Justine lupe claims she once had a crush upon her succession costar, matthew Macfadyen in high school

Friday, December 31, 2021
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It's common for fans to resurface old photos of Lupe and Macfadyen in various settings‚ including the Jane Austen adaptation Austerlitz. He is also well-known for his role in Succession‚ which won an Emmy Award for best drama. Although Macfadyen and Lupe have never been romantically involved‚ Lupe remains impressed by his artistry‚ which she says she admires deeply. In the series Succession‚ Lupe and Macfadyen play the roles of two Waystar executives who are promoted to the top positions at ATN‚ the global news outlet for Waystar. While Tom enjoys his proximity to the Roy family power‚ he is repeatedly dismissed by the family's inner circle. In the show's third season‚ Lupe played Kieron‚ a man who is a friend to the Roy family. Despite only appearing in a handful of episodes‚ Justine Lupe is a welcome addition to the cast of Succession. Her character was originally intended to appear in season two‚ but she did not make the cut. However‚ the series recently wrapped up its third season‚ and received universal praise for its climax. While the series features four members of the Roy family -- Kieron‚ Jeremy Strong‚ and Sarah Snook -- as well as the other three Roys‚ she manages to remain positive and charming throughout the entire show. Matt Macfadyen's character Tom Wambsgans is a Waystar executive who is recently promoted to run ATN‚ the global news outlet for Waystar. Though he enjoys being near the power of the Roy family‚ he is often overlooked by the inner circle‚ and his nastiness to Greg Hirsch‚ the son of the Roys‚ has him in a state of perpetual torment.

justine lupe matthew macfadyen claims she once had a crush upon her succession costar in high school
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  • Justine Lupe‚ Matthew Macfadyen‚ and Willa Tom costar on Succession.
  • Insider was told by Lupe that Macfadyen was her high school crush.
  • She was inspired by his Pride and Prejudice performance to name her boyfriend's contact Mr. Darcy.

She was a teenager who had an intense crush on the British actor long before she became a costar on HBOs. I was in love with Matthew Mcfadyden‚ the 32-year-old actress‚ who plays escort-turned-playwright Willa Ferreyra‚ told Insider. Lupe‚ like many Macfadyens fans‚ was drawn to the role of Mr. Fitzwilliam darcy by Joe Wright's 2005 movie. She recalled that my high school boyfriend was called Mr. Darcy because of the performance he made in Pride and Prejudice. Macfadyen's character as the Regency brooding heartthrob differs from Tom Wambsgans (his Succession character Tom Wambsgans)‚ an awkward Waystar Royco executive of the Twin Cities. Fans often resurface photographs of actors in Jane Austen's adaptation‚ while reacting to the twists and turns of Jesse Armstrongs Emmy-winning HBO series.

Lupe is still in awe at Macfadyen's artistry three seasons after he joined Succession. She told Insider that Matthew is a joy to watch. Willa is engaged to Connor Roy (?) at season's end. There are very few similarities between Willa and Tom Shiv Roys (() husband). Lupe said that the moments they do have onscreen were some of her favorite films. For the actress‚ two scenes stand out. I Went to the Market is the fifth season's episode. Willa and Tom engage in a brief interaction at the Roys Thanksgiving dinner. Tom asks Willa about a financial arrangement with Connor. She replies‚ "Hey‚ I'm only being fucked by one of these family members‚" before closing the door.

justine lupe matthew macfadyen claims she once had a crush upon her succession costar in high school
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Willa and Tom in season 1 of Succession. HBO Two episodes later in Austerlitz Willa is joined by Tom and Marcia Roy. Hiam Abbass plays the Roy family in group therapy. Willa is asked about her plans for having children and gets unrestricted advice from Tom as well. Marcia says‚ "Don't wait"‚ and Tom follows her lead: The biological clock begins to tick! Lupe stated that she enjoyed working with Macfadyen so much‚ she's hoping for more screen time with him in season 4. It's so much fun‚ Lupe stated. Check out our complete interview with Justine Lupe The third season of Succession can be streamed on HBO Max at the moment.