On television and film sets‚ intimacy coordinators are becoming more important.
  • Insider interviewed some top industry intimacy coordinators for an insider look at the work environment.
  • Actors and crew members can use them to film nudity and simulated sex scenes.

Coordinators for intimate relationships do much more than that. Prior to such coordination being considered legitimate‚ pioneers in the role established guidelines like. intimacy on sets guidelines and the intimacy director internationals pillars both serve as the foundation for the role of intimacy coordinator. Ita O'Brien is the intimacy coordinator for programs like Normal People‚ I May Destroy You and Sex Education. The creation of the guidelines coincided with the #MeToo movement and Times Up movement. This gave her and her fellow colleagues the opportunity to show respect and a more positive approach to intimate content. Coordinators were first created in 2016 and quickly became a valuable resource for directors‚ actors‚ and scenes with sensitive material or nudity. Insider interviewed several top industry intimacy coordinators for information about their duties and responsibilities.

Director's may be contacted as soon as possible by intimacy coordinators.

Before filming begins‚ these coordinators will communicate with the cast and crew about every department's needs and expectations. David Thackeray is the Intimacy Coordinator for Its a Sin and Sex Education. He says that being invited to preproduction was an amazing experience. Insider spoke to him about how he and the other coordinators moved from being traditional in their role of knocking on people's doors and teaching them the basics in 2017‚ to becoming involved even before the cameras turn on. They are sometimes invited to present to‚ or even host‚ workshops for directors and writers‚ studio executives‚ and other coordinators. Thackeray said that‚ although each director is different in their preferences and visions for their scenes‚ his role on the set usually begins with working closely with them to establish the directors' vision and to check on the actors' comfort levels. We have a dialogue with the director. What scene is it? Is there a story? Is this the kind of shot you are thinking about? He said: Then‚ go to the artist‚ and tell him‚ This is the director's message‚ and what is in the script. Your thoughts? Are there any concerns or questions? Which are your comfort levels?

intimate coordinator here s how it feels to be an
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It is important that all parties understand what each other are agreeing to.

Thackeray stated that he works with actors as well to create consent agreements‚ which mark where they're happy and where they don't. We‚ the director and myself want to hear "no" so that we are clear on what is a no-go zone. He said it was very specific so that we can understand the limits and respect them. OBrien stated that intimacy coordinators must prioritize consent during the filming process. It is important to observe actors on-set body language and address any issues if they seem uncomfortable. OBrien stated that they also monitor emotional shifts and make sure actors adhere to all requirements for nudity‚ modesty‚ choreography‚ and close sets. Intimacy coordinators and crew members look at scenes through monitors rather than watching actors face to face. This reinforces the notion that actors are meant to be seen only by camera lenses. The script supervisors work together with the cast to ensure that certain shots are not used if they do not conform to actors' contract or boundaries.

These supervisors also collaborate closely with the script supervisors and wardrobe department

Thackeray stated that wardrobe departments played a key role in the development of intimacy before they were placed on sets. Wardrobe crews play an important role in helping the intimacy coordinators get their jobs done. Actors will need different clothing pieces‚ such as genital pouches‚ genital barriers and underwear. You talk with the artist early on. Ask the artist‚ "What are you most comfortable wearing?" Do you have any intimate scenes? Have you ever worn intimate scenes before? What did you wear and how comfortable were you? Thackeray stated. We then talk to the wardrobe‚ and we try to get the right items in. Alicia Rodis‚ creative director for. co-ordinators and directors of intimacy insider was the intimacy coordinator for Shows like Watchmen and And Just Like That. Insider learned that this job involves informing crew members about intimate scenes‚ as well as supporting them during filming with discussions and safety meetings. Rodis stated that crew members often feel more able to show up for work when they know or see that there's an intimacy coordinator. OBrien stated that part of their job includes helping crew feel more comfortable on the set‚ while sensitive scenes are being filmed.

intimate coordinator here s how it feels to be an
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Yes‚ choreographing sex scenes can be a major part of this job

Both Thackeray‚ OBrien and OBrien described choreographing sex scenes in a similar way to choreographing a dance routine or a fight. Thackeray stated that we go beat for beat and step by step with the script. It is important to use words and touch when expressing our thoughts. Example: Character A might say that she goes in for a hug. You are my Valentine. Character B would respond‚ "I allow you to kiss my." I remove my top. I move on to the next part. We get into bed. This is very simple and clear. There are no emotions attached. Rodis stated that it is important to know the differences between choreographing‚ and directing. Rodis said that as a choreographer of movement‚ I can give you some ideas and tools. I'm not there to lead. I'm there to help the actors and achieve their vision. After-care is also an important consideration. To say that everything is fine since the scene‚ I contact the artist to schedule an aftercare visit. Are there any questions? Is there a way we could work together better down the road? If they felt like I was being triggered‚ or that I didn't feel well after it‚ then I would ask the producer if they can help me. Thackeray said that it was about creating a safe environment for all. Thackeray says that most producers and intimacy coordinators can refer actors to various contacts if they require additional assistance after an intimate scene.

intimate coordinator here s how it feels to be an
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Sometimes‚ the coordinators need to be creative in order to assist with difficult scenes.

Intimacy coordinators are skilled at making sensitive scenes look authentic for cameras while keeping actors safe and comfortable. OBrien recalled a time when Thackeray‚ her ex-student‚ had to be creative in choreography because the project required simulated anal. They were looking for anal sex as well as some cocaine-around the-anus. The whole thing was intense. She said that it was not appropriate for someone's mouth to touch someone else's buttocks. They were able make it work by using camera angles and distance. Sometimes choreography challenges are related to the amount of participants and hidden garments. Thackeray was asked about the hardest scene that he had worked on and he recalled it being a scene with a 60-member orgy. There were a few other ICs. All of us were working together. Each of us took 20. Thackeray stated that it was quite a number. The tricky thing was concealing the nudity clothes. The camera can see that all 60 of them have different items on. You have a lot to consider. That is a lot more difficult than a scene that has two people in common. On set‚ intimacy coordinators may also be available. Scenes that involve a bath‚ for example‚ can be arranged by OBrien. Because water is only able to stay warm for certain amounts of time‚ bath scenes can be very full-on. You need to ensure that the water is provided by the special effects department‚ as well as the correct clarity and hygiene. This detail work must be completed in advance in order to allow the coordinator and actors in the scene to focus on the filming.

It is not easy to become an intimate coordinator.

OBrien is a pioneer in intimacy coordination and wants anyone interested to learn more about the subject. It is all about supporting the director/actor process. She said that you need to be familiar with the acting/directing process. You need to have clear choreographic and body skills as well as the maturity and ability to keep the space open in a clear‚ robust manner.