Star of Sister Wives, kody Brown said that he believed wife Christine hates him for months prior to her announcement she was ending their polygamous marriage

Friday, January 7, 2022
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A marriage polygamist by nature, Kody Brown has married four different women over the past three decades and has a total of eighteen children. Besides his biological children, he has also adopted three more children. His first marriage was to Robyn Brown, who brought three of his adopted kids. The new addition to the family shook up the ideology of Kody, but they have maintained a functioning family. Despite the rumors, Christine has stayed loyal to the polygamist and has not married anyone else. In November of 2021, Kody and Robyn announced their separation and will no longer be living together. The couple has six children together, including son Solomon, and two daughters, Ariella. Until December 2014, the couple was spiritually married. Afterward, they adopted two of Robyn's children. Today, Kody lives with Janelle and his children. However, they are still living apart from each other. Although bigamy is illegal in the United States, Kody Brown is legally married to Meri. He also adopted Robyn's children from a previous marriage. Despite being legally married to four women, he considers himself to be married to all four of them. He also considers himself to be married to each of the four women as his soul mate, even though he has only one wife at a time.

  • Kody Brown shared new information about the time he began to drift apart from Christine, his ex-wife.
  • Kody stated that Christine has been hating him ever since Truely's illness.
  • Kody does not want any of his children to be affected by COVID. Christine however said that he is being reckless.

Kody Brown, a Sister Wives actress, opened up about his relationship with Christine. He said that the couple had been in a down spiral since long before COVID-19 strict rules made it impossible for them to be together. Christine thinks I am a liar, partially because Truely nearly died, and she believed that I was negligent. Kody stated this in an interview on Sunday's show. Kody said that such an incident can change relationships. Truley, Kody's 11-year-old daughter with Christine, was admitted to the hospital in 2014.

TLC aired the story about the health scare. We were told by one of the nurses that in cases such as this, we don't expect them to leave. This was what Kody stated at the time of his 2014 hospitalization. Flashbacks on Sundays show the flashback. It is unclear as to why his wife, Kody's third, thinks he was negligent for that incident eight years ago. However, flashbacks show that he took their daughter to hospital.

Christine Brown and Kody at a press conference. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Kody discusses Truely's recent health scare on Sundays. He says that it is one reason he hopes most people in his family will follow COVID-19 strict protocols like changing their clothes and disinfecting all mail. He isn't staying at the Sister Wives houses, as he was shown in Sister Wives Season 2, which was shot earlier during the pandemic. Kody stated in an interview that he knows that if someone in the family is killed, it will be hard to hate other people because of it. He said that he didn't want one of his children to die. Then, I would hate people who were not following the rules and end up divorcing with the child that died. Christine did not mention Truelys condition in her solo interview. She said Kody was being irresponsible by leading a family, ignoring half his family members and never seeing them. Sister Wives is broadcast Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC