A huge gamble that smacks of blind panic

Friday, April 15, 2022
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Burnley's Sacked Manager Sean Dyche - A Gamble That Smacks of Blind Panic

The sacking of Burnley's manager Sean Dyche was a massive gamble by the club's house owners and represents a blind panic by the membership. The problem is that Burnley are only four factors away from safety‚ 4 behind Everton with eight video games to go. This is an incredible roll of the cube for American chairman Alan Tempo‚ but it's also a disaster for the club's fans.

Burnley's decision to sack manager Sean Dyche is a gamble that smacks of blind panic by the membership's house owners

It is clear from the rumours that Dyche has been linked with Premier League jobs in recent months. Yet the manager has always responded to rumours by saying he would stay at Burnley. This is not the case this time‚ and it is likely that Dyche will find a new job in the near future. Ultimately‚ the decision to sack Dyche is a massive gamble and smacks of panic by the club's house owners. The club owes Sean Dyche compensation if he loses the last two games of the season and the remaining games of the season. The decision smacks of blind panic by the membership's house owners‚ and it will ultimately prove costly for the club.