Nfl Insider reports that bucs coaches threw antonio Brown off the sidelines because he wouldn't play hurt

Friday, January 7, 2022
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Reports suggest wideout Antonio Brown has an ankle injury and didn't play in the Week 9 game against the Rams. In a recent text message‚ the wideout's agent told him that Brown has been in contact with a top surgeon outside the Buccaneers' organization. An MRI confirmed that the wideout was indeed injured. Despite the news‚ Stroud believes that the wideout should not have played. He is now expected to release a statement soon. After the game‚ Arians denied that Brown was injured and said the team didn't know about the issue. But he did say the coach had misled the media by lying about his lack of knowledge about the injury. In the same statement‚ Arians insisted that he did not know that Brown was injured. The NFL's commissioner issued an investigation‚ and the league's ethics department is reportedly reviewing the matter. The team isn't required to release the results of the investigation‚ but it's worth following up. While the team is undergoing surgery‚ the NFL hasn't released an official statement as of yet. The wide receiver has been silent since Sunday‚ but has texted Bruce Arians' agent‚ Sean Burstyn. He claims that Arians clearly acknowledged the injury and ordered Brown to return to the field despite being injured. After the game‚ the Buccaneers' head coach also acknowledged that Brown had an ankle injury and was cut.

antonio brown play injured nfl insider reports that bucs coaches threw antonio off the sidelines because he wouldn t hurt
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  • Antonio Brown's Buccaneers career ended after he ran off the field during an opponent's game.
  • Ian Rapoport‚ an NFL insider‚ reported Brown's expulsion after he claimed he couldn't play due to injuries.
  • Bruce Arians‚ the Bucs' head coach‚ said that he wasn't told Brown was too hurt.

Antonio Brown‚ Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver‚ ripped off his pads on Sunday and ran off the field during a match against the New York Jets. Brown got down to his bottom and waved good-bye to the fans as the Buccaneers led in the second quarter. He then walked out of the stadium and into the locker area.

Ian Rapoport‚ NFL Networks Ian Rapoport said that Brown's outburst was not random. The Browns outburst was in response to an issue with Buccaneers coaches. Rapoport stated that Brown had been suffering from an ankle injury for several weeks and told the Buccaneers he couldn't return to the game because he was too hurt. He was allowed to go out on the field by the Buccaneers. Bruce Arians and the offensive coaches responded with‚ "If you don't want to play in the game as we say‚ you can't be here‚" Rapoport stated. Rapoport and Bruce Arians then tossed him to the sidelines‚ cutting him out of the team.

Rapoport stated that Brown's relationship with the Buccaneers was deteriorating over time.

Rapoport's report raised some concerns for the Buccaneers coaches. If players feel they cannot play due to injury‚ their coaches have the right to inform them and ask for time off. Bruce Arians‚ the Buccaneers' head coach‚ shared his story with reporters Monday following Rapoports' report. Arians was asked if he would fire an injured player who refused to play in the match. Arians responded flatly no to Arians' question about Brown telling him that he had been injured. Arians stated that it was obvious exactly what had happened. Arians said that he left the field and that was all. After a brief conversation‚ he left the field and continued.

Arians claimed that he did not talk to Brown and had not communicated with Brown or his team after the incident. Before he left the scene‚ Arians repeatedly refused to talk about the details of his conversation with Brown. Rapoports' report is still not as accurate as Arians comments. Brown could raise the matter of an injury to Arians and was informed he had two options. This is different than Brown deciding to take off his pads and run for it. It may prove difficult to determine what transpired in the minutes leading to Brown's departure if neither Brown nor Arians open up about their conversation on the sideline prior to the incident.