After homeowners claim that their homes were destroyed by makeovers, Chip and Joanna wines the magnolia network pulls program

Sunday, January 9, 2022
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The Magnolia Network has pulled Home Work after a few days of airing the show. The series featured Andy and Candis Meredith renovating homes and claiming that their projects went over budget. Some homeowners are also saying that the renovations were not completed on time and that the costs were more than twice what they were quoted. As a result, the network has decided to take a step back and review the claims made by the show's viewers. The Magnolia Network has pulled the show Home Work after the series aired two days ago. The program, starring Andy and Candis Meredith, has been the subject of several lawsuits filed by homeowners alleging that the renovations went over budget. The shows were not completed, and many homeowners have been left with ruined houses. The allegations are concerning, but the company has decided to suspend the show until the investigation is complete. The Magnolia Network has canceled Home Work after the series premiered on cable. Homeowners are claiming that the Merediths'renovations went over budget by tens of thousands of dollars and they were not finished at all. After a few episodes, the Magnolia Network has agreed to rebroadcast the show. If you are interested in seeing Homework, don't miss it!

  • Magnolia pulled Home Work from the cable network's premiere two days ago.
  • Candis and Andy Meredith are accused of destroying the homes of some homeowners.
  • The renovations were overbudget by many thousands and not completed in all cases.

Magnolia Network's Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are removing one show just days after it was on Discovery. After the couple's renovation of their school and their subsequent work in other homes, Home Work became the star attraction for Utah-based couple Andy Meredith and Candis Meredith. As People reported. The original idea of Joanna Gaines was to make the show Fixer Upper. According to Decider. Home Work was canceled by the network following homeowners who claimed that Merediths had caused damage to their houses and that some renovations exceeded budget in certain instances. In a statement to Insider, the Merediths denied making these accusations via Instagram. Magnolia Network president Allison Page confirmed that Magnolia Network was pulling the program and stated it was looking into the allegations against the couple.

Aubry Bennion claims that working with the Merediths has led to many issues

Bennion from Utah shared her experience with the series. An 18-post Instagram story about her experience  on Wednesday. Bennion

The Merediths told Bennion that they would renovate her kitchen within three weeks. She was initially told by them to spend 0,000. Bennion explained to Insider that they ultimately settled on a budget for 5,000 at the taping. Bennion stated that the entire process took five months and that she spent over $9,000 on repairs to problems that had been created by the renovation. Bennion wrote in

The deck was added by the Merediths to her back kitchen. However, they did so over the sprinkler system which created drainage issues. Bennion also wrote in the post that the deck almost caused her house to flood, which lowered its value. Insider was told by Bennion that she needed to spend 18,000 in order to fix it. Bennion stated that she was not given a budget by the Merediths during her renovations despite multiple requests. Bennion stated that she talked to Candis about her concerns with renovations and received a lot of excuses from Candis. She also said that she was promised things would arrive the next day. Bennion claims that these promises were rarely fulfilled. According to the homeowner, she reached out the Magnolia Network producers for assistance during her renovation. Candis was given a hard time by the Magnolia Network after Candis called.

However, there was no significant change. Bennion stated that she has developed trust in Chip's and Joannas brands through a professional relationship at Magnolia Market. She attended its vendor events through her business. So, the disappointment with the network was disappointing.

She said that Magnolia should be held accountable. I find it amazing that Magnolia's reputation and name would be at stake. They also allowed these individuals to serve them, without supervision or mentoring.

Other guests on the program describe experiences similar to yours

Bennion told her story and Teisha, another Home Work homeowner, shared her experiences with the Merediths. Hawley wrote on

She and Jeff Meredith gave the Merediths $5,000 to remodel their home in just four weeks. The Merediths informed the Hawleys that they needed an extra 0,000 for the renovation of their house ten weeks later. Follow-up post Shared on Hawley's Instagram account Hawley said in the caption that the day left her feeling hopeless. They wrote that we had lived in our basement for several months, including Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthdays. It was exhausting. We had just heard that all our funds had been used, and our house was being torn down with new bubbling floors.

The Hawleys stated that after asking for more money from Merediths, they advised them not to return and instead decided to repair their house without their assistance. Instagram 2 Celebrities don't have the power to control others because they believe they do, Hawley explained to Insider. She added that their celebrity status (as well Chip and Jos), gave them the security and safety they needed when working with the Merediths. These people have caused harm to many families, and businesses, she said, referring to the Merediths. This must be stopped. Rob Goates and Vienna also posted their home work experience via Instagram on Friday. Five children were born to the Goateses.

They gave 0,000 to the Merediths for their 100,000 home renovation in February 2020. Candis requested that the Goateses send the money to her for deposits to subcontractors to work on Candis'home. According to

From the Goateses it took months before work began on their house. Rob was fired in May 2020 and Candis informed Candis that she would be able to help with the cost of the renovations. They said that they gave Candis credit because she was endorsed by them. Vienna writes that Chip, Joanna, and Magnolia were our trusted brand. Candiss repeatedly assured us everything would be fine.

.  Insider was told by the Goateses that even though Merediths had started work on their house in September 2020, they still hadn't received their funds. They decided to request their money back. Candis said she would pay them back but kept delaying the payments, even after Candis hired a lawyer. According to Goateses, this is the most recent information.

The Merediths paid 14,000 of their 0,000 owe. Insider heard from the Goateses that they felt uncomfortable revealing their accusations to the public, but they knew it was the best option. Vienna stated that they have been trying to solve this issue privately for two years. We got a lawyer. All the necessary channels were followed. It just didn't happen. They also said that they had reached out to Discovery lawyers, but the lawyer ignored their concerns. Vienna stated that she had emailed the lawyer and they said they believed that they intended to repay her. In an Instagram post, the Goateses shared the comfort of knowing that they were right here. They also wrote that we were kind, and always chose the highest road.

About the experience. We were taken advantage by our kindness and extreme patience. It is a terrible violation. But, we are so sorry. Our consciences are very clear.

Magnolia Network claims it is investigating allegations against Merediths. However, the couple has denied the accusations

Insider was provided with a statement by Allison Page, president of Magnolia Network. She confirmed that Merediths would not be on the network. According to a statement, Magnolia Network was aware of homeowners'concerns regarding renovations undertaken by Candis Meredith and Andy Meredith. We have received additional information regarding the issues within the Magnolia Network and have removed Home Work from our network in the interim. Insider also reported that the statement was made. Shared on Instagram The claims of the Hawleys and Goateses by Bennion were denied by the Merediths. Instagram 3 We cannot speak on behalf of anyone except ourselves but we can tell you that we've always done our best to make everyone we work with happy," the couple shared, noting that they strongly denied that they had stolen money from clients. Although we may sometimes be left with unpaid balances, we still pay the bills, even though it can take us some time to arrange, said the statement. Insider was also given a link by the Merediths to their website. Follow us on Instagram @satisfied Clients. User @hotcocoareads shared photos of the reading cabin designed by Candis and Andy.

In an Instagram Story, @hotcocoareads posted photos of her Meredith-designed reading cabin. @hotcocoareads/Instagram The Merediths also raised questions about the timing of public claims, claiming that the allegations made the week before their program was due to air were meant to cause the greatest harm. They added that the fact that this story has been published now was extremely deliberate. We may one day have the nerve to speak out and defend ourselves against the Instagram Mafia. We know in the moment that any words we speak will be used against us, and cause so much more harm.