Miley Cyrus' top was ripped at the new year's eve party, so she put on a blazer and continued singing

Sunday, January 2, 2022
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Miley Cyrus suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing at the Grammys on Wednesday night‚ as her top fell off mid-song. The singer was singing her single‚ Party in the U.S.A.‚ when the top began to fall off. After the song was over‚ she walked backstage to change and changed into a red blazer. But the incident didn't stop her from continuing to sing. After putting on a blazer and a skirt‚ Miley Cyrus' top fell off during Saturday Night Live. The teen singer was singing a song when the top came off‚ so she held on to it while walking backstage. She quickly changed into a blazer and went backstage to change into a new outfit. The embarrassing incident didn't affect her performance on the show‚ but it did put her on the public's radar. Miley Cyrus' top was one of the most controversial moments of her life‚ as it was a public relations disaster. After a tense performance on Party in the USA‚ Cyrus' top was unfastened on stage. She clung to it with one hand before tossing it aside‚ while continuing to sing. After the incident‚ the singer walked backstage to change into a red blazer and performed to the crowd.

miley cyrus top fell off new year cyrus was ripped at the year s eve party so she put on a blazer and continued singing
Image source : dailymail
  • Miley Cyrus' top was ripped at the New Years Eve Party of NBC‚ while she was performing onstage.
  • While the cameras were panning away‚ she turned her back and held onto her chest.
  • Cyrus continued to sing Party in the USA‚ and Cyrus joked that everyone knows. definitely looking at me now.

Miley Cyrus was 2022's ringmaster‚ and she had a wardrobe mishap that she quickly fixed. She kept on performing. On Friday‚ the 29-year old hosted Mileys New Years Eve Party alongside Pete Davidson. When her top broke‚ she had just begun singing Party in the USA. After holding the top in her hands‚ she turned around and threw it to the side. She then walked backstage. Cyrus returned in bright red with her band. She sang and smiled. Everybodys. definitely She smirked at me and added: I'm still in the. Saweetie‚ the singer‚ said to Miley‚ "Miley‚ you still look great -- that's what you know!" Go head best friend! Later‚ Davidson made a joke about the incident. As a cast member of SNL‚ Davidson joked about it later. Cyrus closed the evening by saying that the event is all about flexibility‚ taking the bad with good‚ and getting the most out of the worse. This is why we need to continue our resilience. She said‚ "Let's take that strength into the New Year." It's a skill we all have‚ so instead of seeing it as a problem let us see it as an opportunity. Everyone here and those watching at home‚ I wish you a healthy and happy 2022.