Prince andrew could face internal exile after he loses the lawsuit filed by jeffrey Epstein, a victim of sex abuse

Wednesday, January 5, 2022
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In April of 2009‚ the former royal invited New Yorker Harvey Epstein to the royal family. In fact‚ Epstein appeared at Andrew's daughter's 18th birthday party. In an interview with the BBC‚ Andrew tried to defend himself by saying that he had never met Giuffre. He even went so far as to say that staying at Epstein's mansion in New York was convenient because it was close to the palace. According to journalist Peter McKenzie‚ the prince's reputation will never be the same. The prince has not commented on Giuffre's allegations and has denied any wrongdoing. However‚ Giuffre filed a separate lawsuit against the royal. Her suit claims that the prince trafficked her from Florida to New York‚ and then abused her in his home in Manhattan. The prince also said he knew she was being trafficked‚ but he didn't tell her that. The alleged victim's lawyer‚ Steven Brettler‚ has claimed that the case is not based on fact. The Prince was not the only royal to face sexual misconduct allegations‚ as two other men have‚ in the same case. His lawyers have successfully defended Andrew's character in the trial. The prince is now stepping away from many of his duties as a royal‚ and has stepped down from a number of other responsibilities. The allegations have already tarnished his public image‚ leading him to step down from his duties as a prince in late 2019.

prince andrew jeffrey epstein sex abuse andrew could face internal exile after he loses the lawsuit filed by jeffrey a victim of
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  • Buckingham Palace and Prince Andrews' relationship to the monarchy are currently in discussion.
  • According to The Sunday Times‚ sources claim that he could be stripped from his title as a monarch and exiled form public life.
  • Virginia Giuffre claims that Prince Andrew made physical and sexual abuse of her in the Jeffrey Epsteins trafficking rings.

Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family are currently discussing Prince Andrew's relationship to the monarchy. According to The Sunday Times‚ sources suggest that he could be exiled. If Prince Andrew is not using his title as Duke of York‚ royal courtiers might ask him to reconsider. The sunday times report   According to sources close to these discussions‚ the newspaper was told by people familiar with the matter that plans were being made to request Prince Andrew's disappearance from public life. If he lost the case‚ he would go into an internal exile. Giuffre‚ 38‚ jeffery epstein disgraced financier was a victim to his trafficking rings she claimed that the Queen's son abused her three times while she was 17‚ and she sought damages from a US court. Prince Andrew (61)‚ and the Royal Family repeatedly denied giuffres allegations  It is believed that there are -- who introduced prince andrew to epstein this could make Prince Andrews' case more difficult to win due to their established connections. According to the Sunday Times‚ no plans are yet in place. Royal officials noted‚ however that it would be necessary to take steps to preserve and protect the monarchy. According to The Sunday Times' source‚ Andrew was still a patron to quite a few charities so they would need to travel as well. Because of the possibility of extradition‚ he couldn't travel abroad so he would need to stay in an internal exile.

prince andrew jeffrey epstein sex abuse andrew could face internal exile after he loses the lawsuit filed by jeffrey a victim of
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His housing would have to be reduced. According to the source‚ Prince Andrew also disgraced himself as Duke of York. According to a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace‚ the speculation is speculative and unfounded. The ongoing legal issue is not under our control. Prince Andrew tried to stop Giuffres' lawsuit against him as she is no longer a resident of the US. A US judge rejected this effort. Ap news report  The Sunday Times reached Prince Andrews' legal team but they did not reply to our request. A 2009 settlement agreement between Jeffrey Epstein‚ Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew will be released this week. It could impact Giuffre's civil case against him for sexual abuse. According to reuters.