A couple whose home-renovation program was taken from the chip and Joanna Gaines magnolia networks claim that homeowners just want to bring us down

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Home Work is a television show that is currently airing on the Magnolia Network. But last week‚ it was canceled after several homeowners filed lawsuits against the hosts for allegedly under-delivering on renovations. The allegations‚ which have since been disputed by the hosts‚ stemmed from a series of lengthy Instagram posts that alleged the Merediths were responsible for ballooning budgets and the need to hire outside contractors. The Utah homeowner claimed that she and her husband‚ Vienna and Robert Goates‚ lost tens of thousands of dollars during the remodeling process. In response‚ the shows' producers have apologized for the controversies and are now working with the homeowners to make amends. The Magnolia Network has pulled the episode of Home Work due to complaints by several homeowners. The owners of the home said the show was unprofessional‚ ripped off clients‚ and created an unsafe environment for the homeowners. As a result‚ the hosts released a statement refuting the allegations. They also posted pictures of the work that they'd done in the homes. However‚ the two also posted an 8-post video detailing how the episode ended‚ and the reasons for the cancellation. The show was recently pulled from the Magnolia Network after a number of complaints against the couple. In response to the allegations‚ the hosts have responded to the accusations with an Instagram post. They have posted several pictures of their recent projects‚ including photos of their work. Despite the allegations‚ the couple has denied any wrongdoing and defended their reputation. The HGTV series is one of the most popular home renovation shows on television.

andy candis meredith refute claims homeowners made against show a couple whose home renovation program was taken from the chip and joanna gaines magnolia networks claim that just want to bring us down
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  • Insider learned that Candis and Andy Meredith‚ Home Work host Andy and Candis‚ denied any claims.
  • Magnolia Network pulled the program after homeowners claimed that they were being ruined by the couple.
  • According to the couple‚ these issues are common in construction projects as well as reality TV.

Candis and Andy Meredith share their views on the Home Work debate. Insider reported that Friday's episode was removed from the lineup after homeowners who were featured in the show claimed the couple exceeded their budget and caused damage to their houses during renovations. The Merediths made a statement Wednesday to Insider about claims by Aubry‚ Teisha‚ Jeff Hawley and Vienna‚ as well as Rob Goates‚ regarding their Home Work experience.

Some of the Home Work Renovations that were undertaken by the Merediths did not go as planned‚ according to their acknowledgement.

Candis and Andy stated in their statements that some Home Work renovations were more difficult than expected. They said that the problems that occurred were normal construction issues‚ which were made worse by reality TV. Andy explained to Insider that while the Merediths were consultants for renovations on Home Work‚ local licensed general contractors performed the actual construction of the houses featured in the series. They were the intermediary between clients and contractors. This meant that they had to take the brunt for people's problems‚ even though they could not control schedules. Andy stated that he believes a lot of anger and hurt were directed at us because we were in the middle‚ trying to make everyone happy.

andy candis meredith refute claims homeowners made against show a couple whose home renovation program was taken from the chip and joanna gaines magnolia networks claim that just want to bring us down
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In 2019‚ the Merediths started filming Home Work. Noam Galai / Stringer Getty Images Andy stated that Bennions' claim that they were too busy and didn’t manage to handle the daily operations of renovations well was true. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our experiences. 18-post tale on instagram bennion spoke out last week to Insider about her experience working with the Merediths. She said that it led to several issues which she claims lowered the home's value and caused thousands of dollars in repairs. Candis stated that the homeowner timelines were not realistic and that Candis took full responsibility. Andy stated that he knows that the people involved are suffering and that renovating is difficult. It can be stressful dealing with contractors and changing timelines‚ budgets‚ and other issues. It is not possible to minimize the pain. He said that the Home Work story had only been one-sided. Candis said that the Home Work team wanted to make a statement because of the scandal.

Andy and Candis said that they didn't know Bennion believed her renovations had ruined her house.

Insider was informed Friday by Bennion that her kitchen renovations had been a challenge throughout. Insider was told by the Merediths that although they were aware of the problems she faced with renovations‚ they did not fully understand the scope. Bennion said that the kitchen remodel she undertook was to have taken three weeks‚ and would cost her 5‚000. According to the Merediths‚ although they estimated that the project cost upwards of $5‚000 and took five months‚ Bennion only paid them 13‚000 direct. The Merediths claimed that they spent 2‚000 on their own to renovate Bennions' kitchen.

Bennion stated that the total cost of the renovation was still 9‚000. A large portion of this sum was spent fixing problems created by the renovation. Bennion‚ for instance‚ wrote in. an instagram post the deck was added by the Merediths to her back kitchen. However‚ it was built over the sprinkler system which created drainage issues. Bennion said her deck almost caused the flooding of her house.

The value of her house. Insider told her that she needed to spend 18‚000 in order to fix it. Bennion.

Candis and Andy took a trip from the renovation to Paris with Andy. The Merediths stated that the trip was for work purposes and were paid by Magnolia Network. According to a source‚ Magnolia Network didn't know that the Merediths had taken a Paris trip until almost a year later. Andy and Candis said that they were shocked by Benions comments about their negative experiences with her. This was because she looked so excited about the new kitchen‚ which they showed her on February 20‚ 2020.

She said that her kitchen renovation photos would not be posted on the Internet because they are too messy and deserve all the praise and attention. Bennion claimed that she faked excitement during the filming of the reveal. However‚ the Merediths stated they believed Bennion was genuine excitement because she continued to show happiness even though she appeared to not be aware cameras were being filmed. According to the Merediths‚ although there were many misunderstandings and hard conversations about the project with Bennion during the renovations‚ they were certain that the two of them had come up with a solution. They claimed that they didn't know Bennion was having lingering issues with her renovations until Candis texted Candis on April 28‚ 2020. This happened more than two years after the unveil. Bennion also shared this.

Instagram. According to the Merediths‚ they have not received any communication from her since. When Insiders asked Bennion about her claims regarding the Merediths‚ Bennion didn't immediately reply.

According to the Merediths‚ they did not know that Teisha Hawley and Jeff Hawley weren't satisfied with their renovation.

According to the Merediths‚ their experiences with the Hawleys were similar to that with Bennion. Teisha Hawley.

Jeff Meredith‚ her wife‚ and she gave the Merediths $5‚000 to remodel their home in just four weeks. The Merediths informed the Hawleys ten weeks later that they needed an extra 0‚000 for the renovation to go ahead. Teisha stated in a. follow-up post They decided to end the renovation. Teisha shared on Instagram that we had lived in the basement for several months‚ including Christmas‚ Thanksgiving and birthdays. It was exhausting‚ and we were just told that all our funds had been used. Our home was being torn down with new bubbling floors. Candis stated that the project was almost complete when she was told not to return‚ even though it did not look finished to the Hawleys.

She said that the first section -- demolition‚ rough electrical‚ rough plumber‚ and texture -- will take most of your money. Candis stated that she felt she could communicate better with the Hawleys about the possibilities for their home. She also said that they should have been made aware that materials that were available for this project weren't of the best quality due to their limited budget. Candis said that Teisha increased their budget by 4698‚ after having a hard conversation about the project. Insider also received screenshots of what appeared to be friendly conversation between the Hawleys and Candis.

andy candis meredith refute claims homeowners made against show a couple whose home renovation program was taken from the chip and joanna gaines magnolia networks claim that just want to bring us down
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andy candis meredith refute claims homeowners made against show a couple whose home renovation program was taken from the chip and joanna gaines magnolia networks claim that just want to bring us down
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Here is a screenshot from a conversation between Candis Meredith and the Hawleys. Andy and Candis Merritt The Merediths stated that we had no idea they would be as unhappy as they claimed. Jeff called after we had completed the project within one week. Candis stated that Jeff said to her that Andy would sue Andy and her if the countertops are not delivered before Friday. She said this made her feel threatened. Candis claimed that he quit the renovation because she refused to agree. According to the Merediths‚ they have not received any communication from Hawleys since February 20‚ 2020. According to the Merediths‚ all Home Work homeowners had signed contracts that stipulated mediation would be used if there were any issues between clients and Merediths. However‚ none of the Merediths' clients sought mediation. Insiders requested that the Merediths provide the contract to be reviewed‚ but they declined. The Insiders' request for comment was not answered by the Hawleys immediately.

According to the Merediths‚ they have not been able to make any money from these clients

A recent testimony from a homeowner has caused some eyebrows. It is the one of Vienna and Robert Goates. They gave 0‚000 to Merediths as a loan‚ but it was for renovations that have never taken place. Candis and Andy paid only 14‚000 back of this sum. Insider was told by the Merediths that they gave this money to their contractor. Insider was told that the contractor had not returned the money and stopped replying to messages. So they paid the Goateses back. Insider was not allowed to see the contractor's details‚ according to Merediths. Insider heard from Candis and Andy that they had agreed to repay the loan and pay the Goateses legal and interest fees.

The Goateses said that they would still pay the loan. Insider reviewed the correspondence regarding the payments between Candis Goateses and their lawyer. According to the Merediths‚ they were sometimes late with those payments but made them up as best they could. Insider reached out to the Goateses for comment but they declined.

According to the Merediths‚ they don't believe that homeowners want to solve their problems.

Candis and Andy shared their frustration with Insider by stating that homeowners having issues with them have not spoken directly to them. Candis stated that although we are aware of the difficulties homeowners have faced‚ we were always available for discussion and would have been open to listening to their feelings in order to reach some sort of compromise. They were always able to trust us to do the right thing. We genuinely wanted our children to love their home. Andy stated that he believed it was clear the accusations against them had been prepared to harm us most personally. They were not meant to solve or address actual problems. Candis stated that we weren't here to remove their feelings. She added that renovations are difficult‚ particularly for television‚ and that the timeframes were just too insane. Candis said that it was difficult for them to see both sides of the story. Our intention was to say we did all we could at the time. Candis stated that they wish they had come to us earlier than the two-year mark when the network launched. We wish it had been possible. If you want to get in touch with Insider regarding Andy and Candis Meredith or Home Work‚ email [email protected]