An extreme diet to really lose weight, a combination of methods from my personal experience

Monday, August 22, 2022
author picture Jimmy R. Bélanger

First step, general health check-up. 👨‍⚕️

You are about to make multiple changes to your lifestyle. To ensure that your body is able to handle the various stages of this diet, seeing a health care professional is never a waste of time and may identify future problems. Your family doctor or a clinic with an appointment may be a good option for you to go over the details and tell him or her that you want to go on a extreme diet. A blood test with the traditional elements for diabetes as well as cholesterol should be taken into consideration. You can always go to the emergency room but you will not be a priority for them, so you will be placed at the bottom of the list and your waiting time may be very long. Doctors usually have a chart that takes into account certain elements such as your age, gender, height and weight in order to determine if you are in the normal weight range or if you are obese. Do not start this hardcore diet with multiple products until your doctor has confirmed that you are healthy or you risk organ damage.

Your body, an engine that needs to be cleaned.

Whether or not you have been paying attention to your health, your organs and your body have been transformed and become clogged over time. It can be from processed food, beer, drugs, your environment or simply the natural cycle of life. There are products on the market that are called detoxifiers and some of them have the goal of cleaning or improving the health of your system so that it can better manage all the food or products that you will make it ingest. Although I talk about this product in an article related to the bodybuilder, they were designed for the traditional people such as you and me and they have proven to have a real impact on your health, this step of a diet is often neglected but this one is important because it will have an impact on every action related to your weight loss. These two products UltraClear renew & UltraClear Plus PH are very effective and will significantly clean your intestinal system, you will be ready to start an extreme diet. Please follow the dosage and take both in their entirety.

Foods to prioritize for an extreme diet?

The main idea behind this diet is to increase your protein ratio and decrease all foods that contain carbohydrates. Protein portions should fit in the palm of your hand but in general this represents an amount of 50 grams for women, 100 grams for men, if you exercise a lot increase this portion by 50 grams. You can eat an unlimited number of vegetables and a moderate portion of fruit at each meal. Protein powder is an alternative but it is best to eat meat, pork or beef but preferably white chicken such as breasts which are limited in fat, if you can afford it go with fish or seafood which are high in omega 3. A 50 gram serving of vegetables is an essential addition to this diet, vary the colors of these to acquire different vitamins that will support your immune system, some vegetables like avocados are high in fat which is good for your brain and these will not harm your weight loss. Broccoli is a vegetable of choice that should not be ignored, it can happen that high protein diets are difficult for your intestines, broccoli is effective in regulating your intestinal transit system, high in fiber and helps manage bad cholesterol and glycemic index of meals. Carbohydrates are generally the third element between meat and vegetables that we find in our plate, such as bread, rit, potatoes are all to be avoided since they will generally be stored in your fat cells, to ensure that a food does that a minimal amount of carbohydrate read the label behind each product can give you a good indication.

What should you drink during your hardcore diet?

Mainly mineralized water, avoid filtered water without minerals. Water from the sink as well as water found in some bottles are totally filtered, you will easily find water containing minerals in any good grocery store, if you check well on the bottle you will have an additional table that gives you the properties of it, the higher they will be the more the water will tend to be thick and the mineral ratio will be high, the minerals contained in the water is essential to maintain your energy throughout your weight loss. Some people don't like the taste of water but you can still add sugar free additives such as mio that will give the water color, scent and taste. It is possible to take some kind of gatorade and powerade, be sure to take their product line named Zero, these have no sugar or carbohydrates inside. Coffee and espressos are good stimulants that can be taken in moderation, these can stimulate the organist before going to a workout, each coffee has a carbohydrate content that can vary, check the packaging before buying, zero carbohydrate does not seem to exist at the moment for coffee. Unfortunately all types of juices should be avoided, although fruits are considered good sugars when processed they tend to be mismanaged by the body and can even make you diabetic when taken in excess and will harm your results. Milk is even worse than juice, often touted for its calcium properties. Most of the benefits of milk are myths with time and when you have osteoporosis, which is a disease related to the lack of calcium in the bones, specialists will tell you to stop drinking milk. In this case, most people have an intolerance without knowing it, which causes stress to the organist and can hinder your weight loss in the stomach area even if you are not intolerant to milk, which is very fatty and does not help you lose weight when dieting. A little advice to confirm if you are intolerant to milk, stop drinking it for a period of 30 days, take 2 to 3 glasses of milk of 250 ml and wait, if you have stomach cramps you are therefore lactose intolerant. Drink water with your meals and during your exercise sessions.

The most precious time for a diet : The cheat.

Although it is easy to write down a diet on paper, it becomes difficult to follow a strict diet over a long period of time and people tend to lack perseverance and for this reason it becomes monotonous and difficult to integrate this eating habit. You may also lack the energy to continue. It is good for your morale and even for your body to have a period of cheating, this will allow you to recharge your physical and mental batteries without affecting your weight loss process. You have a period of 4 hours per week dedicated to eating whatever you want in the largest quantity possible. Your body will be able to fill in the missing nutrients but it will be impossible for it to store all the calories you will bring it in a short period of time, so go ahead and take the time to spoil yourself as much as you can, an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet is an excellent example, the excess will end up in the bathroom. The important thing is not to go over this period nor to repeat the experience more than once a week. This period of cheating will allow you to maintain your goals and stay on track in the long run. A piece of advice: eat what you want but avoid alcohol, here is a reference. Alcohol only slows down your metabolism and is bad for you in every way, there are myths that drinking a certain amount of alcohol is good for your heart but the more research is done the more it is debunked in the case of dieting it is really a no-go if you want results.

Pay particular attention to the frequency of meals.

In the North American diet, we are used to eating three times a day, although this fits into the work schedule, it is not a good method to lose weight. Increase the number of daily meals in a balanced way, start the good habit of eating twice as often with more moderate portions. The ideal is six meals a day with a delay of more or less two and a half to three hours. Making this a habit will tell your brain that it doesn't have to store extra calories for nothing since a food source is about to arrive. When you are on the job, your time will be limited during the 15 minute breaks, it would be wise to have two protein powder shakers if you don't have time to prepare meals to fill two meals a day at 9 am and 3 pm without forgetting to add vegetables.

The training that will allow you to burn fat. 🔥

It is preferable to go to a gym in order to have the necessary equipment to be able to work all your muscles. A trainer will give you a training program adapted to your needs. You must do two muscles per day, three sets for each muscle, between 10-12 repetitions and a rest time of 45 seconds between each set for a minimum of five days per week. These are long sets and because the goal is not to have an excessive load at all times, but to work long sets with minimal rest will increase your heart rate and burn fat, it is important to continue to do strength training because your muscles will be in demand and will continue to burn fat 24 hours a day. After completing your two muscle workouts a cardiovascular period is necessary, you should do incline walking on a treadmill for 45 minutes, aim to keep your cardio rate between 140-160 beats per minute. Do not exceed 160 beats per minute and do not run, a phenomenon occurs when running that is designed to protect your organs and decrease your body's ability to burn fat, it is important to do incline walking and add an extra layer of clothing to optimize your sweating. For those who are really motivated and want to increase the speed of their results, you can do two 45 minute sessions, one after your workout and another session at a different time of day for a total of 1.5 hours per day.

The natural supplements necessary for your diet.

As you progress in your weight loss, you will feel the fatigue in your muscles and mind. Repeated training several times a week can become hard on your system over the long term, you will feel your joints and muscles ache and because of this it is a normal response of the body that has difficulty regenerating itself. The products listed in this section are proven natural products that come in a range of basic entries that are virtually risk free, you may still want to consult a clinician, but they are commonly used by people who work out and will help you lose weight and stay on track for several weeks.

Multivitamins taken daily for extreme person.

It is often said that people with a traditional lifestyle do not need a multivitamin but with such intense training, as time goes on your body will have deficiencies of all kinds, to overcome this lack of energy it is necessary to use a quality multivitamin, each multivitamin has different rates of absorption called bioavailability. It is better to take low quality vitamins when you wake up than to take nothing at all. There is also a range of supplementary green vegetables that can help regulate your stomach, they are offered under several brands including XPN, with a daily use of 3 capsules per day, it is available for a reasonable average cost of 35$ CAD for 90 capsules. For those who want to be sure not to miss any nutrients go with the animal paks multivitamin range, the price is higher 39$ US for 30 days, but it can be considered as a good purchase to maintain your results on the long term. You will be over loader of vitamin the excess will be eliminated by the organist. Don't forget that the more your body will be in order it will promote your weight loss. Multivitamins will make your life easier as they cover all the common types of vitamins. In addition to improving your heart health and waistline, multivitamins can speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. One study found that women who took a standard multivitamin for six months lost about 5 pounds, while women who took dummy multivitamins lost nothing. This may be because multivitamins can fill in nutritional gaps that slow down your metabolism. Women who took the standard multivitamin saw their metabolism increase by 6%, meaning they burned more calories throughout the day. Although this study was done on women, the same principle applies to men.

The benefits of creatine with the monohydrate ester.

Creatine is not directly related to weight loss but it will help you reduce muscle and joint pain and improve athletic performance. There are several types of creatine but the monohydrate ester is the most popular and most studied by scientists and in this case, it does not create water retention which gives you a lean appearance without looking bloated like a balloon. There are several forms of creatine, some are powdered and others liquid, the powdered form seems to give better results, a study has noticed that cyclists who use this creatine have an increase in their performance up to 10%. I noticed that when I took creatine, the day after my workouts I was much less sore, which allowed me to continue my daily workouts, limit yourself to doing only two muscles per day, or once a week to avoid injury and overtraining of it. You can get creation monohydrate legally on this link Amazon.

Caffeine in capsules and stimulating prework.

Caffeine in capsules is a good replacement for coffee because it does not contain carbohydrates. The caffeine content of pressed pills or capsules is generally higher than a simple coffee, the average is 80mg for a simple coffee and the pills generally vary from 100mg to 200mg. To get the positive effects of caffeine to keep you awake and able to continue your various activities while continuing your diet, go in moderation with a 100mg pill in the morning and 1 capsule before training. It will motivate you to go to the gym and give you great energy. As mentioned earlier in this article, if you have followed our advice and detoxified your system, using a single caffeine pill twice a day is a reasonable amount and should work well, exceed this amount and you will experience side effects such as anxiety and stress, which will have the effect of hindering your weight loss. Jars of caffeine can be found everywhere and are relatively inexpensive, try to find a brand that offers 100mg pills, in the event that your body becomes tolerant over time you can increase to 2 tablets.
Hemorage Black by Nutrix is not for wimp.
The slogan of Hemorage Black by Nutrix is that this product is not for the wimp and for good reason, its magic formula Hemo-rage Black Proprietary contains I don't know what product but you will have the feeling of being a mini Hulk, your raw power will be increased from the first use of this product, You will feel hot and a tingling sensation at the tip of your fingers and head caused by the Beta-Alanine, to lose weight it is an excellent product but this one enters a range called extreme natural to be taken with moderation before training and preferably in mornings, you will feel this effect for about 2 hours. If you have the chance to look for the first versions of this product where the indication NEW is not written on the packaging, it contains Methylhexaneamine which makes this version much more powerful. Available for $39.99 on the official Nutrex website.
Ripped Freak by PharmaFreak.
Ready to run a marathon? RippedFreak is by far the best stimulant and fat burner on the market. It is strong in caffeine and its mixture gives an exceptional result, the effect is difficult to explain but you will have the focus and you will be ready to run for a long time, take it in the morning because its effect can last up to 8 hours, it will have the disadvantage of cutting your appetite which can interfere with the consistency of your meals, do not skip meals and take a protein shaker immediately after your training. It is important to continue to eat your six meals a day despite the use of this product. You should check out PharmaFreak's products as they have a variety of products in their inventory that would be good to consider but they are not related to weight loss. Available for $36.79 on the website

Experimental Peptides for extreme weight loss.

Amino acids known as Peptides are still in the experimental phase and are often unknown to the general public. Although they are not illegal in many countries such as Canada and the United States, they can be legally obtained on the internet for research purposes and should not be used in humans. It represents a health risk, it is strongly recommended to visit a doctor before playing with such a product and I cannot be held responsible if you try to repeat my dosages. Amino acids are naturally produced in our body but if you increase the dose of some you can make changes to your body or even modify your genetics. The most well known amino acids for weight loss are growth Hormone and Fragment 176-191, to give you an idea of how powerful some peptides are you can tan instantly such as Melanotan 2. Please note that most Peptides are legal except for growth hormone, these can be used by men but also by women.

How to properly prepare your Peptides for use.

Whatever amino acid you are going to order, it will be presented to you as a white powder in a vial that usually contains 10 IU's also called units. Make sure that the cap on the vial is well sealed when you try to open it, you must get insulin syringes to allow you to prepare the mixture, the peptides must be mixed with bacteriostatic water which has the property to keep the amino acid intact before injection. Take an insulin syringe, add 10 units of bacteriostatic water which represents a complete syringe of 1 ml and slide the water on the side gently into the vial, only on the day you are ready to inject, once the mixture is done keep it in your fridge. The syringes and the bacteriostatic water are on sale in any good pharmacy.

How to inject a Peptide to avoid the risks.

There are several types of insulin syringes with different lengths of injection needle. In our case, we use the traditional 1ml syringe with the needle called shorts. Each syringe must be used once and must be disposed of in a yellow container for medical waste, the pharmacy will be able to provide you with this plastic box for free. You must clean the area you want to inject with a small alcohol swabs and pinch your fat and proceed to the injection, the doses for each amino acid will be named in the next chapter. In the case that concerns us for weight loss in general you must inject in the area that you want to have results but the easiest is the stomach. You should not feel any pain, if the area becomes bluish it means that you have too much fat in that area and that the Peptides did not penetrate properly, this is not dangerous in itself but less effective, try a place that the skin is thinner next time.

Growth hormone and Fragment 176-191.

Growth hormone and Fragment 176-191 can be used for weight loss if you use the right dosage. There are several differences between the two, growth hormone contains all of the amino acids in 1-191 and the Fragment is only a part of growth Hormone but that part 176-191 contains the essential elements for weight loss. Growth hormone is considered a prescription-only product, while Fragment 176-191 is available for sale on several websites. The price of growth hormone is much higher at about $500 per box for a total of 100 IU and is usually sold for children who have a growth deficit. In the case of weight loss if you are using growth hormone you should use a maximum of 3 IU per night or 1/3 of a 10 IU vial, one hour before bedtime. If you want to increase your size and muscle mass you should use 10 IU or one vial per day but since you don't have a deficit you will have minimal results and side effects will occur after several boxes of 100 IU such as tingling in the feet and hands and when this phenomenon occurs from personal experience it can last for several days or even weeks and it becomes really irritating when you want to work. Fragment 176-191 is the most affordable option financially speaking and the side effects have been practically nil in my case and I have had a significant decrease in my body fat. You have to take a total of 3 IU per day before going to bed, you are not going to see any change after a simple vial, you have to use it on a long term basis for a period of three months. It goes without saying that this product gives satisfactory results but you must not neglect your diet and your training periods.

Anabolic steroids for weight loss.

Anabolic steroids are illegal in many countries and carry certain risks. In general the short esters which have a shorter duration in the body are dedicated to lean mass gain and weight loss. I have however had better results by combining two products, one was a long ester and the other had all three esters in it. What is convenient about the products is that only two intramuscular injections per week are required. Always consult a doctor before taking any steroid and for good reason one of these is the most powerful on the market. It is the Testosterone Enanthate (250 mg) and Tri-trenbolone (150 mg) created by the laboratory Northen RX. They are considered hardcore products and should only be used when your results are not satisfactory. This product is intended for adult men only.

Dosage for Testosterone and Tri-trembolone.

The recommended dosages are for the first three weeks 2 x 250mg of testosterone and 1 x 150mg of tri-trembolone, to go further you can continue the treatment for up to 6 more weeks at 3 x 250mg of testosterone and 2 x 150mg of tri-trembolone. Do not exceed 9 weeks and do not increase the dosage under any circumstances, as this steroid cycle requires a counterbalance at the end of the treatment. For a so-called hardcore weight loss, these are the best products by far.

Injection method for anabolic steroids.

There are many risks associated with intramuscular injections, you must know the areas and not go too far, you must avoid injecting the product into a blood vessel that passes through your muscle. Injecting Tri-Trembolone carries additional risks when you only graze a blood vessel in the muscle, you will have an instant hot flash as well as sweating and an increase in heart rate a few minutes after the injection. If you do not have a friend in the health field, always be two and if possible accompanied by someone who has experience in this field. The best injection site is always the legs since the muscle is bigger and easier to access. There are several syringes for intramuscular injections, opt for an inch length instead of an inch and a half and get 26G sizes instead of 28G because tri-trembolone is a thicker product than testosterone. A word of advice: do things right, we are talking about your health and you only have one.

The post-steroidal cycle should not be neglected.

Taking testosterone over a 9 week period will require you to rebalance your body to counteract the negative effects of more than enough testosterone. Your natural testosterone creation will be stopped being produced by your body, to restart the creation process you will have to proceed with subcutaneous injections of a female hormone called HCG. The best method is to go with small doses of 1000 unit every night before bedtime over a minimum period of two weeks to warn your body that it must resume its natural production of testosterone, do not skip or neglect this step at the risk of losing your results and find yourself with an abnormally high level of estrogen which will cause you to retain water near the areolas nicknamed bitch tit in the field of bodybuilding. The sale of HCG is forbidden without prescription but it can be easily found on the internet. To slow down the progression of estrogen in the body simultaneously with the intake of HCG you can take two drops of Tamoxifen citrate at bedtime.

An extreme week in weight loss mode.

You need to sleep 8 hours a day, once you wake up take a vitamin, caffeine and a good breakfast that will contain several eggs, vegetables and a green water. Before going to work prepare two protein chakers that should be taken with your break water if you have the chance bring a portion of broccoli. For dinner, have a serving of meat or chicken with a variety of vegetables and water or zero Gatorade. At lunch time around three o'clock, have your second protein shake. Have another dinner at 5 o'clock and always prioritize protein and vegetables. Do your two-muscle workout and jump on the treadmill for a 45-minute to 1-hour incline walking session. Every night before you go to bed proceed to inject growth hormone or take Fragment 176-191. Twice a week as indicated in the dosage above proceed to take testosterone and Tri-trembolone. Don't be surprised if you wake up around 2 a.m. and the bed is completely soaked, take a medium temperature bath and resume sleeping until the next day. Maintain this lifestyle for several weeks and you will have an extreme weight loss, take the time to enjoy your results and move on to the post-cycle once your nine weeks are up. I wish you the best of luck, be careful to do things right and always listen to your body. Maintaining this result over a long period of time can be very challenging and difficult... I hope I have helped you reach your goals.