Madelyn Allen, a kidnapping victim in Utah thanks the public. The man who is accused of her kidnapping appears before the court

Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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A video of missing college student Madelyn Allen's 17-second escape from a room in a dorm in Manti‚ Utah‚ has been circulated across the internet‚ sparking a nationwide search for the alleged rapist. After being accused of rape‚ Brown has been charged with six felony counts. These include aggravated kidnapping‚ sexual assault‚ object rape and obstruction of justice. The affidavit states that Allen had been afraid to leave the dorm because of Mr. Brown's threats. The affidavit notes that Brown was carrying a knife when he abducted her. The case is currently in trial. Ethan Crumbley is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated rape. The case carries a five-year prison term. The convicted felon is due to be back in court on January 10 for his second trial. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The Utah court will determine if he will continue to stand trial. The Snow College student's parents have released a statement thanking the public for their support. The school spokesperson said the family is focusing their efforts on healing and not on her YouTube videos. A representative for the family also noted that the incident was a difficult time for the family. In the meantime‚ the accused rapist will have to face the courts in order to face a judge.

madelyn allen utah thanks public accused rapist appears in court madelyn allen a kidnapping victim utah the public the man who is of her before
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  • On Monday‚ the man charged with kidnapping an undergraduate student from Utah appeared in court.
  • Brent Brown was charged with six felonies including kidnapping and rape.
  • The preliminary hearing was rescheduled for next month after Brown's lawyer requested it.

Madelyn Allen was a college student at Utah's 19th grade. He made his second court appearance Monday‚ just hours after Allen had issued her first statement publically since she was found in the basement of the man. After a five day search that began after her disappearance‚ Brent Brown (39)‚ was found naked‚ covered in coal dust‚ and arrested by authorities on December 18. According to Insider‚ Brown was charged with six felonies: rape and aggravated childnapping. Brown's Monday appearance at court was short because his lawyer requested that Judge Wallace Lee‚ Utahs Sixth District Court delay the preliminary hearing to next month so both sides can gather evidence. Allen's representative and her family did not object. Lee granted the request‚ and scheduled the February 7 preliminary and detention hearing. Brown's attorney Michael Labrum told the court that his client agreed with the postponement request‚ while Brown was less sure about it. Is there a holdup in getting my discovery sent to my attorney? Brown asked Labrum before he suggested to Labrum that Labrum and his client talk outside of the courtroom. After Lee placed Brown in custody last month due to his connection with a gangster‚ Brown will remain behind bars. Separate felony Brown requested Lee to visit his children in December's court appearance. The judge declined. Allen made her first public statement Sunday night‚ just before Browns court appearance.

Thanking her supporters. The 19-year old said‚ "Just thank you so much." Without you‚ I couldn't have made it. Allen stated that she would take a break for now from uploading videos to YouTube. Insider was told by a spokesperson from the Allen family that they were focusing on healing. Police said that Allen was a Snow College student from Ephraim in Utah. She had gone to meet someone online and left her apartment on December 13. The indictment stated that her parents were concerned when she sent them a text expressing her affection for them the next day. Allen's parents called Verizon to get her telephone records. She was located in Loa Utah (more than 80 miles from her campus)‚ according to the records. The indictment stated that police found texts on Allen's cell phone‚ which contained conversations of a sexually violent nature. They later claimed that Allen and Brown had arranged the meetup via the messaging app Kik. Brown was eventually found by investigators at the Loa house of his parents. Authorities searched the property after obtaining permission from his parents.

madelyn allen utah thanks public accused rapist appears in court madelyn allen a kidnapping victim utah the public the man who is of her before
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They found Allen hidden in a coal storage area in the basement. According to the indictment‚ Allen claimed that Brown had held him against his will and sexually assaulted him. He also threatened his family. Brown claimed he had been having sex several times with Allen‚ but he told police it was part of consensual kidnapping. Indictment stated that Allen had been raped and kidnapped and was choked. Brown also admitted that Brown tried to hide her location when she knew that Allen was being investigated for missing persons.