Tom brady wouldn't quit the game until he had helped Rob gronkowski to earn a bonus of 500,000

Thursday, January 13, 2022
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In a T-Mobile commercial‚ Tom Brady helped Rob Gronkowski hit a bonus reception. The two have a special bond and are friends. When the two first started playing together‚ Brady and Gronkowski were both teammates‚ and Brady told Gronkowski to stay in the game. Then‚ he threw a quick pass to Gronkowski and he scored the touchdown. Afterward‚ the duo joked about taking the backup quarterbacks out to dinner‚ which the coaches appreciated. Gronkowski's bonus was triggered by the first half of the game. He needed seven catches and 58 receiving yards to trigger a half-million-dollar incentive. He surpassed that goal after hauling in seven catches for 137 yards. It took the Patriots under 7 minutes to get him to the bonus. However‚ Brady's refusal to sit out the game cost the Patriots the game. The veteran quarterback completed 29 of 37 passes for 326 passing yards and three touchdowns. The catching ability of Tom Brady was also a huge factor. He urged Gronkowski to run for the end zone. The Patriots had a great game plan. In the fourth quarter‚ Tom Brady was able to help Gronkowski earn a $500‚000 incentive bonus. The Patriots did not give up on Rob Gronkowski‚ and he did not leave the game - he simply wanted to help him hit his goal.

video tom brady helps rob gronkowski hit bonus tom wouldn t quit the game until he had helped rob to earn a of 500 000
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  • Tom Brady was able to play Rob Gronkowski in the final game of the season.
  • Brady assisted Gronkowski in receiving his 55th season reception‚ which triggered a bonus of 00‚000.
  • Gronkowski laughed and said that Brady wouldn't be taking him out for dinner. He would only take backups with the bonus.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady added another chapter in their history when the 44 year-old quarterback helped his bank account. Cameras captured Brady‚ the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 18‚ win over Carolina Panthers in the fourth quarter. He was seen grabbing his helmet from the sidelines and telling teammates that he didn't want to leave the game. Tony Romo speculated that Brady wanted Gronkowski to reach 55 receptions for the season. This resulted in a bonus of 00‚000. A few seconds later‚ Brady hit Gronkowski for seven yards with a quick pass along the sideline. This was his 55th touchdown of the season. The bonus was awarded immediately. This is a video that combines the best moments.

Brady was able to get back on the field two plays later when Blaine Gabbert‚ the backup quarterback‚ entered. By throwing three consecutive passes at him. ().

video tom brady helps rob gronkowski hit bonus tom wouldn t quit the game until he had helped rob to earn a of 500 000
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Before a match against the Indianapolis Colts‚ Rob Gronkowski with Tom Brady at Lucas Oil Stadium in November 28th 2021. Michael Hickey/Getty Images Gronkowski earned 1‚000‚000 in bonus money Sunday. He also received a 00‚000. bonus for achieving 750 yards receiving this season. Gronkowski joked that it was rewarding to meet his incentives after the game. He also said he'd take backup quarterbacks or tight ends to dinner‚ but not Brady. Gronkowski stated that it was great to receive the award. It's cool to hit incentives. It's a wonderful organization. They put me in a place where I can get those incentives. It is a great place to play. This organization is a great place to play. That's what it is all about. I will have to get all of the tight ends out for dinner. Two of the quarterbacks -- Tom is not coming out. Ill take the backups to dinner.