A human skull was found in the Minnesota River after extreme drought. A forensic anthropologist believes it could be as old as 8,000 years

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Forensic Anthropologist Finds Human Skull in Minnesota River

A forensic anthropologist has uncovered a human skull in the Minnesota River‚ which was exposed by drought last year. The skull is believed to belong to an ancestor of the local tribe. Its age was estimated at 8‚000 years old‚ according to a forensic anthropologist report. Because of climate change‚ rivers in Minnesota have become more prone to drought and ice melt‚ which are exposing human remains.

A scene from where the Minnesota River meets the Mississippi River‚ on September 6‚ 2020.Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty Images A pair of kayakers were killed last year. Stumbled upon a human skull During the last days before summer‚ the Minnesota River was in drought. It could be a relic of 8‚000-year-old man‚ experts say. Renville County officials reported Wednesday that two kayakers found a chunk of brown skull along the Minnesota River. The Washington Post. The skull was discovered by them in September‚ during an a drought this prompted a wide range of responses from the entire state. Officials initially considered the discovery a crime because they suspected it to be remains from a recently deceased person. In the hope of locating its source‚ they sent the fragment of bone to an FBI forensic Anthropologist. Its age was calculated by the anthropologist‚ who relied on radioactive carbon absorption from food and the environment. Researchers can use this method to determine how many years a plant or animal was dead. The skull was believed to belong to an anthropologist who concluded that it belonged a young man‚ aged between 5500 and 6600 BC. Scott Hable (renville County sheriff)‚ said that we were taken home. The Washington Post He added‚ "None of us were ready for that." Insiders' request for comment was not answered by the Renville County Sheriffs Office. Ananthropologists also found that the man ate a lot of fish or maize and pearl millet long before modern agricultural methods. According to CBS minneapolis affiliate WCCO. The skull fragment shows a depressed area suggesting that he might have sustained blunt force trauma. We are blessed to have such amazing science and technology available‚ and are grateful to our partners for their assistance in this investigation. Said in a statement‚ according to wcco Pictures of the skull and the announcement were shared via the sheriffs office facebook page this caused great upset within Minnesota's Native American community. Dylan Goetsch (a Minnesota Indian Affairs Council cultural resource specialist) stated in a statement‚ that tribes should not be able to find out about the skull via Facebook. According to Minnesota's news agency‚ mpr news (The sheriff's social media posting has been removed. This announcement is made as the remains of a person were discovered at Nevadas Lake Mead‚ which is the largest countrys reservoir. Visitors to the lake discovered remains from a man who was killed around four decades back in a barrel earlier this month. Research is showing that climate change has been linked to longer‚ more severe droughts. Jennifer Byrnes from Clark County‚ Nevada's coroners office spoke earlier this month about how melting snow and ice caused by higher temperatures is also uncovering bodies that have been buried for many decades. Byrnes stated that it is likely that human remains from missing people will be discovered over time as the water levels recede. Additional human remains found near the water's edge were discovered less than one week after the discovery of a body inside a barrel at Lake Mead. Read the original article on business insider