Canadian influencers that went maskless while on board a plane were left stranded in Mexico because they won't be flown home by airlines

Saturday, January 8, 2022
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The video footage shows a group of influencers smoking and drinking on a chartered plane headed to Cancun. This video went viral on the social media and many airlines refused to fly the group home. There is an ongoing investigation and many Canadian airlines have denied them flights home. The situation could become worse and the entire flight is canceled. But the influencers are unlikely to lose their jobs and stay in Mexico - as some have suggested. Despite the ban‚ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the influencers an idiot for flouting the regulations. The video also shows the flight attendants smoking and vaping‚ dancing and flashing their expensive booze bottles. Several airlines have refused to fly the influencers back to Canada and have contacted Transport Canada to investigate. However‚ the Canadian government is still advising against this kind of travel. Nevertheless‚ this video has caused a stir in Canada‚ as influencers were banned from flying on Sunwing flights from Canada to Mexico because of the controversy surrounding the video. The airline has contacted Transport Canada and will be explaining the ban and its consequences. But as it stands‚ the video will still continue to stir up debate among Canadians. The group's flight home will remain a mystery for now. The video has already prompted a flurry of criticism and calls for the airline to suspend the flight.

influencers maskless plane canadian that went while on board a were left stranded in mexico because they won t be flown home by airlines
Image source : lh3google
  • Around 100 people who had a wild New Years celebration on board a plane can't now find flights home.
  • After videos showing their sham celebrations‚ airlines refuse to accept them.
  • Justin Trudeau‚ Prime Minister of Canada‚ called partygoers stupid and announced that an investigation was in progress.

According to the organizers of the parties‚ several airlines have denied them flight home because they were partying‚ drinking‚ and using vapes while wearing masks on a charter flight from Canada. The video of partygoers smoking into the camera during a flight to Montreal on December 30‚ 2012‚ shocked authorities. These clips were posted on Thursday. le journal de montréal s Francis Pilon.  Pilon said that the 100 passengers‚ many of them social media influencers or reality TV stars‚ became so disruptive that the flight attendants attempted to keep the plane away as best they could. James William Awad was the event organizer. He stated that Sunwing had cancelled their return flight to Cancun. Air Canada‚ Air Transat and Air Canada declined to fly them to Montreal due to safety concerns for the crew. Cnn reported Awad a statement was made on thursday sunwing was the one that he talked to‚ but they could not reach an agreement as the airline refused to serve meals for the five-hour return flight. Sunwing stated that the conditions of the return flight for partygoers were to be sober‚ remain seated‚ except to use the toilet‚ and allow Awads security personnel to fly along with them. The organizer stated that he had agreed to the following conditions except for the fact that there would not be meals. Sunwing and Awad didn't immediately reply to Insiders' requests for comment. His organization‚ 111 Private Club arranged the trip. A self-described private exclusive group that is only available by invitation he said that this was Awad's first trip. He stated that everyone aboard the plane was tested for COVID-19 prior to boarding. This experience has taught me a lot‚ and it continues to teach me. He said that learning from them makes all the difference. But the party planes disregard Montreal's pandemic rules have already prompted the fury from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He called partygoers stupid and claimed that the videos were an insult to Canadians. The associated press reported. Transport Canada will conduct an investigation.

Transport Canada stated that anyone found violating its rules could face a maximum of.938 per infraction. The ap reported. After he was caught with a loudspeaker in hand‚ one passenger (a real estate broker) was fired from his job. Pilon reported.