On tiktok, a lawyer shared his tips on how to obtain compensation if you are bumped off a flight. People said that it was successful

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Getting bumped from your flight can be an absolute nightmare for passengers. A recent video posted by lawyer Erika Kullberg on the TikTok app details how to receive compensation for getting bumped. In less than two minutes‚ you'll learn how you can receive up to $1‚550 in compensation from the airline. You can even use this video to secure a refund on a future flight. The video has racked up millions of views‚ and it is quickly becoming a hot topic of conversation. If you're bumped by an airline‚ you can try to get some compensation. Many airlines have a policy in place called involuntary denied boarding. The penalty for not showing up is a one-hour delay or cancellation‚ but you can still get paid if you're bumped. The scale is based on the number of hours you were delayed‚ so if you're on a one-hour delay‚ you're out nothing. But if you're two hours late‚ you'll get up to 200% of your one-way fare. Even if you're not able to wait that long for a replacement flight‚ you can still get compensation if you're bumped. The amount of compensation depends on how long you were delayed. If you're stranded at the airport for an hour or two‚ you'll owe nothing. But if you're two hours or more late‚ you may be entitled to 200% of your one-way fare.

how to get paid by airline for bumped flight tiktok on a lawyer shared his tips on obtain compensation if you are off flight people said that it was successful
Image source : the-sunco
  • Lawyer Erika Kullberg posted on You can be paid if you are bumped on a flight.
  • bumping depending on the time of your next flight‚ you could be eligible for as much as 1‚550
  • Comments claim that they were given Kullbergs tips after being bumped on recent flights‚ and received compensation.
@erikakullberg What airlines don’t want you to know about getting “bumped” 🤯 #lawyer #travel #money ♬ original sound - Money Lawyer Erika

TikToker and lawyer. erika kullberg this video explains how airlines can make money if you are bumped from a plane has been viewed millions of times. kullberg has 7 million followers as of December. He plays out a conversation between an employee at an airline and a customer bumped off a flight. The customer is awarded 1‚000 because he had to address the issue of the delayed flight. The video has been viewed nearly 36 million times and received 6 million likes at the time of writing. People in comments also said that Kullbergs' tips were effective. Erika‚ this was my tip when I returned from Virginia. It's literally enough to cover another trip. One TikToker said thank you. I am currently working as a gate agent. All of this is true. Ask a question.

how to get paid by airline for bumped flight tiktok on a lawyer shared his tips on obtain compensation if you are off flight people said that it was successful
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Kullberg gives TikTok tips for airline travel Erika Kullberg/TikTok Kullberg starts the video by explaining that the customer was bumped off the flight. The attendant tells Kullberg there is nothing they can do. In fact‚ I have read all of the terms. This is known as involuntary denied board. Kullberg tells the attendant that I am eligible for compensation in such cases. Kullberg stated that the cost of the one-way ticket was 50 dollars and that the flight would be available in just three hours. Department of transportation she was entitled to 1‚000 compensation. Airlines can also limit the amount of compensation for compensations greater than 1‚550. You are eligible for 200% of your one-way airfare if there is a delay of between 1 and 2 hours. Airlines can also limit your compensation if it exceeds 75 according to the Department of Transportation. Kullberg‚ a lawyer and founder of the company‚ is also a founding partner. Plug and law the firm specializes in trademark registrations and legal agreements. Her 2.4 million followers also benefit from her legal advice. Instagram followers. Insider spoke to her love for using her law degree to simplify complex information‚ which is often difficult to understand. She said that I have enjoyed the fine print since my law school days. It can be tedious and time-consuming to read the fine print‚ so I enjoy creating short videos that give tips.