2022 NFL Draft: Five takeaways from Liberty QB Malik Willis, Texas

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
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The five takeaways from Liberty QB Malik Williams' scouting report are significant in the context of the 2022 NFL Draft. He is the nephew of former NFL linebacker James Anderson. Willis attended Roswell High School and was an honor roll student. He went on to attend Auburn but was passed over in the draft and transferred to Liberty University. Because of transfer rules‚ he sat out the 2018 season‚ but was effective in tough games the following year. Willis' arm is a powerful weapon. In one game‚ Willis launched several passes into the air that had television broadcasters going crazy. He has the ability to push the ball down the field effortlessly. His accuracy and strength allows him to throw it to every level of the field. He can also throw deep balls with good accuracy when he is off-platform and on the move. His arm is an incredible tool. His cannon arm is a definite plus‚ but there are flaws in his mechanics that need to be addressed before he becomes a first-round pick. Willis fumbles too much‚ and his footwork is inconsistent. This makes it difficult for him to make accurate throws‚ which is a concern for draft observers. Willis possesses a rare combination of elite rushing talent and a rocket-launching right arm. He can unlock explosive plays with his right arm‚ but he must also learn the game well. This is the biggest question surrounding Willis' 2022 NFL Draft prospects. Willis' pro day is the most valuable event in Liberty's football history. He has an amazing work ethic and can quickly pick up the game's subtleties. Malik Willis has a cannon arm‚ which has made him one of the most intriguing quarterback prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft class. His cannon arm is an excellent combination of elite rushing talent and elite right arm. Both of these parts of his game allow him to unlock explosive plays on the field with his right hand. While he has a few flaws‚ he has the traits to make an impact on any NFL team. While he may be an intriguing prospect‚ he is also a risky prospect. Willis has a number of flaws‚ but he has a lot of potential. His fumbles are an indication of a learning curve and an indication of his development. If he is a great football player‚ he will be a valuable asset. He is a shrewd runner and can make defenders miss. Willis' cannon arm is a major asset. His slants and hitch routes are particularly impressive‚ and he is a great athlete who displays a high level of focus. However‚ his footwork is inconsistent and he needs to improve his accuracy.

2022 nfl draft five takeaways from liberty qb malik willis texas draft
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He often throws the ball too high for receivers to catch‚ which can be a disadvantage. Though Willis' game has flaws‚ he is an exciting prospect who is a strong and versatile passer. In addition to his elite rushing abilities‚ he has a rocket-launching right arm. He can unlock explosive plays in two different ways‚ allowing him to play well in both areas of the field. Despite his flaws‚ he is a teachable player. As a potential franchise quarterback‚ Willis is a great value in the 2022 NFL Draft. The 6-foot-2‚ dual-threat quarterback has been a popular candidate at the Liberty Pro Day and scouting reports. Although he's still a college-student‚ he is capable of becoming a star in the NFL. His athleticism and mental toughness will give him the edge over other players in the draft. Willis is a very talented‚ athletic quarterback. He can throw the ball accurately and is extremely shifty. His change of direction speed will be crucial. He has the athleticism and change of direction speed that NFL teams are looking for in a future quarterback. And he's a terrific prospect for the Steelers and Panthers. The Steelers' GM and head coach both attended his pro day at Texas A & M‚ and Willis impressed them.