3 Things We Learned From Suns-Mavericks Game 6 On Tuesday

Friday, May 13, 2022
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3 Things We Learned From Suns Mavericks Game 6

We learned three things about this series after Game 6 between the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks. First of all‚ Phoenix's Dorian Finney-Smith scored a playoff career high of 24 points. And Chris Paul was a terror on defense. Finally‚ we learned that Luka Doncic played well. We'll look at both of these things to help you make your own conclusion.

Dorian Finney-Smith scored a playoff career-high 24 points

Dorian Finney-Smith is off to a strong start in the postseason. The Suns are coming off a loss to the Phoenix Suns‚ but they are still alive in the playoff series thanks to Finney-Smith's impressive shooting. In the first four games of the series‚ Finney-Smith is 14-29 from three-point range‚ good for 48.3%. He's had some of his best shooting performances in the playoffs‚ making eight of his twelve attempts from three-point range in Game 4. Finney-Smith is also known for his defensive skill‚ opening up the Suns' young players for the emergence of Luka Doncic. Dallas Mavericks guard Dorian Finney-Smith scored a postseason career-high 24 points on Tuesday against the Phoenix Suns. The Mavericks are a team that likes to make 3-pointers‚ and Finney-Smith has been one of their most consistent shooters this postseason. He has sunk 8 of 12 threes this postseason and is already on pace to break Terry's record. Despite the loss of star forward Porzingis‚ the Mavericks' bench is a strong one. Dorian Finney-Smith is a savvy two-way guard who is able to do everything in the court. His shooting percentage has improved each season‚ but the Mavs have had difficulty defending three-pointers in the playoffs.

Chris Paul was a terror on the defensive end

The first half of Suns Mavericks Game 6 was a tense one‚ and the game turned ugly when Chris Paul was fouled. He was fouled on the drive‚ but was allowed to continue‚ but was called for a foul after the referee ruled he was inbounds. Then‚ two minutes later‚ he was fouled again by Jalen Brunson‚ but the challenge was upheld after a review. The Suns kept the game close until the fourth quarter‚ and Booker and Doncic wore shirts with Griner's name on them. After committing seven turnovers and picking up four fouls before halftime in Game 3‚ Chris Paul was an absolute nightmare on the defensive end. He had two dunks‚ one of which was blocked‚ and another two turnovers. He also dished out six assists and four steals. He did have a few rebounds‚ but his slashing sucked the game away from the Suns. The second half was a much different story. Phoenix went on an 11-0 run in the second half and won by 30 points. The Suns took the lead in the fourth quarter with big shots from Davis Bertans and Spencer Dinwiddie. Despite this‚ foul calls piled up in the fourth quarter‚ most of them on the offensive end. Jae Crowder kept the Suns within striking distance‚ but Luka Doncic's three-point play closed the quarter. Chris Paul answered the big three with a triple of his own to close out the quarter. Dallas led 60-58 at halftime. In a harrowing moment in the fourth quarter‚ Phoenix guard Chris Paul was fouled by a Dallas Mavericks fan who was trying to give him an unwelcome hug. But Paul was right to challenge the call‚ and the ref ruled it a foul. That was his fifth foul. And at nine-32 in the third quarter‚ he was called for his fifth foul. Despite Paul's dominance on both ends of the floor‚ the Suns still needed a win to advance to the conference finals. A victory over Dallas would seal the Suns' first title in over a decade. But‚ after a heartbreaking 2-0 start‚ the Suns stumbled and lost their first game in the series. But the second half was a different story‚ as they never got closer than three points.

Phoenix's defense

It's clear that the Phoenix Suns' defense can do better than last night's showing‚ but what lessons can the team take from the first two games? The Suns haven't played well enough to win the first two games of this series‚ but they must play a little better than they did in the first two games to advance. The Suns will face tougher challenges in the next two rounds‚ so the defense must step up its game. One obvious lesson from the Mavericks' offense is that the Suns' defense must get a better handle on Chris Paul's offensive game. The point guard has been atrocious the past three games‚ turning the ball over an average of thirteen times and scoring only eight points per game. In Game four‚ he fouled out and played only 23 minutes. It's time to rethink the strategy and make adjustments to the defense. The Suns didn't take advantage of their opportunities to attack the basket. They allowed the Mavericks to get the ball in the paint. Despite the fact that Dallas didn't have a great shooting night‚ it won the turnover battle. It also let Dallas shoot 46.4% from deep. Overall‚ Dallas' offense was ineffective against the Suns‚ and it showed. Bismack Biyombo has been underutilized in the first half of the playoff series. Bismack Biyombo‚ who averaged 3.8 minutes per game‚ gave the Suns a different look on defense. In 21 minutes‚ he scored seven points and grabbed seven rebounds. His inclusion in the lineup helped the offense get a better start‚ taking pressure off Devin Booker. Bismack also played a key role in the defense‚ stealing several steals and preventing any three-point shots. The Suns were able to control foul trouble for most of the game and dominated the Mavericks in the last game. Despite their recent success‚ Phoenix is still far from its best and needs to play better on the road to get a win. Despite their lackluster offensive performance‚ the Suns are capable of taking out Dallas on any court‚ which makes them an excellent bet for Game 7.

Luka Doncic's performance

After a tough night for the Suns in Game 5‚ Luka Doncic stepped up in a big way in Game 6 against the Phoenix Mavericks. After the game‚ he praised his teammates and his performance with a tweet. The rookie scored 33 points with 11 rebounds and eight assists. Phoenix's Devin Booker only scored 19 points and committed eight turnovers. It's hard to take a player as young as Doncic seriously as he had to come back from a calf injury to play in this series. Though he was a near lock to win the series‚ Doncic didn't get nearly enough help from his teammates. He led Dallas in three categories - field goal percentage‚ assist rate‚ and scoring ability - but fell short of a triple-double. Despite his impressive performance‚ the Mavericks' roster will need more contributions from the rest of the team if they want to knock off the Suns. Even with Doncic's improved performance‚ the Suns will likely stick with their current lineup. The Suns need to win Game 6 to close out the series. As long as they can win Game 6 in the series‚ the Suns are on track to take home the championship. But it's crucial to remember that Luka Doncic's teammate Reggie Bullock's injury may not be 100%. Despite the loss‚ Doncic's performance was still impressive. He scored 45 points and added 12 rebounds to his tally. Additionally‚ he shot eight-of-ten from downtown and tied for third-fastest to reach 700 points in a playoff game. This performance drew praise from NBA stars. The youngster also engaged in a verbal spat with Devin Booker and Eddie Johnson after the game. He even took a shot at NBA commentator Nick Wright. Doncic was sensational on offense in Game 6 of the series against the Phoenix Suns. He scored 26 points in Game 3 and added 11 rebounds. Jalen Brunson led all scorers with 28 points‚ followed up with 18 points in Game 4. The Mavericks' other key players included Davis Bertans and Dorian Finney-Smith. Doncic also dished out four assists and only committed one turnover.