As they are stranded in frigid temperatures for almost a day, truckers using i95 share water and supplies

Wednesday, January 5, 2022
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While many motorists on Virginia's I-95 were stuck and facing long delays‚ truckers and others who were close by shared water and food. The icy roads and snowy conditions forced drivers to shut down their engines and conserve fuel‚ while sharing food and water. Crews worked through the night to clear trucks and clear the highway. Temperatures dipped into the teens overnight‚ and some drivers spent the night sleeping on the road. Jim DeFede‚ a truck driver‚ was stranded on I-95 for more than 18 hours. The I-95 snarl left hundreds of drivers stranded‚ including US Sen. Tim Kaine and driver Bob DeFede. As a result‚ the drivers had to share food and water to avoid running out of gas. Some motorists had to pay for gas while others were left without a way to get back home. But these drivers stepped up and helped each other. While the road was closed‚ many stayed warm and hydrated. Because the interstate wasn't pretreated‚ many drivers were stranded for a few days. Heavy rain and snowfall weighed on the roadway‚ causing snowfall at two inches per hour. Democratic Senator Tim Kaine was worried about the elderly and children in his car‚ as well as the families in the passenger vehicles. He asked the drivers to share water and food. The driver shared a water bottle with his passenger‚ and asked for his oranges.

truckers i95 share water as they are stranded in frigid temperatures for almost a day using and supplies
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  • Since Monday‚ hundreds of Virginians have been trapped in the snow along a main highway.
  • Many people expressed concern about the possibility of running out on food‚ water and other supplies.
  • Insider was told by drivers that truckers and fellow drivers shared their goods.

Shared supplies have been a common practice among truckers who worry about being out of stock. After a collision involving six tractor-trailers‚ hundreds of people were stuck on the roads Monday due to a snowstorm. Accuweather reports that the temperature was 16 degrees in Fredericksburg‚ Virginia on Tuesday morning. Drivers reported that they ran out of fuel and food‚ water‚ and food. On Monday‚ many drivers claimed that they hadn't heard anything about assistance from the authorities. Some were even helped by fellow travelers. Jim DeFede is a journalist with CBS4 News Miami. He said that the truck driver came to him carrying a water bottle from his personal supply. DeFede stated that the driver was taping on cars windows to offer water. He said he wasn't an official. He was just a Good Samaritan‚ I think. DeFede stated that he was trapped in his car for over 24 hours by 10:10 a.m.‚ local time. Insider was also shown by DeFede a public safety alert he received Tuesday on his cell phone. It stated that state and local officials would be coming to your location ASAP and will move you. Matthew Marchand was a truck driver who had been stuck on the roads and said that he shared some of his supplies to other drivers. Michele Rusher‚ a truck driver‚ told Insider many trucks have water and food for when the highway is closed.

truckers i95 share water as they are stranded in frigid temperatures for almost a day using and supplies
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Rusher stressed that it is not a sin to ask for assistance or food from others. Rusher stated that she has been in similar situations and is familiar with what to expect. However‚ she said the Virginia shutdown was the most severe she's ever seen. She said that this is quite severe and added that it hurts other motorists who were not prepared for getting stuck. The vehicles were still stuck on I-95/US Route 1 on Tuesday afternoon. However‚ the Fredericksburg branch Virginia's transportation department stated on Tuesday that it was mobilizing to take people who were stopped along the interstate to nearby interchanges so they can find alternate routes.