Raiders, chargers and the tie that can never be

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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The Raiders and Chargers had a tense final drive to tie the game at the half. The Chargers were running the clock down and could have kicked for the win‚ but Staley called a timeout. Some people watching at home thought the Chargers were still playing to win. But the timeout didn't change the Raiders' thinking. The team opted to run a 3rd down play and lose. Regardless of how you feel about the tie‚ there's no question that the Raiders and Chargers shouldn't have fought for the win. They are living and fighting for the Super Bowl and they should be allowed to enjoy it. Even a tie would have guaranteed both teams a spot in the playoffs. There's simply no reason to lose such a valuable opportunity for either team. In the end‚ the game would have been a non-event. It's possible the Raiders and Chargers could tie the game after all. This would not have been ideal for either team. While a tie would be terrible for an NFL game‚ it would not have hurt either team's chances of the Super Bowl. However‚ if the Raiders can win the NFC West‚ they'll be assured a spot in the playoffs. A loss by either team would be disastrous for the other's playoff hopes.

raiders chargers tie prisoners dilemma raiders and the that can never be
Image source : ftwusatod
  • With a win in overtime over the Chargers‚ the Raiders clinched their way to the playoffs.
  • Both teams could have reached the playoffs if the match had ended in a draw.
  • It was some of the best‚ most exciting and thrilling football ever played in league history.

The matchup of the Raiders and Chargers on Sunday night was meant to be easy. The game was played between the Chargers and Raiders. Both sides entered it at 9-7. Both teams entered the game with a record 9-7. The winner would go to the playoffs and the loser the offseason. However‚ there was another scenario that‚ while unlikely‚ was possible. Both the Raiders or Chargers might be able to reach the playoffs if the Jaguars defeat the Colts while the Steelers defeat the Ravens. Talk shows had plenty to talk about the hypothetical scenario throughout the week. Could the teams agree to sit down for 60 minutes and then go into overtime? Then they could head into the playoffs. You could. They couldn't. Both head coaches admitted that they were playing for the win‚ but it might! And then Sunday came. In embarrassing fashion‚ the Colts lost to Jaguars in no show. Steelers won overtime against Ravens. Tie-pocalypse was on the horizon. Both the Raiders and Chargers started their games. It was obvious that their coaches were not lying -- they wanted their teams to win. The Raiders led by 15 at the end of the first half‚ and it seemed like Las Vegas was ready to send Los Angeles packing. After scoring‚ the Chargers converted their two point conversion. The Chargers stopped and drove to the field. They converted three fourth downs that were do or die before scoring the last play of regulation.

We were going to overtime. Another option was to kneel the game out. Both sides played very well and were worthy of being in the playoffs. They played on‚ but destiny wouldn't let them stop. In the final period of the game‚ the Raiders won the match with a trade of field goals between the Chargers. The next score is the winner. The Raiders were content to keep it simple at the end of their last possession. Josh Jacobs rushed the ball and the Raiders didn't take on risky throws. The Raiders made it to the playoffs with a tie‚ but they were still guaranteed a place in the Wild Card Round. Jacobs was able to break free for a couple of runs. Each run showed that both sides were content to watch the clock tick by‚ and neither the Raiders or the Chargers needed to call a timeout. The game reached its two minute warning when the Raiders suddenly found themselves at midfield. The Raiders were facing third-and-4 from the Chargers 39 yard line with 38 seconds remaining. Chargers coach Brandon Staley called for timeout. Staley stated that he took a timeout after the game to ensure he was rushing the best defense possible.

Jacobs ran for another 10 yard gain on the next play. This set up Raiders kicker Daniel Carlsen to score the game-winning field goal. The Raiders made it to the playoffs after Carlsen's kick passed through the uprights. Meanwhile‚ the Chargers lost the season. NFL fans were stunned that this seemingly impossible tie didn't happen.

Staley's call for timeout was criticized after the game. The Raiders' final drive showed that the teams seemed ready to win the game and get to the playoffs together. The possibility of winning was only possible after Jacobs allowed the Raiders to move further into Chargers territory. Some at home thought Staley was signaling that the Chargers would still win by taking a timeout. Breaking the prisoner agreement the Raiders were able to push for their win‚ prompting them to do so. So‚ how did the situation play out? It is possible‚ but not always. After the game‚ Michele Tafoya of NBC asked Derek Carr if they had changed their minds about the Chargers' timeout going into the last play. Carr stated that it did. No matter how hard we tried‚ it was clear that we did not want to draw. We were determined to win the football match. We wanted to win the football game. Although they were in timeout‚ Raiders always wanted to win. Although it sounds complicated‚ this feels real. Rich Bisaccia‚ Raiders coach‚ echoed Carr's sentiment. It was an interesting conversation. When Bisaccia was asked about the possibility of a tie‚ Bisaccia replied that they were having a conversation about it. They didn't issue a timeout and we ran the ball there. Then we had our big run. When we got into a favorable field goal position‚ we decided to go for it and win the game.

Again‚ yes‚ but mostly no. The Raiders were talking about the possibility that a tie might be possible‚ without doubt. If the Raiders had failed to take the first down they could have faced a field goal of 57 yards to win the game. They could have settled for a draw with the possibility of an incomplete snap‚ blocked kick‚ or return from the end zone. After Jacobs huge gain‚ Las Vegas had an easier 47-yard field kick attempt. They also had Daniel Carlsen who kicked the ball‚ who was a veteran of Las Vegas' home stadium. The Raiders were motivated to win. Although making it to the playoffs was their most important goal; however‚ how they did that would determine who their opponent is. A tie sent the Raiders to Kansas City‚ where the Chiefs played‚ and a win meant a trip to Cincinnati‚ to face the Bengals. The Raiders were already down to the Chiefs two times this season‚ and a 27 point loss was the result. closer It's no surprise they chose to fly to Cincinnati over the other two matches. The Raiders were determined to win the game if they had the opportunity‚ regardless of whether Staleys was time out. Final result: Raiders win‚ Chargers lose‚ one of the most interesting football games I've ever seen. You could witness players from both sides reeling after the difficult end of the game.

The objectives of sports are usually simple and obvious. The ball must be placed in the goal zone through the hoops and into the back corner of the net. Fans were treated to a chaotic last few minutes on Sunday‚ when the motivations of each team became confused as the result of the game had much more complex implications for their futures than it is for one game. It seemed for a brief moment that the best thing to do was just to stay on the ball‚ and fight another day. It was complicated by one play and one timeout. NFL fans almost got the victory after a week of prayer for the tiepocalypse. We were more amazed than we imagined.