A man was not found responsible for the deadly vehicle rampage

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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The Richard Rojas Alfred Peterson Insanity Defense

The Richard Rojas insanity defense is a legal strategy that prosecutors can use to convince a jury that A man cannot be held accountable for his actions. Peterson said that Rojas is suffering from a psychotic episode. If he had no mental disorder‚ he could have been aware of the crime he had committed. Whether the prosecution can prove that Rojas was not responsible for the crime depends on how believable they are.

NEW YORK — A man who. He drove through times square with a crowd of people 2017 a young tourist was killed and strangled to death. New York City jury accepts insanity defense that Richard Rojas was psychologically disturbed and didn't understand what he was doing. Rojas would be eligible for open-ended involuntary mental committment instead of long prison sentences‚ according to the judge. Rojas was ordered to be held as he prepares the examination order and that a hearing would take place on Thursday. Rojas (31)‚ was charged in an attack which injured over 20 people and also killed AlyssaElsman (18) from Michigan. Elsman was traveling with her family to the popular tourist spot. Story continues below gallery A jury was told that it would decide whether or not the accused is liable for his actions if prosecutors proved their case. Enrico DeMarco‚ Rojas' attorney‚ said that the verdict was right and humane. He added that it was difficult to win over the jury because the act was so horrible. Trial began in early January and featured testimony by victims who sustained severe injuries as a result of what the prosecutors called a depraved‚ horrific act. Family members of Rojas testified that he became paranoid after being kicked from the Navy in 2014. It was clear that Rojas was driving the vehicle. Numerous security cameras showed Rojas emerging from his car after the crash. This made his mental health the main focus. Alfred Peterson‚ the prosecutor‚ admitted that Rojas was experiencing a psychotic episode at the time of his rampage. Peterson claimed that Rojas was not completely detached from reality when he drove his car onto the sidewalk‚ driving for three blocks and mowing people down until he crashed. The pelvis of one victim was severed from her spine. Although doctors believed she would die shortly‚ she survived. Elsman's 13-year-old sister Eva testified at the trial that she had suffered injuries to her own body. She sustained broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Eva also sustained a compound leg fracture. These wounds kept Elsman in hospital for several weeks. Peterson‚ the prosecution's prosecutor said that the defendant had made a decision. He made a choice.... He chose to go to the "crossroads" of the globe‚ a prominent place that everyone knows has lots and lots. He added that once he got there‚ he had full control over his car. Enrico DeMarco‚ a defense lawyer‚ stated that jurors should not be in doubt about whether Rojas met the legal requirement for an insanity finding. According to the defense psychiatrist‚ Rojas was unable to recognize that he is doing wrong due to schizophrenia. DeMarco recorded a tape of Rojas leaping out of his vehicle after it crashed into a curb stanchion. Rojas was heard screaming‚ "What happened?" Rojas could be heard screaming‚ "What happened?" as he was being subdued and could be seen banging on the ground. Rojas claimed that he had lost his mind. NorthJersey.com originally published this article vehicle rampage in nyc: richard rojas not held responsible