Will Smith says that the way Jada Pinkett Smith loved Tupac made me unable to be friends with him

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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Will Smith Tupac: It's no secret that the rapper was a favorite of Will Smith's father. Their relationship was troubled due to alcohol and violent behavior‚ but the two were able to reconcile and end their turbulent relationship. According to Will‚ he was insecure and compared the late artist to his younger brother HARRY. The film was released in 2000‚ and is a hit. Here's what we know about the movie. Will Smith and Tupac's relationship was a major turning point for the actor‚ and he recently opened up about it in a memoir. At the time‚ Smith had won two Grammy Awards as part of hip hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff \ & the Fresh Prince‚ but he was facing a large tax bill and felt threatened by the growing relationship between the two. Jada Pinkett was close to Tupac and Smith was jealous of her relationship with him. The two met while Will Smith was in the Baltimore School of the Arts. The two began dating in the early 1990s and later became friends. The two also became famous on the big screen and appeared in films such as Poetic Justice and Gridlock'd. During Will Smith's time with Tupac‚ he stepped away from music and took a break from acting. Despite the distractions‚ he continued to release music and continue to make movies.

will smith tupac says that the way jada pinkett loved made me unable to be friends with him
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  • Will Smith talked about how jealous he was of Jada Pinkett Smith's friendship with Tupac.
  • Smith's new memoir reveals that Smith was influenced by the notion of Smith as a coward.
  • Smith claimed that he was too young to befriend Shakur because he felt jealousy.

He claimed that he was jealous of the love of his girlfriend that he couldn't befriend the rapper. Although they never became intimate‚ their love is still legendary. Smith described Pinkett Smith's and Shakur's relationship in Chapter 13 of his autobiography. Self-titled memoir released on Tuesday.  In the 1990s‚ Smith was introduced to Pinkett Smith. He was already married to Sheree Zampino at the time and they had a son‚ Trey Smith. Smith was able to speak with Pinkett Smith over hours in a lounge. In 1995‚ he and Zampino split. Smith called Pinkett Smith five days after he received his divorce papers. They began to quietly date. They were married December 1997. Smith wrote in his memoir that Pinkett Smiths platonic‚ close relationship with Shakur was the cause of his mental torture. Smith described the rapper's death as being fearless‚ and a man who would fight for his beliefs. The I Am Legend star stated that he made me feel like a coward. It was hard for me to believe that I was not as successful in life than he was‚ so I felt a sense of jealousy. I wanted Jada would see me that way.

will smith tupac says that the way jada pinkett loved made me unable to be friends with him
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In 1996‚ Jada Pinkett and Tupac Shakur pose together. Mychal Watts/WireImage Smith said that Jada and me committed to one another when the demands of our relationship meant she was less accessible to Pac. My immature brain took this as an undeserved victory. Jada was the epitome‚ the crown‚ and the pinnacle of women. It was impossible for me to be coward if she chose me instead of Tupac. Never have I felt validated. Smith was still in his 20s when he made the comment. The actor stated that I had been in the same room as Tupac several times‚ but never spoken to him. I was unable to be friends with Pac because of Jada's love for him. Too immature. Smith made similar remarks about his reaction to Shakurs and Pinkett Smith's friendship in an interview.

The Breakfast Club will return in 2020. It was an regrettable act by the actor. Pinkett Smith was reflecting on Shakur's relationship during an interview. Episode her Facebook Watch Series. Pinkett Smith stated that we were each others anchors‚ and was referring to their complex dynamic.