Alan dershowitz refutes reports that he tried to lobby trump for preemptive pardon of ghislainemaxwell

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz denied reports he lobbied Trump to pardon sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. The former New York judge was arrested in June for her role in the sex trafficking scandal‚ which allegedly involved billionaires‚ high-profile politicians‚ and even a member of the British royal family. BBC Director General Tim Davie has denied reporting that Dershowitz lobbied Trump to pardon the former British socialite‚ who was convicted of sex trafficking. The BBC's investigation into the scandal began when a woman named Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a lawsuit against the Prince‚ who has denied wrongdoing. The sex trafficking case was dropped because of the evidence presented in court. Dershowitz has denied advising Jeffrey Epstein to obtain a pardon‚ and said he had no intention of lobbying the president to do so. However‚ Dershowitz has represented the late pedophile Epstein during his first impeachment trial‚ and has close ties to the president. According to the Times of London‚ he discussed Maxwell's case with Trump during the last days of the president's presidency. In response to the allegations of political influence‚ Dershowitz denied the report that he lobbied Trump to pardon Maxwell. Despite his alleged involvement in the case‚ he is the lawyer who defended the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. But the claims of a political connection are largely unsubstantiated and the case is still pending.

alan dershowitz denies report lobbied trump to pardon ghislaine maxwell alan refutes reports that he tried lobby for preemptive of ghislainemaxwell
Image source : syimgcom
  • Alan Dershowitz refuted a report that he had lobbied Donald Trump for pre-emptive pardon of Ghislaine Maxiwell.
  • This is simply false‚ Dershowitz said to Insider by telephone about the sunday times report
  • According to the report‚ Maxwell was pardoned by Dershowitz during Trump's last days as president.

Alan Dershowitz‚ a prominent lawyer who represented Jeffrey Epstein in his conviction for sex offences‚ has denied that he tried to lobby then-President Donald Trump not to pardon Epsteins associate. This is simply false‚ Dershowitz said to Insider Monday over the phone. The sunday timess report This is not the truth. The report claims that Maxwell was an 83-year old attorney who is also a retired Harvard Law Professor and called on Trump to pardon Maxwell in his final days of office. Maxwell was once British socialite Maxwell had been arrested in July 2020 for sex trafficking. Maxwell was charged with helping Epstein‚ a disgraced financier‚ to recruit young women for sexual abuse. The Sunday Times reports that Dershowitz‚ who was also represented trump in his initial impeachment trial in 2020‚ Maxwell spoke out about possible clemency with Maxwell's brother. Maxwell's brother Ian Maxwell told The Sunday Times that there was a phone conversation between Professor Dershowitz‚ a relative‚ and the topic of generic pardons. He explained to The Sunday Times that Maxwell's family didn’t pay Dershowitz or request him to discuss the matter with Trump. Insider was told Monday that Virginia Giuffre‚ the Epstein victim‚ had accused Dershowitz of sexual assault. The [Sunday Times] article‚ which alleged that President Obama had lobbied for the story‚ is not true. Reps of Trump didn't immediately reply to an Insiders request on Monday.