Since 2003, I've worked as a server at Hooters. Here are seven things that I am sick of hearing

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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A recent change to the Hooters uniform has prompted some discontent among Hooters servers. The new standard mandates that female servers wear shorter dresses than their male counterparts. The change has reignited some old criticisms about the company. According to the latest comments on TikTok‚ some servers were pleased with the change‚ while others were less than enthusiastic. These videos have re-ignited the debate about Hooters' new uniforms. In a recent social media post‚ an employee compared her old shorts to the new ones. She pointed out that the new shorts are noticeably shorter and ride higher on the hip. One server said that the new uniform would make half the women want to quit. After the video went viral‚ the employee posted a new TikTok video‚ which has garnered over 31 million views. In addition to the criticisms of the new shorts‚ employees said the outfits made them earn more money. The new uniforms at Hooters have caused quite a stir. The new shorts have been criticized for being too revealing and uncomfortable for workers. The company responded to the criticism by providing more options for the staff to wear. The new shorts have now been introduced across the country‚ and employees have gotten a chance to choose what they want. The uniforms at Hooters have also led to a raft of positive feedback from employees.

hooters uniforms since 2003 i ve worked as a server at hooters here are seven things that i am sick of hearing
Image source : helios-im
  • Hooters is Famous for their servers wearing revealing uniforms.
  • Insider spoke with a Hooters waitress about the poor comments she's tired of hearing.
  • She stated that some patrons made inappropriate or overtly sexual remarks.

Hooters has over 400 locations in 42 states. It offers wings and beer. But it is also well-known for its waitresses wearing revealing uniforms. The servers indicate that who. the company calls they are Hooters girls and held to very high standards. Terms of appearance while working around the clock. The emphasis is on appearances‚ as well as respecting your responsibilities some waitresses can be subject to inappropriate phrases from a traditional server. Insider was told by a Hooters waitress‚ who requested anonymity‚ what the servers get sick of hearing about their job.

Are you on the menu?

hooters uniforms since 2003 i ve worked as a server at hooters here are seven things that i am sick of hearing
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Hooters was established in 1983. Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images According to Insider‚ this phrase can cause discomfort in waitresses. In some instances‚ the servers will just make a fake smile to relieve tension. Hahaha. Okay‚ okay‚ her inner monologue is grandpa‚ she stated. According to the waitress‚ patrons will also use explicit sexual language. According to the waitress‚ she was a server and received tips in three figures. The server believes this partly due to her ability not to take offense to crude comments from men who have been drinking. Insiders asked for comments from a spokesperson at Hooters about its policy regarding sexual harassment and how it protects its employees. Sal Melilli was the CEO of the company earlier this year. Told nations restaurant news that Hooters has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. 

Why arent you smiling?

It is annoying to tell women to smile‚ or ask why they don't smile yet. But the expression. is also sexist in nature.  You're busy working or running about doing some other activity. Someone will stop you and ask‚ "Why aren't you smiling?" Smile more. Are you glad to be here? The waitress laughed. It is particularly frustrating when you work in a setting where your attitude plays an important role in the amount of money you earn. Many waitresses are aware of this. Rely on tips  for income.

I like me some hot chocolate

The server said that customers flirt often with waitresses and some view this as part of their job. But certain phrases can help to create a culture. Fetishization of black women "I love you‚ my dark‚ fierce‚ and feisty‚ girl‚" said the Black waitress. According to the server and depending on their clientele‚ racist phrases can be used. For example‚ customers might say‚ "I don't want curly hair in mine food."

Wow‚ wings are this much?

hooters uniforms since 2003 i ve worked as a server at hooters here are seven things that i am sick of hearing
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Wings. Cappi Thompson/Getty Images The brand's success has been largely due to the Hooters waitresses. But the best part about the restaurant is the delicious chicken wings. pretty famous Each to their own. Some patrons are shocked to see the price of the wings‚ even though they were listed on the menu. You get 10 pieces of the wings. Original wings will cost around $15.50. The waitress stated that they act as if I had swindled their money.

Ill just have a water

A waitress who's been working for the company three years said that she is able to tell when customers aren't leaving a tip. Although I don't think you should order water‚ if there are a few guys or large groups of teens who order water and no food‚ then it is likely that Im not going to tip them.

Hooters is a strip club

People who've never visited a Hooters restaurant have many opinions. There are also many misconceptions surrounding what happens inside. This waitress shared that. her tiktok many comments include people claiming that Hooters is a strip-club or that they work in prostitution. She said.

Hooters Girls are dumb

The waitress said that it's very common for Hooters for women to work as a side hustle while pursuing other pursuits. However‚ many patrons and commentators believe otherwise. She said that I hold a masters in nursing -- it is my second job. While she was still a Hooters Girl‚ my manager at the first store had her nursing degree.