2 Louisiana Deputies Are Arrested and Fired After Fatal Shooting

Wednesday, February 23, 2022
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Video/image : YouTube
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Two Louisiana deputies have been arrested and fired following a deadly shooting, despite video evidence that clearly shows officers were not justified in using deadly force. Sheriff Joseph Lopinto has conceded that both officers were in fear for their own lives and should not have shot Daniel Vallee. However, they were wrong to fire on a man who was unarmed and was sitting in a car outside a crack house. The two deputies have been arrested on a manslaughter charge, and their case is under investigation. The investigation is ongoing, and it is unclear whether the deputies'actions were justified. They were also not allowed to use excessive force. Both were employed by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office since 2013 and 2020, respectively. After reviewing the body camera footage, they decided to file charges against the deputies. A deadly shooting has left two Louisiana deputies under arrest on manslaughter charges. The two men were both convicted of manslaughter and were later fired from their position at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. They were also charged with wrongful death. A final verdict has not been reached on the case yet. There is no word on whether the deputies will face additional charges for manslaughter.