Jessica Chastain stated that she was injured while filming a stunt for 355 and fell on her head

Friday, January 7, 2022
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In the action-packed thriller The 355‚ CIA agent Mason Mace Brown teams up with a cutting-edge computer specialist‚ a Colombian psychologist‚ and a rival German agent to solve a global threat. The four women embark on a breakneck mission to save the world. While they're racing against the clock‚ they must stay one step ahead of a mysterious figure who is tracking their every move. For her role‚ Chastain played the role of Mason Mace Brown. The movie was originally scheduled to arrive in theaters on Jan. 7‚ 2019‚ but it was delayed by an entire year because of a global pandemic. The actress revealed her plans to EW's Sarina Bellissimo in a recent interview. 'The 355' is available on Netflix. The three-hour film was shot in Los Angeles‚ but has been delayed for two years. The plot is complicated‚ and the characters have some complexities that may make the film difficult to follow at first. The story is very well-written‚ but the film's plot can be a bit clumsy at times. Fortunately‚ the cast is diverse enough to keep the story moving. While the story revolves around the lives of a woman‚ there is a strong female bond between the main character and the antagonist.

jessica chastain the 355 stated that she was injured while filming a stunt for and fell on her head
Image source : womenandho
  • Jessica Chastain stated on The Late Late Show With James Corden‚ that an act went wrong with The 355 set.
  • Chastain claimed that she was injured on the marble floor and had to go to hospital.
  • Elle said that she continued to film until her co-stars convinced her to visit the hospital.

Jessica Chastain said on.

After she smashed her head in a stunt‚ she was forced to visit the hospital. Chastain will star as the director and producer of an action film about a team of international spies who work together to save the planet. Simon Kinberg is the film's director. He chose to get two stunts instead. Chastain‚ who was appearing on Corden in support of The 355‚ revealed that her head had been struck on the marble floor while filming the fight scene. Chastain stated that Chastain had fallen and struck her head intentionally‚ but she misjudged how far. Chastain said that he heard something crackling. That may have been the reason I'm who I am today. A crack was heard. Everybody stopped‚ looked terrified and was somewhat stunned. I am proud of my stunt. It was just so adorable. Although she speaks little English‚ she is French. She comes to me‚ apologizes and says I must put it back in. I sat there‚ like put it back in. Is my brain outside my head? Is there something else?

jessica chastain the 355 stated that she was injured while filming a stunt for and fell on her head
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Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz were among the actresses at this year's Cannes Festival. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images of The Hollywood Reporter It was probably just her pushing me back with a bruise. Because I don't give up easily‚ I took a few more shots before I was taken to the hospital. Penelope Cruz (Chastains star) said: We convinced you to visit the hospital. She didn't want to. She was determined to continue. She was like‚ "You're going to the hospital." Later‚ Cruz said that she felt relieved not to have to perform as many stunts with her co-stars. In .

It was discovered that Chastain performed the act where Mace leaps off a dock beam to a container of metal on a boat. Kinberg said that the stunt was frightening to see. He stated that it was like watching her walk along a beam in tightropes 50 feet higher than a wooden dock. It was the docks that made me feel like I could kill her. She was always like "Oh‚ I can fight that fight." I'm going to learn it in just two days. It was easier to let the stuntwoman do it‚ I thought. The difference will be obvious to everyone. She said that they will know the difference‚ and she would know it. This Friday‚ The 355 will be in cinemas. The spy movie also stars Fan Bingbing and Lupita Nyongo.