Troy Aikman, Nfl Hall of Famer, says that he now drinks two gallons per day since being inspired by Tom brady

Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman‚ who is now a lead color analyst for NFL on Fox‚ credits Tom Brady for instilling the habit of drinking more water. While in the locker room watching a game‚ he noticed Brady carrying a giant water bottle. That prompted him to take action‚ too. He now drinks at least 2 gallons of water every day. Today‚ Aikman is the lead color analyst for the NFL on Fox. He follows the Pegan diet and trains six hours a week. Aikman says that he started drinking more water after seeing Brady carry a giant water bottle. He said that Brady's example had inspired him to do the same. Now‚ Aikman is a fan of Tom Brady and he is inspired by him to get more exercise. Aikman is a fan of Tom Brady‚ and he's never looked back. Since becoming the lead color analyst for NFL on Fox‚ he has been drinking more water than ever. Aikman cites Brady's example as a motivational factor. 'Tom Brady inspired me to drink more water‚' he says‚ and he continues to pass it on to his colleagues.

troy aikman tom brady inspired him to drink more water troy aikman nfl hall of famer says that he now drinks two gallons per day since being by tom
Image source : profootbal
  • Troy Aikman‚ a former NFL quarterback who is now a broadcaster‚ has a very strict diet.
  • Aikman's new habit is to carry a water bottle around with him so he can stay hydrated.
  • Aikman claims that Tom Brady introduced him to this trick and it has made a big difference in Aikman's daily life.

According to the Pro Football Hall of Famer‚ he consumes up to 2 gallons of fluid per day. This is partly due in part Tom Brady. Aikman won the Super Bowl three times with the Dallas Cowboys in 1992 and 1995. He is currently the NFL's lead color analyst on Fox. Insider learned that he has always been a consistent stay-in person‚ and that he also works out six to seven hours per week. He noticed Brady carrying a huge water bottle around and he decided to increase his water intake. Brady has. written and spoken extensively about drinking 2.5 gallons per day -- half his weight in pounds and that many ounces daily. Three years ago‚ Aikman saw him carrying a large jug full of water to a meeting. As I read more about water and how it helps you stay hydrated‚ I decided to buy a jug for Tom's sake. Aikman said that he has been sharing Brady's water-jug story with his Fox colleagues ever since. And just last month‚ his play-by-play partner showed up at the Green Bay Packers-Baltimore Ravens match carrying a water jug.

A water jug is a great way to keep hydrated‚ especially for those who are physically active.

According to the National Academies of Sciences‚ Engineering‚ and Medicine‚ men need about 125 ounces of fluids daily while women should have around 91 fluid. However‚ some people will consume more fluids depending on how much they exercise and their protein intake. Brady previously told . forbes he drinks 37 cups per day of water‚ or 2.3 gallons. You can find more information at

According to The‚ he is an NFL player who eats a high-protein diet. He needs to drink as much water as possible to keep hydrated. American College of Sports Medicine.  Although Aikman may not be as active as Brady‚ he does exercise six hours per week. According to Aikman's guidelines‚ Aikman can drink up to 2 gallons per day. Healthline The NASEM recommends drinking water throughout the day‚ not only at certain times. According to NASEM‚ having a water jug available at all times for you to drink from is a healthier way to go than relying only on large gulps every day.