Logan Paul claims that floyd Mayweather took his money because he has yet to pay the exhibition fee. It's been six months

Wednesday, January 5, 2022
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Bragging Rights is an intriguing name for the upcoming exhibition boxing bout between YouTuber and former five-time world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul. The bout is scheduled to take place on June 6‚ 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens‚ Florida. Both boxers have been known to boast about their fitness levels and have a huge fan following. However‚ neither has shown interest in taking on one another. As a result‚ many have wondered if the fight will be a good idea. It was deemed a draw by the Boxing Board of Control. The pay-per-view event was a big money-maker for Mayweather and was also a great way to boost the star power of the Miami Heat. In addition to the Mayweather fight‚ KSI also fought Mayweather in an exhibition bout. Although the bout ended in a draw‚ many argued that it would have been a lot more entertaining if they had actually fought. It was an exhibition match‚ so no matter how much publicity it received‚ Floyd Mayweather was still the favorite. The fighters reportedly sparred for eight rounds‚ and may even face off again in the main event. The contest is slated for 8 p.m. ET on the main card. The winner will be declared Superstar. At this point‚ it is unclear if there will be a fight between the two celebrities.

logan paul floyd mayweather claims that floyd took his money because he has yet to pay the exhibition fee it s been six months
Image source : hipshears
  • Logan Paul claims Floyd Mayweather stole his identity.
  • According to the content creator‚ the ex-boxing champion was accused of not paying his exhibition fee.
  • Paul was able to survive eight rounds during the crossover match in June last year.

He claimed that he was being robbed Sunday as he has yet to pay his exhibition fee for their match at Miami Gardens' Hard Rock Stadium‚ Florida in June 2021. Mayweather was a five-weight world champion boxer and the content creator. He is one of the greatest boxers ever. Paul outweighed Mayweather by quite a bit‚ but YouTuber claims a symbolic win because Mayweather failed to knock him out. On Twitter‚ his brother‚ claimed that Logan won the exhibition. He wanted to get drunk after the match. Logan posted a post on social media six months later in which he re-visited the event and accused Mayweather for not paying his fees. I have not been paid yet by the dirty little rats.

Its been six months. He also stated that Mayweather had stolen his money‚ but would return the cash when he fights KSI in his trio of bouts. This was set for January 4. Paul's message to Mayweather has been unanswered by Paul‚ so it remains unclear if the post has merit. Logan stated that Jake was banned from Hard Rock Stadium after he stole Mayweather's hat and ran away from it. Sources close to the situation at that time stated that no ban had ever been in effect.