Nfl quarterback dak prescott purchased an ai-driven exercise machine, which he claims helped him recover from a season ending injury

Friday, December 31, 2021
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The Dallas Cowboys have announced that quarterback Dakota Prescott is out for the rest of the season. The former Mississippi State Bulldogs' star was drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. The injury is expected to prevent Prescott from playing the rest of the season. The Dallas Cowboys say they will keep an eye on Prescott's condition and will work to get him back on the field as quickly as possible. Although the Dallas Cowboys have listed Prescott as questionable‚ it's important to remember that the quarterback is on a franchise tag‚ which guarantees him $31.4 million in 2020. That means that even if he's injured‚ he'll still be paid. The Cowboys also have several ways to keep Prescott‚ including making a trade for Cam Newton. Here are a few of those options. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is out for at least the week after suffering a hamstring injury against the New England Patriots. The head coach Mike McCarthy has laid the groundwork for Prescott to sit. However‚ owner Jerry Jones has expressed optimism that Prescott will play. As a result‚ Prescott has been getting first team work in walkthroughs. It's likely that he will be back to play on Sunday‚ Oct. 31.

dak prescott injury nfl quarterback purchased an ai driven exercise machine which he claims helped him recover from a season ending
Image source : the-sunco
  • Dak Prescott‚ an NFL quarterback broke his ankle and had to spend the offseason rehabilitation.
  • Prescott claimed that he was able to correct his form with an artificial intelligence exercise machine‚ which is something he had purchased.
  • Prescott‚ who was already putting too much weight onto his injured leg before the machine came out of it‚ was at risk for a re-injury.

Dak Prescott says an. ai-driven his workout machine helped him recover from an injury that ended his season in 2020 and help lead the team to playoff contention. In October last year‚ the 28-year old quarterback was injured and was unable to return to the field during the final 11 games. Prescott said he used the oxefit xp1 he was an investor who helped to fund its development in the summer of 2020. In addition‚ he launched a consumer model of the machine known as the xs1 on December 15‚ during his rehabilitation. The devices AI technology detected that his leg was too heavy and recommended corrective measures. It then instructed him how to correct it‚ to make his rehabilitation more efficient and safe. Prescott explained to Insider that after the data was collected‚ I looked back at my preferences and found that the injured leg was more dominant than the other. Prescott said that this was because I was trying to use the leg that was infected. After that‚ I could go back and fix it. Prescott made great progress through his rehabilitation. The Cowboys signed Prescott to a 4-year contract worth 160 million in March‚ before he had fully recovered. Prescott stated that I was able to return to squat and do all of my single leg work safely and without causing any injury to myself.

dak prescott injury nfl quarterback purchased an ai driven exercise machine which he claims helped him recover from a season ending
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Prescott could get injured again if too much weight was placed on his injures leg.

A common error in fitness is to favor one side over the other. Side dominance this is a subtle mistake people make that's not obvious‚ as everyone has a dominant side to their bodies. Prescott is right-handed and would favor his right side when squatting. This includes his right right ankle. Prescott stated that he doesn't know what his season or rehab would look like if he had not used the XP1sAI to correct his squat form. But it is possible he might have. Suffered another injury according to Mike Boyle‚ celebrity trainer Mike Boyle‚ he would not have made that change if he did. Insider was told by Boyle that the strength and muscle that squatting should build can be affected if one foot is used while the other leg is being supported. It can also increase your risk of re-injury due to stress shifting to other areas and may cause back injuries. Prescott says the xp1 it helped him to correct his mistake and get through his rehabilitation safely. He believes that the technology can be used by all athletes to make their training as safe and efficient as possible. With some of his teammates‚ he began by lobbying for an XP1 at the Cowboys' training facility.